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The Best White Bathroom Shower Curtains

Last updated on January 25, 2022
White Bathroom Shower Curtains

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Our Picks For The Top White Bathroom Shower Curtains

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mDesign Waffle Weave Pattern White Bathroom Shower Curtain

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Waffle Weave Pattern White Bathroom Shower Curtain

Constructed with heavy woven fabric, this shower curtain is built to stay in place while you shower, resisting that billowing action that can be so annoying with cloth curtains. You’ll get a waffle weave pattern and a soft feel that puts this curtain above others on the market. The top has metal grommets to resist ripping even with rigorous daily...

Overall Take

Premium DesignModeled after luxury hotel shower curtains, the waffle weave on this version can class up any bathroom.

 Runner Up

AmazerBath Machine Washable Fabric White Bathroom Shower Curtain


Machine Washable Fabric White Bathroom Shower Curtain

Made from heavy-duty polyester, this shower curtain is designed to last without blowing around. A waffle-weave pattern gives it a more luxurious look, and 12 rust-resistant metal grommets will work with your existing hooks. If you need to clean it, simply toss it into the washing machine on cold.

Overall Take

Customizable ChoiceFind the curtain that matches your shower with this option, which comes in a range of sizes and colors.

 We Also Like

YoKii Waterproof Resin Coating White Bathroom Shower Curtain


Waterproof Resin Coating White Bathroom Shower Curtain

A polyester-resin design keeps the fabric dry without requiring a liner. A pom-pom trim at the bottom adds a little extra something to your space, but the white color with subtle black designs makes it a good fit with a variety of décors. The hem is weighted to keep it from billowing while you bathe. You can choose from a range of sizes.

Overall Take

No-Fuss DesignThis shower curtain is not only easy to hang, but you can toss it in the washer and dryer for cleanup.

 Also Great

LiBa Environmentally-Friendly Polyester White Bathroom Shower Curtain


Environmentally-Friendly Polyester White Bathroom Shower Curtain

Sturdy polyester fabric gives you a durable liner for your shower curtain without the unpleasant smell that sometimes comes with shower curtain liners. It has a special coating to help keep water from being absorbed and a textured design to keep wrinkles to a minimum. The size works with a wide variety of tub and showers, as well as both straight a...

Overall Take

Try It AloneThis liner is great for using with your favorite shower curtain or alone.

Buying Guide

Homebuilders have found creative ways to get around the need to have a shower curtain. There are walk-in showers that place the entry and drain in a way that keeps shower water inside. Glass shower doors also provide that divide you need between bath time and the bathroom surrounding you.

But no matter the age of your home, chances are you have at least one bathroom that needs a shower curtain. Sure, you can buy a standard, inexpensive shower curtain and liner at your local department store, but you’ve probably discovered over the years that those can be a little lacking.

The first problem with standard shower curtains is that they don’t dry quickly. Since the bathroom is a host for moisture, that means mold and mildew can build up on them pretty quickly. You’ll also find that higher-end shower curtains require a liner, and liners can be prone to the same issues you’ll find with lower-quality shower curtains.

Another issue that plagues homeowners is inward billowing. You’re enjoying your shower, when the shower curtain flies in seemingly to attack you. This is caused by hot air rising inside the shower, which then draws cold air toward the shower, bringing the curtain inward with it.

The right shower curtain is built to overcome all these challenges, providing you a shower curtain that will last for many uses. They repel water and dry quickly to reduce the risk that mildew will build up. They also are weighted in a way that prevents billowing, giving you one less thing to worry about while you shower.

As you’re shopping for a shower curtain, you’ll find many options. Beyond the material and build, you’ll likely be looking at how well it matches your existing décor. But before you buy, it never hurts to check the dimensions and measure your shower to make sure it will fit.

What to Look For

  • One area where shower curtains can weaken is where the shower rod hooks hold them in place. Mere holes likely won’t be enough. Over time, they can rip under the strain of being suspended and slid around. Premium shower curtains have grommets to provide an extra layer of protection.
  • You’ll likely notice that some shower curtains feature a waffle pattern similar to what you see in luxury hotel shower curtains. This is a decorative feature that can add a little something extra.
  • Shower curtains come in a variety of sizes, from 36 to 107 inches in width and 72 to 96 inches in length. Know the dimensions of your own shower before simply buying the first one you see online.
  • Washing your shower curtain occasionally can help it stay fresh longer. Many shower curtains can be laundered in the washing machine, although you might want to air dry.
  • Despite their quick-drying capabilities, occasionally you may find spots on your shower curtain. Baking soda and water can help remove it. With white shower curtains, you can use a product with bleach that takes it back to its original color, but first, make sure it’s safe to use on the type of fabric your shower curtain has.
  • As you’re choosing a curtain, keep in mind you might want to eventually change your bathroom décor. A neutral shower curtain can last through many changes.
  • Some shower curtains can have a chemical smell when first removed from the packaging. For that reason, you might want to schedule some time to air your new shower curtain out before you welcome guests.
  • Cloth shower curtains can be prone to wrinkling. Have an iron handy to take out those wrinkles before hanging your new curtain.
  • A shower curtain liner can come in handy for protecting your shower curtain and your floors, but some shower curtains serve as both a liner and a curtain. Some liners can serve as shower curtains, eliminating your need to buy both.

More to Explore

If you aren’t washing your shower curtain regularly, you might want to reconsider. One study found that the shower curtain is the focal point for bathroom germs. A Los Angeles-based research firm took samples and found 60 times more microbial life on shower curtains than on toilet seats.

To reduce germs in the bathroom, one of the best things you can do is close the toilet seat before flushing. When you flush, the action inside the bowl creates an aerosol of whatever’s inside, including urine and feces. Some bathrooms isolate the toilet to its own room, which can help. But even if your toilet is in the center of your bathroom, closing the lid before flushing will help keep everything in the bowl.

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