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The Best Weighted Sleep Mask

Last updated on November 20, 2023
weighted sleep mask

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Our Picks For The Top Weighted Sleep Masks

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Sivio Heatable & Freezable Weighted Sleep Mask

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


Heatable & Freezable Weighted Sleep Mask

Available in pink, black and grey, this option has an insert you can heat or freeze for a soothing effect. The mask is very soft, easy to adjust and large enough to block light well. The filling weighs around half a pound.

Overall Take

Versatile and SoothingConsider this mask if you'd like soothing pressure along with a warming or cooling effect.

 Runner Up

Sysrion Cold Compress Weighted Sleep Mask


Cold Compress Weighted Sleep Mask

Able to be frozen for a cooling effect, this simple cotton mask comes in black. You get a lot of coverage, and the fabric is breathable. The filling weighs under half a pound.

Overall Take

Basic Functional ChoiceThis basic option provides slight pressure and is safe to put in the freezer.

 We Also Like

Cozynight Glass Bead Bag Weighted Sleep Mask


Glass Bead Bag Weighted Sleep Mask

This mask comes in either gray or black and has a contoured fit for good comfort and function. The mask weighs around 10 ounces, and its removable insert supports heating and freezing. You also get a carrying bag.

Overall Take

Enjoyable to WearIf you want a comfy mask that offers flexibility with a removable hot or cold insert, consider this option.

 Strong Contender

COLIFRSC Bluetooth Headphones Weighted Sleep Mask


Bluetooth Headphones Weighted Sleep Mask

Featuring removable headphones, this mask has a contoured shape and comes in both small and large sizes. It's a very lightweight option made of a soft cotton fabric. The battery is conveniently rechargeable.

Overall Take

High-Tech OptionConsider this unique mask if you want to conveniently listen to something as you fall asleep.

Buying Guide

A sleep mask is an invaluable accessory for whenever your environment lacks sufficient darkness to fall and stay asleep. But if you want something that goes beyond to offer some soothing pressure around your eyes, a weighted sleep mask can be a good choice. To add weight, these sleep masks include a filling either of natural materials like flaxseed or synthetics like microbeads.

You can choose from sleep masks with different weights so you have control over how much pressure you feel. The filling will usually weigh anywhere from one-half pound to one pound. While lighter masks can be good for just getting started with gentle pressure, heavier ones fulfill the need and preference for deep pressure. It can take some experimenting to find what feels best to you.

The specific filling material matters for your comfort. You’ll want to make sure you’re not sensitive to the contents since some will include scented items such as lavender buds. In addition, small plastic beads might feel like they poke through the mask and cause irritation unless the fabric and padding are thick enough to avoid this.

You’ll want to explore different shapes, sizes and styles of weighted sleep masks to find the right fit. These masks are often larger and thicker than basic options to accommodate the filling and keep the most light out. It’s helpful to look for a contoured option so that there’s space for you to open and blink your eyes comfortably if needed. While many weighted sleep masks have traditional thin straps, others feature a wide band that wraps around your head more comfortably or even have a one-piece design.

In addition, be sure to choose a weighted sleep mask with the right fabric that is comfortable, easy to care for and stylish. Cotton, silk and satin masks are especially lightweight and breathable, while polyester masks can be less comfortable since they tend to hold heat. When it comes to maintenance, silk can require special cleaning instructions compared to other options. Regardless of the fabric the weighted mask is made of, you’ll want to find something that has a color or pattern that you like.

What to Look For

  • Some weighted sleep masks have a hot or cold insert for an additional effect. You might find these useful if you have dry eyes that benefit from warmth or tired eyes that are soothed by cold. Be sure to follow the instructions with these masks to know whether the mask supports cooling, heating or both and how to prepare and use the insert.
  • Keep in mind that fit is crucial for your weighted sleep mask, so you’ll want to consider measurements even for one-size-fits-all options. You should measure your head circumference to compare it against the mask’s dimensions. Plus, make sure you get enough coverage for the area between your eyes and nose bridge. Otherwise, you risk not only feeling uncomfortable wearing the mask but not getting the full benefits of blocking all the light.
  • It helps to look for options that let you easily adjust the strap and possibly the nose bridge area.
  • If you have allergies or sensitive skin, try looking for weighted sleep masks that use hypoallergenic materials for both the filling and fabric.
  • Some wrap-around weighted sleep masks have wireless headphones built into the sides. This is a fun and convenient high-tech option if you’re used to drifting off to relaxing music or a favorite podcast. These masks will have a rechargeable battery that should last through the night, and you’ll use your device’s Bluetooth connection. Small buttons on the mask usually allow you to control the volume and play or pause the audio.
  • Cleaning your weighted sleep mask regularly is important for avoiding skin irritation and unappealing smells. Since cleaning instructions can widely vary, check your product’s instructions for guidance. Some options are spot-clean only while others can handle warm water and possibly a mild soap. Plus, you may need to remove any insert first before you start cleaning. In most cases, using a washing machine or dryer isn’t recommended unless you can remove the weighted insert.

More to Explore

You might wonder why exactly weighted sleep masks provide the relaxing effect they do. The special weighted filling in these masks helps provide a deep touch sensation to calm down your body’s fight-or-flight response. As a result, you can feel more relaxed as your blood pressure and pulse go down in response to the pressure.

At the same time, you get all the typical benefits of sleep masks. It’s easier to fall and stay asleep when the light is blocked around you and when you can’t see distractions. Plus, if you have a condition that makes you sensitive to light, putting your sleep mask on to just rest your eyes can help. Sleep masks made of certain materials can even protect your skin or help with dry eyes.

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