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The Best Under Bed Storage

Last updated on October 9, 2023
Best Under Bed Storage

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Onlyeasy Foldable Bag Under Bed Storage, 2-Pack

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Foldable Bag Under Bed Storage, 2-Pack

Keep your extra blankets, winter clothes or Christmas supplies neat and organized using this under bed storage set. The set includes two foldable bags that are both wear-resistant and dustproof. With side, front and back handles, you won't have any trouble pulling or lifting the bags.

Overall Take

Easy to GrabThis under bed storage is constructed from a 100% eco-friendly polypropylene nonwoven fabric that is sturdy and breathable.

 Runner Up

NestNeatly Clutter-Free Zippered Underbed Storage, 3-Pack


Clutter-Free Zippered Underbed Storage, 3-Pack

With this underbed storage set, you get not one, not two, but three large bins. Each of the bags is constructed using a rip-resistant fabric and durable metal zippers to keep your items safe from dirt and insects. As an added bonus, the set comes with 10 adhesive tags to properly label each bin.

Overall Take

Multiple Color OptionsYou'll find this underbed storage is available in Baltic gray, light gray, barely beige and tan.

 We Also Like

Woffit Boot & Shoe Under-The-Bed Organizer, 2 Pack


Boot & Shoe Under-The-Bed Organizer, 2 Pack

Coming in black or beige, these organizers are made for storing shoes but could work for other items. One version includes two organizers both accommodating 16 pairs, while the other has a special boot organizer included.

Overall Take

Specialized OptionIf you need to organize your shoes specifically, this set comes in a few variations to fit your needs.

  The Best Value

Zober Non-Woven Polypropylene Material Under Bed Storage, 2-Pack


Non-Woven Polypropylene Material Under Bed Storage, 2-Pack

Never wonder what you've stored away with these clear-top under bed storage containers. Coming in sets of two, these under bed storage containers are constructed from breathable, lightweight non-woven material that resists mold and mildew.

Overall Take

Easy to See InsideThis storage solution is perfect for a variety of items such as matching bedding and shoes that need to be identified on sight.

Buying Guide

Clutter in a bedroom is a perennial problem, and even well-kept bedrooms need storage solutions for organizing seasonal clothes, linen sets, shoes and other items. Underbed storage containers are the perfect solution so that stored items don’t take up space in closets or other prime locations.

When choosing underbed storage containers, it’s important to consider dimensions, materials and durability. Since underbed containers are generally pulled out from under the bed for access, sturdy handles and construction are a must.

Another solution to the durability issue is plastic bins instead of cloth containers. Both options offer positives. Plastic bins isolate their contents from the elements, protecting them from dust, mold, mildew, moisture and unwanted scents. Breathable cloth or partially cloth containers keep contents fresh by allowing air circulation while still protecting against dust and mildew.

Under bed storage containers also come in a variety of sizes and configurations. Some have special storage compartments for shoes or other items. Some storage containers fold so they can themselves be put away when not in use, while others, like modular plastic bin models, may stack when empty.

Many under bed storage containers are flexible and collapse when not full, taking up less space, while others have structural support that ensures they retain their shape and dimensions even when not full.

What to Look For

  • Take measurements of your underbed space, including width, length and height, and shop according to what your space can accommodate.
  • Some storage containers are optimized for linens, some for clothes, some for shoes and so on. Plan what you want to store and shop accordingly (not the other way around, with shopping coming first).
  • Look for storage containers made with nonwoven fabric. Nonwoven fabric provides greater protection against liquids and bacteria, can stretch if needed and is resistant to tearing.
  • Double-ended zippers are a great feature to look for so you can open the container from any side.

More to Explore

Bed configurations and their relationship to the space underneath them has varied widely across time and cultures. Many cultures don’t have space under a bed, while most American beds are elevated off the floor. Loft beds take this to the extreme, elevating a bed to eye-level and leaving room underneath for storage or a desk.

However, the closest relative to today’s under bed storage containers is the captain’s bed, in which the bed frame itself contains drawers or other storage. While a captain’s bed can provide sturdy and secure storage, a regular elevated bed with carefully selected under bed storage containers often provides more flexibility and makes more use of the space under the bed.

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