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The Best Ring Light iPhone Tripods

Last updated on October 12, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Ring Light iPhone Tripods

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 Top Pick

Neewer 18 Inch Ring Light iPhone Tripods Kit

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18 Inch Ring Light iPhone Tripods Kit

Featuring an 18-inch light, this tripod supports a 59-inch maximum height and is durable. It has an adapter for regular cameras too along with filters you can put on the light. You get a Bluetooth remote for changing settings.

Overall Take

Offers Large ReachThe large light on this tripod will illuminate a wide area to offer plenty of flexibility for use.

 Runner Up

Sensyne 10 Inch Ring Light iPhone Tripods


10 Inch Ring Light iPhone Tripods

With its small light and a maximum 50-inch height, this option can handle basic needs for up-close filming and shooting. Along with onboard controls to control the light, there's a remote you can use to snap a photo.

Overall Take

Good for Nearby UseConsider this option if you want something simple to use and only need to illuminate a small area.

 We Also Like

AIXPI 10 Inch Ring Light iPhone Tripods


10 Inch Ring Light iPhone Tripods

Supporting both phones and cameras, this tripod extends to 67 inches. You get bright light from the 120 bulbs inside the 10-inch ring plus 10 settings for brightness. There are controls on the power cable rather than a separate remote.

Overall Take

Basic ChoiceThis option provides high compatibility with phones and cameras and the convenience of USB power.

 Strong Contender

UBeesize 10 Inch Ring Light iPhone Tripods


10 Inch Ring Light iPhone Tripods

Especially useful for selfies and headshots, this tripod has a 10-inch light with 30 options to choose from. It's easy to rotate your phone different directions, and the tripod height can go up to 50 inches. The remote makes snapping photos easy.

Overall Take

Convenient and VersatileYou get plenty of lighting settings, multiple adjustment options and a convenient remote with this option.

Buying Guide

Whether you’re taking photos, having a video call or shooting a vlog, the iPhone’s powerful camera has made it a very popular alternative to using a standalone digital camera. But if you’re looking for a way to make your photos and videos look more professional and brighter, you can benefit from a ring light iPhone tripod. This accessory offers the convenience of holding your device for you as well as producing light that especially comes in handy in dimmer environments.

To get started finding the right option, you’ll want to think about the tripod’s height and durability. Each option will have an adjustable range in inches to provide flexibility at different filming heights. If you plan to record yourself standing up, you’ll want to especially pay attention to the high end of the height range. You’ll also want something durable enough for the intended purpose. You can find units with tripods made of plastic or metal, where the latter is sturdier for heavy use.

Next, think about the area you want to illuminate with the ring light since these lights come in different sizes. Those measuring 10 or 12 inches are very common and suitable for nearby shots such as selfies or makeup tutorials as well as video calls. Ring lights measuring 18 inches or more can handle people and objects farther away as well as full-body shots.

You’ll find that you can tilt the ring light to fit your needs and that some options offer more brightness than others. You’ll also want to compare the brightness and color settings different products offer. At a minimum, you should be able to choose between warm, cool and natural light options and alter the brightness from 0 to 100%. However, some products support light colors besides white so you can use any color of the rainbow.

You’ll also want to find a ring light tripod that has easy-to-use controls for adjusting the light color and brightness. Usually, you’ll find buttons near the light right itself or on an inline remote control on the power cable. You’ll often have a remote control that connects to your phone using Bluetooth and allows you to snap a photo from a distance as well.

Lastly, consider how the ring light is powered. Some units use a traditional AC adapter which offers less convenience than a unit with a rechargeable battery for cordless use. You can also find USB-powered options that can plug into a charger, device or even a portable battery pack.

What to Look For

  • If you find yourself needing a ring light often and want an additional accessory that’s more portable, you can also consider a mini ring light that directly connects to your iPhone. This will provide illumination around the camera and works best for selfies due to its small size.
  • While it’s usually not an issue since the smartphone holders adjust, you should still make sure it can accommodate your specific iPhone model. Also, keep in mind a thick phone case can affect the fit.
  • Always make sure you securely connect your phone to the holder on the tripod to avoid drops and potential damage. Once it’s secure, you should be able to rotate your phone around and change its orientation for either horizontal or vertical shooting.
  • When adjusting the tripod, make sure the legs aren’t so close together or far apart that you have stability issues. The manufacturer might recommend a particular range to use safely.
  • If you buy a USB-powered ring light tripod, consider the device you plan to plug it into. Some newer computers don’t have traditional USB ports, so you might need to get an adapter. You can also find wall chargers that you can plug the USB cable into.
  • Your ring light tripod may also accommodate other devices like standalone webcams and professional digital cameras.
  • To get the best results, make sure your phone is perfectly centered in the ring light. Otherwise, you’ll not have the balanced illumination you seek.
  • Ring light iPhone tripods are best for indoor use. If you need to shoot outdoors, it’s best to time your photography with natural light or look for other equipment to help with the job.

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Did you know that smartphone cameras are responsible for an estimated 85% of pictures taken? The convenience of having an often high-quality camera in your pocket has made carrying around a separate digital camera much less popular than the early 2010s. Plus, about 85% of people in the U.S. have a smartphone they can use for this purpose.

Even though the accessory’s popularity exploded during the pandemic, the idea of a ring light actually dates back to the 1950s. Dentists would use ring flashes back then with cameras to get better images inside their patients’ mouths. Surprisingly, you can still find dentists using ring flashes today.

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