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The Best Patio Chair

Last updated on March 22, 2023

We looked at the top 10 Patio Chairs and dug through the reviews from 91 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best Patio Chairs.

Best Patio Chair

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Our Picks For The Top Patio Chairs

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Key Takeaway
 Best Overall

Flamaker Rattan Outdoor Patio Chairs, 3-Piece

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Rattan Outdoor Patio Chairs, 3-Piece

The modern look in this set of matching chairs looks great with modern patios and there is even a matching side table to set drinks and snacks on while enjoying your patio. Rattan weaves make this modern chair have a hint of naturalistic flare which blends them nicely into the surrounding area.

Overall Take

Conversation ChairsModern rattan patio chairs that look great and offer a comfortable way to spend time outdoors with someone.

" This set can stay outside year-round without damage, though you will need to take the cushions indoors in wet weather. A highly comfortable set that's perfect for reading or sharing drinks in the garden."
"The cushions aren’t the softest but they work fine. I can see that I would eventually replace them in the future."
 Runner Up

Giantex Portable Folding Patio Chairs, 4-Piece


Portable Folding Patio Chairs, 4-Piece

Sometimes you need to pull out some additional patio chairs when you have guests over and this is exactly the set of patio chairs to help you achieve that. Built with sturdy construction and weatherproof materials, these folding chairs will be handy for a long time to come.

Overall Take

Folding Patio ChairsA set of folding patio chairs is perfect for those days when you have some family or friends over and need additional seating.

" The foldable legs enable the chair to become more compact and convenient for transport from one place to another."
"Bolts have potential to rust if left out during the winter months, so you may want to store when not in use"
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Devoko PE Rattan Wicker Patio Chairs, 3-Piece


PE Rattan Wicker Patio Chairs, 3-Piece

This set of rattan patio chairs looks natural and blends in with the landscaping in your yard. Having a matching side table is crucial here so you have some place to set your iced tea and lemonade all summer long.

Overall Take

Matching Side TableWith a matching side table, this set of chairs offers a great way to sit on your patio and enjoy the views.

" This set is the perfect balance of classic rattan with vibrant cushions (in four color options) to compliment your space."
"Chairs are smaller, so bigger people may be uncomfortable despite 330-pound weight capacity."
 Sure to Impress

Best Choice Products Hanging Curved Chaise Lounge

Best Choice Products

Hanging Curved Chaise Lounge

This patio chair is a real eye-popper with bright colors and a funky design. This chaise lounge lets you hang freely from a suspended anchor point so you can sway gently in the shade on a warm summer day.

Overall Take

Hanging Chaise Patio LoungerA built-in shade covers this hanging chaise lounge that lets you enjoy the outdoors in maximum comfort.

" The foam cushion is relaxing and comfortable, and the swinging effect of this hammock-style chair takes lounging to a whole new level."
"May require a spraying of rust-proof coating on the metal frame"

Buying Guide

Nothing beats sitting on your patio during a nice summer evening, enjoying the time you get to spend with your family or friends as the sun sets on another great day. Having a set of patio seats is great for setting this scene so you can really enjoy this time outdoors while sitting around in comfort.

Patio chairs and loungers can be as simple as chairs made from weatherproof materials or they can be posh and luxurious with great aesthetics and high levels of comfort. To start wading through the types of patio chairs you can find online, it’s helpful to understand what is being offered in the patio-lounge-chair world and how you can determine which features are the right ones for you and your purpose.

Simple patio chairs can still be a great addition to the look of your outdoor patio area. One of the features you will find in most sets is a material that won’t fade in the sunlight or warp when it gets wet. It makes sense, since these chairs and loungers need to face most weather conditions and come out on the other side just as nice as they were before the storm. It is a good idea to remove any cushions and take them inside before big storms so they can remain dry and be safe from the wind.

For a more laid-back approach to lounging, there are plenty of styles of patio furniture that let you kick your feet up and really lean back. Zero gravity chairs are a great example of this, as they let you lean back into a position that takes away any pressure points in your body. In a zero gravity chair, you lean back until you find an angle that is comfortable and you can lock it in to remain in that position. The chair has a rigid frame with a stretched material that holds you in place firmly and lets you use your hands for drinking or snacking.

Another take on laying down in the outdoor paradise of your backyard is a chaise lounge. There are outdoor patio couches that have chaise lounges built into them just like the couches you see inside of houses, and these chaise lounges are just as relaxing when you get to use them outside. To take it to another level, some companies make chaise lounges that hang from a stand with an anchor that hangs above the chair. You are then swinging in the breeze in a rigid chaise lounge that looks like it had some hammock inspirations in its design.

Chairs and seats are great but you also need to think about what surfaces you have on your patio for people to set things on. It’s likely that you’ll be drinking some iced tea or lemonade while you’re outdoors enjoying the nice weather, so if you think your patio is lacking in tabletop-like surfaces, just look for sets of furniture that come with side tables. This will give you matching side tables that fit in perfectly with the chairs around them for a complete and thorough furniture arrangement.

Rocking chairs are just meant to be on porches and there are great modern options to make this happen for you. With a metal frame and weatherproof fabrics, you can find durable rocking chairs that will have you swaying gently with a drink in one hand and the smell of the barbecue in the air. These patio rocking chairs will be a big hit though, so be prepared to fend off your friends and family as they try to steal your seat every time you get up for another hot dog.

If you are simply hoping to get a few extra patio chairs for when big groups come to visit, look into folding chairs meant for the outdoors. All the benefits of a folding chair are combined with the materials to make a long-lasting outdoor chair than can be stowed away neatly when you aren’t using them.

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Our experts reviewed the top 10 Patio Chairs and also dug through the reviews from 91 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best of the best Patio Chairs.

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What to Look For

  • Having a variety of patio chairs is not a bad thing. Some people like the zero-gravity loungers and others might just want to rock on a rocking chair. Choice is king here, so don’t be afraid to add variety to your selections.
  • If you have cushions on your outdoor furniture, they will still absorb some water during rainstorms or if they get splashed on by someone in the pool. They are meant to handle being wet, so it’s not a big deal, but you will get wet after you sit on them. So think about keeping the cushions inside when they’re not in use.
  • Black is a great color for having some bold aesthetics in your patio, but these materials will get much hotter than a lighter-colored seat and it might be a good thing to keep that in mind if you live in really a hot climate.

More to Explore

Zero gravity chairs don’t actually defy physics in any weird way and the name is more catchy than anything, but they have a great origin story and they really do provide a level of comfort that you probably aren’t used to. Zero gravity chairs or loungers were built in a way that mimics how astronauts sit when they are in lift-off. Their bodies go through an incredible amount of stress as they are hurled away from the earth at high speeds, so their seats were designed to distribute those stresses evenly throughout their body. Essentially, the zero gravity lounger in your backyard is doing the same thing, just at a lower level of intensity.

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