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The Best Outdoor Tablecloths For Rectangle Tables

Last updated on October 7, 2021
Best Outdoor Tablecloths For Rectangle Tables

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Our Picks For The Top Outdoor Tablecloths For Rectangle Tables

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Benson Mills Polyester Stainproof Rectangular Outdoor Tablecloth, 60 X 104-Inch

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Benson Mills

Polyester Stainproof Rectangular Outdoor Tablecloth, 60 X 104-Inch

This indoor/outdoor tablecloth, made completely from polyester fabric, comes in your choice of appealing botanical prints. It's stain-resistant and easily cleaned. Plus, it makes any space look prettier and put-together! Choose from several different sizes.

Overall Take

Upscale Design; Easy CleanThis lovely tablecloth will elicit plenty of compliments from guests whether you use it inside or outdoors.

 We Also Like

Obstal PVC Waterproof Rectangular Outdoor Tablecloth, 54 x 78-Inch


PVC Waterproof Rectangular Outdoor Tablecloth, 54 x 78-Inch

With more than two dozen familiar designs and a selection of sizes to choose from, this versatile PVC tablecloth with a checkered pattern resists spills, water and oil. It only requires surface cleaning with mild soap to keep its bright, new-looking appearance even with everyday use.

Overall Take

Traditional Patterns for DiningUse this versatile and leakprooof PVC tablecloth with a cute traditional pattern all year long.

 Strong Contender

Hiasan Washable Stain-Resistant Rectangular Outdoor Tablecloth, 60 x 120-Inch


Washable Stain-Resistant Rectangular Outdoor Tablecloth, 60 x 120-Inch

Checkered patterns always look good on tables, and this water-resistant, easy-wipe, no-fade polyester fabric cloth comes in a variety of colors and sizes to suit any decor. Keep this durable, machine-washable item handy and you’ll be well prepared for even the messiest meals.

Overall Take

Check Out These ColorsChoose this stylish water-resistant tablecloth to protect your table from all kinds of stains.

 Also Great

LUSHVIDA Microfiber Water-Resistant Rectangular Outdoor Tablecloth, 60 x 84-Inch


Microfiber Water-Resistant Rectangular Outdoor Tablecloth, 60 x 84-Inch

This tablecloth with a Moroccan motif and stain-resistant, 100% polyester microfiber material also resists wrinkles. You’ll want to keep this smart-looking protective cover out all the time to add a decorative touch to every one of your meals. It comes in a variety of sizes and colors.

Overall Take

Bold GeometryDress up your outdoor dining area with this fun and functional Moroccan square-styled table covering.

Buying Guide

Tablecloths do double duty by protecting tables and adding visual interest to your dining experiences. Back in the old days, they were made only from cloth, and they had to be laundered and ironed. A bad stain from tomato sauce or red wine could ruin the whole thing, and these tablecloths then had to be used with a stain — or simply thrown out. They weren’t inexpensive, either.

Nowadays, you can still find indoor/outdoor tablecloths made from materials like cotton and linen. However, if you want easy care, look for stain-resistant, 100% polyester tablecloths. Modern, water-resistant tablecloths are often incredibly easy to clean. This is because liquids bead on the surface and can be easily wiped off. Some coverings also have backings to protect tables from scratches.

You can find ones with traditional patterns like checks or paisley, but you can also go for something truly beautiful, featuring soft flowers, butterflies and more. Buy several to keep the design fresh both inside and outdoors!

When you are serving casual meals, expect tablecloths to have a 6-to-8-inch drop from the table’s edge to the cloth’s bottom. Formal dining tablecloths have a longer drop, usually around 15 inches. So, if your table is 42 inches wide by 72 inches long, add about 6 inches to each side for a casual tablecloth; you will end up needing something that’s about 60 by 90 inches; don’t worry about being exact, though.

Tablecloths will protect your table from stains, but not from damage from heavy items like dropped serving platters. You can invest in some table pads for this. These will guard the table from those nightmares. Table pads are placed on top of the table, right underneath the tablecloth. Be sure to measure correctly before investing in these, though.

What to Look For

  • Even if your tablecloth is made from water- and stain-resistant material, it is still a good idea to clean up spills right away. Leaving them to sit for too long could damage the tablecloth and the table underneath if you’re not careful.
  • Outdoor rectangular tablecloths can be casual or more upscale, even though many people still associate fine linen tablecloths with formal dining.
  • Most polyester tablecloths can be laundered in washing machines with cold water and normal detergent. Make sure to read the label first, though.
  • Dry your tablecloth on low heat (or on permanent press, if directed).
  • You can toss a small, damp cloth into the dryer with your tablecloth to help prevent wrinkles.

More to Explore

Certain foods are definitely messier than other ones, and stain-resistant tablecloths can be real lifesavers when you’re enjoying delicious items like tacos, sloppy joes, powdered doughnuts, ribs, croissants, spaghetti, s’mores and Buffalo wings.

But you won’t be always able to avoid these foods in public. Mike Lininger, etiquette expert, told Women’s Day that in general, the key to eating messy foods gracefully is to take small bites and “don’t be in a rush.” He suggests using a fork and knife where possible and keeping a napkin handy.

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