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The Best Nerf Obstacles

Last updated on December 13, 2021
Best Nerf Obstacles

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Our Picks For The Top Nerf Obstacles

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Skywin Inflatable Nerf Battle Obstacles, 4-Piece

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Inflatable Nerf Battle Obstacles, 4-Piece

This set of four sturdy kid- and teen-friendly obstacles can turn a play area into an amazing, inflatable battlefield. The oversized valves make the pieces easy to inflate and deflate with just a small pump.

Overall Take

Make Your Own CompetitionThese are perfect for Nerf parties, paintball and laser tag and are compatible with all Nerf guns.

 Runner Up

Squad Hero Inflatable Combat Arena Nerf Obstacles, 3-Piece

Squad Hero

Inflatable Combat Arena Nerf Obstacles, 3-Piece

Designed to resemble a combat zone, Squad Hero's three-piece inflatable barrier set includes a tire, barrel and call box. All are made with super valves, plus bottom water pouches to keep them standing up straight.

Overall Take

For Fun, Epic AdventuresThese obstacles are easy to set up and take apart, and kids will enjoy playing with them indoors and outdoors.

 We Also Like

ArmoGear Inflatable Nerf Bunker Barrels Obstacles, 4-Piece


Inflatable Nerf Bunker Barrels Obstacles, 4-Piece

This set of four inflatable ArmoGear barrels includes its own pump and adhesive patches to cover up holes, if they should occur. To set up the pieces in this set, you simply fill up the bottoms with water. This will keep them standing upright.

Overall Take

Easy to AssembleThis set of inflatable barrels makes a great gift, as kids will love playing with it for hours on end!

 Strong Contender

NERF 4-Foot Inflatable Target


4-Foot Inflatable Target

Nerf's official 4-foot inflatable target has a 25-point, 50-point and 100-point target and a water-filled base, making it an awesome toy for practicing Nerf blasts. It can help with improving accuracy for the next big competitive game.

Overall Take

Helps Improve AccuracyKids and adults will have a great time perfecting their shots with this Nerf target.

Buying Guide

Nerf foam is made out of a solid and spongy material that is soft, light and essentially harmless on contact. It is formed into balls and darts that are then shot out of plastic Nerf shooters and dart guns. Other toy companies make similar products, which may be conversationally (but incorrectly) referred to as Nerf toys. This category is filled with great toys that can be used on their own, but it is much more fun when groups of kids use them to compete against each other.

To up this game, companies now make obstacles that can be used to create play battlefields. They are inflatable and can be blown up with an air mattress pump or similar small pump. Many have bottom compartments that you fill up with water; this adds weight to keep them stable.

The obstacles are usually tall enough for a child to hide behind, and they resemble objects like tires and barrels. While you can make your own Nerf battlefield, inflatables do not have sharp edges and are more versatile. If it is too cold or raining outside, the obstacles can be used indoors if you have enough room.

A Nerf inflatable target is not exactly an obstacle; it is for practicing your aim using the dart guns and shooters. These are great for solo play, and kids can challenge themselves by standing progressively farther and farther back. Adults can join in on the fun, too. The targets can be placed on top of tables if they are not high enough. Targets and obstacle sets are both great for birthday parties or summer camps.

What to Look For

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for inflating the obstacle and filling up the base with water.
  • Before setting up the obstacles, plan out a battlefield and place the pieces accordingly. They can get a bit heavy once they are set up.
  • Look for obstacles with integrated storage areas. These can also be part of the battlefield game.
  • Some obstacle kits come with their own pumps, plus patches in case the inflatables get holes. Otherwise, you should purchase these accessories separately.

More to Explore

The Nerf ball was first introduced in 1969, marketed as the “world’s first official indoor ball.” The company advertised the product as being safe to use indoors because it wouldn’t break windows, damage lamps or “hurt babies or old people.”

Although that last part wouldn’t make it into branding these days, it did back then, and millions of the balls were sold within a year. Three years later, the Nerfoop basketball toy was released, followed by the brand’s living room baseball in 1983, the Nerf Blast-a-Ball shooter and the famous Nerf Sharpshooter dart blaster in 1992.

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