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The Best Mongolian Pillow

Last updated on April 17, 2023
Best Mongolian Pillow

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Home Brilliant Ultra Soft Plush Mongolian Pillow

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Home Brilliant

Ultra Soft Plush Mongolian Pillow

Add comfort to your sofa, loveseat or daybed using this super soft Mongolian pillow. It's rectangular in shape and furry to the touch. The pillow is machine washable and sold in 13 fun colors, including red, navy blue, pink and dark gray.

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Affordable OptionDecorating on a budget has never been easier than with this economical Mongolian pillow.

 Runner Up

Foindtower Fluffy Shed-Free Mongolian Pillow


Fluffy Shed-Free Mongolian Pillow

Add a pop of color to your living space with this turquoise Mongolian pillow. The front side of the pillow is quite soft and furry, while the backside feels more like brushed leather. Users will appreciate that the pillow is designed not to shed, even when cleaned in a washer and dryer.

Overall Take

Great for Kids and AdultsThe zipper closure on this Mongolian pillow is hidden, which makes it appear more elegant.


OJIA Silky Smooth Cozy Mongolian Pillow


Silky Smooth Cozy Mongolian Pillow

Available in four different sizes, this Mongolian pillow cover can be paired with any insert pillow of a matching size. It's available in five different colors, including a bold teal and dark gray, as well as light yellow, blush pink and light coffee. The pillow features faux Mongolian fur on one side with a silky polyester lining on the other.

Overall Take

Machine WashableThis pillow cover is faux Mongolian fur, which means it can be washed in your machine as long as you keep water temperatures below 80 degrees.


ROSE FEATHER Eco-Friendly All-Season Mongolian Pillow


Eco-Friendly All-Season Mongolian Pillow

If you're searching for an eco-friendly option, this Mongolian pillow cover is your best bet. It's constructed using real lamb's wool that is super soft to the touch. The zipper closure is hidden, yet provides an easy way to put on or take off the cover when in need of a washing.

Overall Take

Multiple Sizes AvailableYou'll find this Mongolian pillow is available in sizes ranging from 12 inches by 20 inches to 26 inches by 26 inches.

Buying Guide

Also known as Tibetan lambswool, Mongolian sheepskin is found in Tibet, Inner Mongolia and Mongolia. The fur is heavily sought because it’s both durable and warm. In the late spring, nomads shear their sheep in order to prepare them for the toasty summer months, and the discarded fur is exported across the world.

You can find products made from Mongolian sheepskin, including rugs, pillows and throws. The fur is dyed to create a variety of looks, although the natural color, beige, is popular, too. You’ll also find Mongolian sheepskin products in pastel pinks and blues.

Often when you’re buying a Mongolian pillow online, you’ll find that it’s the cover only. That means you’ll need to shop around for an insert that will fit. If your pillowcase includes the insert, make sure there’s a zipper that helps you easily remove the insert in case you someday want to change it out.

While you can’t machine wash Mongolian fur, you can spritz it with water to liven it back up again. But if machine washability is important to you, consider a faux Mongolian fur pillow that can be tossed in the washer occasionally.

What to Look For

  • Don’t brush your Mongolian pillow, as you’ll want to keep that crimp intact. But feel free to run your fingers through it.
  • You shouldn’t wash Mongolian fur products, but you can freshen them up a little by misting them with water. Some will be labeled “dry clean only,” and there are furriers that specialize in caring for animal fur. But use any of these services with caution.
  • You may notice shedding with a Mongolian fur product, but that’s simply due to fibers that were caught in with the other fibers during manufacturing. Once they work their way loose, you should be fine. For best results, take it outdoors and shake it to extract those fibers when you first get the pillow.
  • Mongolian fur is typically dyed, even if it’s white. Mongolian fur is a beige color, so if you see a white product, it’s likely been dyed.
  • If your pillow gets wet, don’t dry it with heat. Simply set it aside and let it air dry. If you get something on your Mongolian pillow, try to avoid using any products to clean it. Instead, dab it with a dry cloth to sop up as much as you can. If that doesn’t do it, spritz it with water and blot again. As a last resort, use a very small amount of soap or shampoo to try to get the stain out of the fur. Only treat the stained section.

More to Explore

Animal lovers often hesitate when buying a fur product. But where Mongolian fur is concerned, the worry isn’t really warranted. Mongolian sheep aren’t confined. They’re free to roam the pasture throughout the day, grazing on grass. Nomads take care of their animals, routinely checking for signs of illness and treating them when medically necessary.

The temperature variations in Mongolia actually make the practice of shearing the sheep more humane than not shearing them. The fur keeps them warm during the winter months, and there’s plenty of time for it to grow back before cold weather comes again. The animals aren’t harmed in any way during the process of harvesting the fur.

Of course, to put your mind at ease, you may want to do some research into where your wool is coming from.

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