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The Best Leg Lifter Strap

Last updated on January 31, 2023
Best Leg Lifter Strap

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Our Picks For The Top Leg Lifter Straps

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 Top Pick

Trideer Calf Muscle No-Rip Leg Lifter Strap, 75-Inch

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Calf Muscle No-Rip Leg Lifter Strap, 75-Inch

In addition to being constructed with a high-quality fabric, this leg lifter strap also features reinforced stitching to add strength and durability. It has an attractive green color and can be used for both physical therapy and daily exercise. The strap even comes with a complimentary guide to show you exactly how to use it.

Overall Take

Economical PickThe affordable price on this leg lifter strap won't break the budget.

 Runner Up

TrustWell Nylon American-Made Leg Lifter Strap, 23-Inch


Nylon American-Made Leg Lifter Strap, 23-Inch

There is so much you can do with this 23-inch leg lifter strap. You can use it to aid mobility in and outside of the home, to stretch your muscles before a workout or to increase muscle strength after a surgery. The strap is made from a durable nylon that won't let you down.

Overall Take

Choice of ColorsYou'll find this leg lifter strap comes in a choice of seven colors, including navy, red and yellow.

 We Also Like

RMS Physical Therapy Long Leg Lifter Strap, 35-Inch


Physical Therapy Long Leg Lifter Strap, 35-Inch

This is a durable leg lifter strap that measures 35 inches long. It has large lifter loops on each end to help people with limited mobility easily lift and move their legs.

Overall Take

Help For Getting AroundThis leg strap uses fabric that is made with top-quality woven material and is durable enough to move legs in casts.

 Strong Contender

Fanwer Nylon Comfort Leg Lifter Strap, 44-Inch


Nylon Comfort Leg Lifter Strap, 44-Inch

Whether you have limited mobility or you're recovering from a surgery, this leg lifter strap will help you remain independent. The adjustable buckles allows users to match the strap to their height. Since the device is made using a reinforced aluminum, it's also extremely strong and durable.

Overall Take

Promotes IndependenceThe hand grips on this leg lifter strap are padded for added comfort during use.

Buying Guide

Leg lifter straps have a simple design, but they’re incredibly effective for people with limited mobility. They are made with rigid metal rods with grip handles on the top and foot loops on the end. People who are recovering from knee or hip surgeries may benefit from leg lifter straps, as well as those who have leg injuries or arthritis. Anyone who has difficulties moving their legs from one position to another can usually benefit from a leg lifter strap.

Leg lifter straps are inexpensive and prevent injuries while helping users reposition their legs in cars, wheelchairs, beds and chairs. They are helpful for those who need help getting in and out of bed and are incorporated in some physical therapy exercises. In some situations, continued use can help people experience an improvement in mobility in a short amount of time.

What to Look For

  • Many patients and their caregivers order leg lifter straps while the patients are still in the hospital. That way they will be on hand when they are needed.
  • People with little to no strength in their legs can quickly learn how to use these straps and build up their confidence while they also gain more independence.
  • Since legs come in different sizes, it’s important to check strap sizes before buying.
  • Leg lifter straps are not costly and might be covered by insurance.

More to Explore

Leg lifter straps are helpful because all a patient needs to do is loop the foot hold on and pull from the hand loop. This eliminates the need to bend forward and touch your toes. Patients of all ages — even young children — can benefit from using a leg lifter strap.

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