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Last updated on February 28, 2022

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P-REP 5 Ply Wooden Deck Fingerboard

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5 Ply Wooden Deck Fingerboard

Made of 5-ply wood, this fingerboard deck has everything you need to get started. Some assembly is required, but it includes a tool and step-by-step instructions to help. The size is 30mm x 10mm, and it has basic bearing wheels and precut foam grip tape.

Overall Take

Great for BeginnersStep-by-step instructions and foam grip tape make this a great starter fingerboard.

 Runner Up

TECH DECK Plastic Ramp Set & Pro Model Fingerboard


Plastic Ramp Set & Pro Model Fingerboard

Get everything you need to practice your skateboarding with this set that includes a half-pipe ramp and a fingerboard. The board is an exclusive Primitive Pro model and recommended for use for ages 6 and up. The ramp is longer than 20 inches and the kit also includes stickers you can use to customize the look of your set.

Overall Take

Master Your TricksSimulate the experience of practicing tricks on a half-pipe ramp with this set, which includes the ramp and the fingerboard.

 We Also Like

HEHALI Plastic Deck Fingerboards, 18-Piece


Plastic Deck Fingerboards, 18-Piece

Spice up your next kids’ party with this set of fingerboards, which work great as a party activity or to throw into a gift bag as a take-home party favor for all attendees. The set includes 12 standard fingerboards and six in a matte finish, each with a unique, fun design that lets each kid in a group pick out a unique look. The frame is made fro...

Overall Take

Great for GroupsKeep your kids and all their friends entertained with this set, which includes 18 fingerboards in different designs.

 Strong Contender

HOMETALL Removable Wheels Fingerboards, 12-Piece


Removable Wheels Fingerboards, 12-Piece

You’ll get 12 fingerboards in this set, including the tool you need to disassemble and reassemble them to create your own ideal fingerboards. The high-quality plastic makes these fingerboards great for beginners who are still trying to perfect their moves. Each fingerboard comes with a unique pattern that makes it stand out from the rest.

Overall Take

Customizable OptionThis set includes a small screwdriver that lets you move pieces around to different boards to achieve different looks.

Buying Guide

You can’t always go to the skate park. Sure, you could practice your moves on the street in front of your house, but what happens when the weather turns bad and you can’t get out?

That’s where a fingerboard can come in handy. With typical dimensions of 3.9” L x 1.3” W, this small device can help skateboarders simulate their moves using only their index and middle fingers. Although a fingerboard is small, it’s no slouch in simulating an actual skateboard. You’ll get a grip tape, deck, bushings and interchangeable wheels, all to scale to give skateboarders accurate response time while practicing their moves.

As skateboarding has grown in popularity, it has remained deeply rooted in counterculture. Yes, it might have been added as an Olympic sport in 2020, but that didn’t deter the many who are drawn to the sport as an alternative to playing soccer or football in adolescence.

There’s a reason skateboarding was a good fit for the Olympics. The sport is surprisingly complex. Yes, skateboarders make it look easy, but manipulating the board, whether over flat or hilly terrain, requires plenty of practice, along with some natural skill.

It might seem like a simple board with wheels attached, but take a closer look and you’ll see that a skateboard has contours and curves that are strategically placed to maximize a skateboarder’s control. Learning to work with those curves to navigate surfaces is fairly complex, as anyone who’s tried skateboarding can attest.

A fingerboard is designed with those similar contours and curves. Using two fingers, skateboarders can simulate movements over surfaces to learn how leaning just a little to the left or right can change the way the board operates. Many parents have bought fingerboards for their children upon request, not fully understanding the point. But one look at how skateboarders use these devices makes it clear how helpful they can be.

What to Look For

  • Fingerboards aren’t just for practice. They can also give kids something to do with their hands when they’re bored.
  • Although fingerboards might seem like a toy, for skateboarders, it’s a serious tool. A good fingerboard has a design similar to a real skateboard, complete with contours and durable wheels. A plywood material will hold up over many uses, but some fingerboards incorporate plastic into the build.
  • With some fingerboards, assembly is required. Make sure the kit includes the tools and instructions you’ll need to put it together. If not, you’ll need to have them on hand.
  • Fingerboards can be works of art. You’ll see them decorated to look like full-size skateboards, as well as in various colors. Some come with stickers that you can use to decorate your fingerboard or skateboarding surfaces as you want.
  • Avid skateboarders know the value of wheel bearings to give a board agility and maximize control. Fingerboards with bearings in the wheels can give you that same added control.
  • Grip tape is an important part of any fingerboard. You’ll need one that’s comfortable while also providing the friction you need to prevent your fingers from slipping around. Foam grip tape is especially useful for this. Some kits include this, but you can easily buy it separately if it isn’t included.
  • A half-pipe ramp can take your fingerboarding to the next level. This simulates the feel of the ramps used at skate parks and helps skateboarders practice tricks.
  • If you have younger children in your household, look at the age recommendations for any fingerboard you buy. Most have a minimum recommended age. If your skateboarder has younger siblings, the smaller parts could be a choking hazard.

More to Explore

Bones Brigade skateboarder Lance Mountain gets credit for coming up with the concept now known as the fingerboard. This goes all the way back to 1985, when Mountain introduced his concept to the world in one of a series of videos profiling his skateboarding group, which became known as the “dream team.” In the video, Mountain demonstrated how he practiced moves using his fingerboard.

But fingerboards were in use before the Bones Brigade called widespread attention to them. Soon after the video launched, manufacturers began producing key chain-ready fingerboards to help skateboarders practice whenever they had some free time. The tool gained even more attention in the 1990s, when a brand of skateboards known as Tech Deck brought fun, realistic graphics to the concept.

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