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The Best Crystals & Healing Stones

Last updated on October 15, 2022

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Our Picks For The Top Crystals & Healing Stones

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Crystalya Display Box & Assorted Crystals & Healing Stones, 10-Piece

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Display Box & Assorted Crystals & Healing Stones, 10-Piece

These high-quality crystals and healing stones are carefully hand-selected for their beauty. The set comes with seven pre-cleansed, ready-to-use gemstones with metaphysical traits. A wooden display box is included.

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High QualityThese healing stones are carefully hand-selected and packaged.

 Runner Up

AMill Tumbled & Natural Crystals & Healing Stones, 23-Piece


Tumbled & Natural Crystals & Healing Stones, 23-Piece

These crystals and healing stones come in a treasure chest-style box. You get seven raw chakra stones, 10 tumbled stones, a pink healing crystal necklace, a pendulum, a white crystal pyramid, a crystal pillar, and other colorful stones.

Overall Take

Stunning PackageGet tumbled stones, raw chakra stones, and more with this cool set.

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VNVETYTO Tree Of Life Chakra Crystals & Healing Stones


Tree Of Life Chakra Crystals & Healing Stones

Put your crystals and healing stones on display in your home or car! This wall hanging contains seven chakra healing crystals and a representation of the tree of life. The ornament symbolizes positive energy, growth and strength.

Overall Take

Unique DisplayIncorporate healing stones into your decor with this wall hanging.

 Strong Contender

vuUUuv Rough Chakra Crystals & Healing Stones, 8-Piece


Rough Chakra Crystals & Healing Stones, 8-Piece

Choose these lovely chakra stones for their natural uniqueness. Stones like red jasper, jade, tiger's eye, amethyst, pink crystal, lapis lazuli and obsidian have each been hand-selected for you and come in a carved craft log box.

Overall Take

Natural EnergiesEnhance your energies with this set of eight natural chakra stones.

Buying Guide

Crystals and healing stones are more than just beautiful rocks to people who credit them with certain powers. For believers, these items can become an important part of an individual’s spiritual journey when used correctly and with intention.

Those who believe in the power of crystals think they are activated through their connection to mother Earth. After all, crystals are natural minerals, and as such, are linked to other natural phenomena such as the sun, moon and oceans.

If you are looking to promote self-care through the use of crystals and healing stones, you should know that different types of rock are believed to help you do different things. For example, clear quartz crystal is supposed to help amplify your energy.

Crystals and healing stones may help remove negative energy from your environment. For example, if you work with technology every day, you may not want to be near electromagnetic frequencies. Some people think shungite stone can soak up those energies for you. Similarly, if you feel stressed and want to remove your own negative energy, obsidian stones are known to bring clarity to your emotions.

People also use crystals and healing stones to promote certain types of energy, such as happiness, positivity, calmness and creativity, and will tell you that stones such as citrine and rose quartz are perfect crystals for this task. If you’re often around people with negative or heavy energy and want to protect your own energy field from them, a good choice is the goldstone or labradorite crystal.

If you’re new to the idea of crystals and healing stones as positive forces, consider jade, a good-luck stone that is associated with prosperity. You may also consider amethyst, which users believe will enhance your sense of intuition.

What to Look For

  • There are many ways to use crystals and healing stones in your day-to-day life. According to practitioners, one major rule for using crystals is to show respect. This means taking care of them and making sure they don’t get lost or dirty.
  • Many people like to keep their crystals and healing stones on them. The easiest way to do that is to put one in your pocket, especially one that lies near the heart. Another way to wear a crystal or healing stone is to incorporate it into your jewelry, such as in a necklace or bracelet.
  • It’s trendy these days to drink crystal-infused water. However, if you plan to try this yourself, please be aware that some stones should absolutely not be placed in water for drinking. These include pyrite, which has heavy metals, and amazonite, which has radioactive uranium in it.
  • If you frequently have bad dreams or don’t sleep well at night, consider keeping a crystal or healing stone in your bed. It can be placed under your pillow and may support you in your intention for a peaceful sleep.
  • For those who have stressful jobs, keeping crystals and healing stones with you in your place of work may be a good idea. They can be kept in your car, in your briefcase or bag or just on your desk. Just remember to use the appropriate stone depending on whether you want to protect positive energy or remove negative energy.

More to Explore

Medical practitioners and scientists consider crystal healing a pseudoscience, as its claims have never conclusively been backed up by research. As such, they caution you should not use crystals or healing stones in place of evidence-backed procedures.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use them to induce relaxation in certain environments, and some research indicates that some people may experience a placebo effect from the use of crystals. Crystal healing methods have been used by ancient cultures dating back 6,000 years and are based on traditional Chinese ideas, so there’s clearly longevity to the practice and the ideas behind it.

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