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One of the more irritating indignities of perimenopause and/or menopause is how it can disrupt your sleep. Night sweats and late-hour hot flashes can have you getting up and down throughout the night, tossing off blankets and changing your clothes.

Luckily, you can buy cooling pajamas for menopause — ones made of lightweight, moisture-wicking fabrics that mitigate the effects of these common symptoms. And really, why wake up drenched in sweat if you don’t have to?

We rounded up 13 stylish options that can bring some cool, dry normalcy back to your sleep schedule. All are comfy and cute — which is how all pajamas should be!

Cherrydew Women Bamboo Viscose PJ’s

Cherrydew Women Bamboo Viscose PJ's

$38.99 at Amazon

Like a lot of sleep sets made for menopause, this pajama set is made of viscose — a highly breathable fabric created from bamboo. While regular cotton can trap heat within, viscose wicks away heat and moisture. You can choose from 18 different colors and patterns, but all have stylish buttons and white contrast piping. Sizes run from S to XXL.

BlissWear Chemise

Honeylove pajamas

$79 (was $99) at Honeylove

If you’d like a nightgown that’s both sexy and cool, consider this chemise from Honeylove. This company is known for its shapewear, but it also offers this chemise that’s made from a fabric that’s 91% lyocell, an ultra-breathable material that provides better moisture absorption than cotton. Plus, it has mesh panels that allow even more air to flow through and cool your skin.

Women’s Sleeveless Maxi Dress

sleeveless nightgown

$68 at Posh Peanut

Posh Peanut is a retailer of mom and baby clothes, but it makes sleepwear in fabrics that are perfect for those going through menopause.

This pretty, lightweight sheath can be worn to bed, but you could also wear it for a stroll outside. (Doesn’t it seem the perfect apparel for watering your organzas in a sun-spackled garden?) But the romantic floral details are only part of its appeal; the best part about this dress is its 95% viscose fabric. Lightweight and airy, it’s designed to wick away moisture and keep you cool. It comes in one size that “fits most.”

Hue Ladies Cooling Capri 2 Piece V-Neck Pajama Set

Hue Ladies Cooling Capri 2 Piece V-Neck Pajama Set

$26 at Walmart

These stylish sets have pretty patterned bottoms with matching solid-colored T-shirts. You may be just chilling on the couch, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look cute while you’re doing it!

More importantly, they have a cooling technology that’s activated when your body temperature rises. The wide V-neck on the shirt and drawstring pants are sleep-friendly details that will allow you to get comfortable as you tuck in.

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Cool Nights Pajama Pants

cool nights pajamas

$49 at Soma

Soma is known for its soft night clothes, but this pair of Cool Night Pajamas is also designed in a highly breathable fabric to cool you down. It’s also made to keep its shape after many washings. (Don’t you hate it when your sleepwear stretches out in the wash?)

You can pair these cooling PJ bottoms with the short-sleeved shirt shown above or opt for a similarly cooling, long-sleeved one.

Cooling Piped Pajama Set

cooling piped pajama set

$39 (was $58) at Bare Necessities

Bare Necessities makes these chic, collared pajamas out of a Cool Jade tech fabric that wicks moisture from your skin, lowering the surface temperature. (Not surprisingly, it’s made of 56% viscose.) You can also buy a matching robe in this fabric.

They come in black and deep lagoon, which sell for $39, and in four other colors and patterns, which sell for $34. The size range is S through 3XL.

SIJO FineSlumber Nightdress

SIJO nightdress

$66 (was $95) at SIJO

SIJO is a performance bedding company that specializes in sheets, blankets and comforters. But they also make sleep clothes in the same Cooling Eucalyptus AiryWeight fabric they use for sheets. This lightweight, cooling, moisture-wicking nightgown comes in four colors.

The eucalyptus fibers of this fabric are not only cool but also highly sustainable and eco-friendly. So you can feel good about this night dress while feeling cool within it!

Liz Claiborne Cool and Calm Short Sleeve Capri Pajama Set

Liz Claiborne Cool and Calm Short Sleeve Capri Pajama Set

$34 (was $42) at JC Penney

Like the other pajamas here, this temperature-controlled set was also engineered for those dealing with night sweats. They’re moisture-wicking and breathable, so they limit the growth of odor-causing bacteria. And if you’re watching your budget, these are also a very affordable option.

They come in four spirited color patterns, so you’re bound to find one that suits your personality. And the sizes run from XS to XXL. (They also come in further plus sizes.)

Lands End Women’s Cooling 2-Piece Pajama Set

Lands End Women's Cooling 2-Piece Pajama Set

$56 (was $80) at Macy’s

Lands End makes its contribution to menopause sleepwear with these cooling pajamas, which are made from a lightweight jersey knit. (Jersey knit has a looped, open thread structure that makes it a very breathable cotton.)

They come in an ivory leopard print pattern (pictured above) as well as two solid colors (which are more along the preppy lines this clothing company is known for). You can also buy them in a short-sleeved version.

The size range is XS through XL, as well as plus sizes.

Long Sleeve Bamboo Pajama Set

Long Sleeve Bamboo Pajama Set

$156 (was $195) at Cozy Earth

The fabric in these Cozy Earth pajamas contains 95% viscose from bamboo — the moisture-wicking, body-temperature-regulating material mentioned above. They also have an elegant and classic look that earned them a mention from Oprah as one of her “favorite things” in 2019.

Cozy Earth sleepwear can be pricy, but now’s a good time to snap up a pair. The ones pictured above are 20% off right now. The sizes range from XS to 3XL.

Viscose Pajama Set

Viscose pajama set

$40 at Amazon

This short set made of viscose fabric is built for night sweats and hot flashes. The cooling properties of the material allow heat to escape and your skin to breathe freely.

And are you the type of person who likes lots of options? Then this sleep set is for you: it comes in over 70 colors (!) and ranges in size from S to 4X.

Anti-Flush Racerback Sleep Dress

Anti-Flush Racerback Sleep Dress

$62 at Become Clothing

Become is another company that focuses specifically on designing clothes for women in perimenopause or menopause. Their fabric, made with patented Anti-Flush™ Technology, is created to not only wick away moisture but to reduce the chill you feel when a hot flash subsides. It also has odor-control properties.

This cooling dress is actually sleek and stylish enough to wear out, perhaps with a jean jacket thrown over it. It comes in three colors and ranges in size from XS to 4XL. You get free shipping if you buy two or more items.

Women’s Moisture Wicking Pleated T-Shirt Capri Set

Women's Moisture Wicking Pleated T-Shirt Capri Set

$88 (was $106) at Cool-jams

If you’re looking for menopause pajamas, you might as well start with a company whose clothes are designed for temperature regulation and moisture-wicking. Cool-jams has a proprietary wicking technology in all of its sleepwear, which dries four times faster than regular cotton. It’s also designed to inhibit the growth of the bacteria that can lead to body odor. (And nobody wants that!)

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