7 popular companies that will let you work from home

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If you’ve been on the fence about work-from-home opportunities, you might want to take the leap now. Telecommuting jobs have evolved into well-paying employment opportunities, often including benefits. And top-ranked companies around the world have jumped on the trend by expanding the number of work-from-home positions they offer. In fact, as of June 2017, 40 percent more U.S. companies offer flexible workplace options than they did in 2012.

The team over at Flexjobs has put together a list of popular companies that are hiring flexible/remote workers right now. To create this list, they used job postings on their site and LinkedIn’s “Top Companies 2017: Where the World Wants to Work Now” list of the top 50 most attractive companies.

Here are a few of the most attractive companies to work for in 2017 who are also hiring for work-from-home/flexible positions. You can view the full list of 34 companies by visiting the Flexjobs website.

1. Adobe

Past job openings at Adobe have included full-time, telecommute senior project managers and senior solutions consultants.

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2. Amazon

Amazon regularly posts work-from-home opportunities, including customer service agents for the holidays.

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3. Apple

Apple is frequently looking for at-home AppleCare advisors to help customers troubleshoot their problems.

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4. Verizon

Verizon has posted remote job openings such as customer service representative and penetration tester.

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5. Salesforce

Love working with data? Then Salesforce wants you! They’ve posted flexible positions in the past such as account executive and business analyst.

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6. Uber

Aside from driving positions, Uber has also posted openings for operations experts and brand ambassadors.

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7. Airbnb

Home rental site Airbnb has posted telecommute jobs in the past such as translator and public affairs manager.

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