This $13 TubShroom drain protector has nearly 27K reviews on Amazon


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If you have hair that sheds (and who doesn’t?) and requires you to regularly call a plumber or pour a liquid drain cleaner down the drain to un-block hair clogs, there’s a product on Amazon you should probably know about it. It’s called a TubShroom, and it has nearly 27,000 reviews and an excellent 4.3-star rating.

The TubShroom is basically a mushroom-shaped hair catcher that goes inside your bathtub drain (hence, the name). Once placed, it catches stray hairs before they clog up your plumbing. Instead of entering the pipe, the hairs end up wrapped around the bottom of the TubShroom.

Meanwhile, water is still able to get by, so there’s no need to remove the TubShroom to drain the water after a bath or shower. You do have to clean the TubShroom once in a while, but since the hair is wet, the process only involves a simple wipe with a paper towel to get the hair off.


Ditch The Drano

According to Amazon reviewers, TubShrooms are far superior to traditional bathtub strainers. Since they’re made of a soft silicone material, they don’t rust. A TubShroom costs $12.99, but I’ve personally found that it’s worth the investment. The TubShroom has easily saved me money over the years, since I no longer have to keep buying $4 bottles of Drano over and over again to un-clog the tub drain.

TubShrooms also come in a variety of colors like white, clear, blue, green, gray and orange. I bought the white one, thinking it would blend in with my tub better, but I’ve found that, after several years, it has discolored and become yellow-tinged. So I would recommend the clear or one of the brighter colors.

Get It For Sinks And Showers, Too

For sinks, there is also a SinkShroom (it even comes in a chrome finish to coordinate with your bathroom or kitchen fixtures). Or if you have a stand-alone shower, the ShowerShroom is designed to fit inside larger shower drains. You can also buy a package that includes both the TubShroom and the SinkShroom for a slight discount.

What do you think? Could you use a TubShroom for your bathtub?

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