These are the top 10 things people hate spending money on while on vacation

We can all agree: Vacations are the best.

But you know what’s the worst? Looking at your credit card statement after vacation. Oof.

Of course, most of us are getting paid while we’re on vacation (hello, PTO!) but vacation spending still hurts. Between airfare, expensive hotels or Airbnbs (come on, you have to splurge while you’re on vacation!), food, souvenirs and other unexpected costs, a trip can do a number on your finances.

We wanted to find out exactly what irks people the most when they spend money while traveling. As part of the Don’t Waste Your Money/Simplemost travel survey, we asked roughly 8,000 people to tell us what they hated paying for while traveling. People who took our survey could select as many answers as they wanted.

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10. Tips

It seems like you’ve gotta tip everyone when you go on vacation—the door man at the hotel, the taxi driver, the guy who folds the towels at the pool. Even though it’s how those people make their living, it’s still something we always somehow forget to budget for! Roughly 9 percent of survey respondents said they hate spending money on tips while traveling.

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9. Meals

Does anyone else feel like all you do while traveling is spend time eating OR deciding where to eat next? It takes up so much time and brain space.  From the moment you get to the airport, you’ve got to spend money at restaurants, unless you’re one of those savvy people who remember to pack a lunch!

Nearly 14 percent of our survey respondents said they hate spending money on meals while traveling.

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8. Bottled Water

Unless you remember to pack your reusable water bottle, you’re going to have to spring for some bottled water on vacation. Your typically traveling during the warmer months, and you’re walking a lot on vacation. Nearly 16 percent of survey respondents hate spending money on bottled water.

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7. Car Rental Insurance

Because honestly, we’re not really sure if we actually need car rental insurance. Luckily, we did some digging to find out whether you really need it or not.

If you hate spending on car rental insurance, you’re not alone. Some 24 percent of our survey respondents agree.

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6. Airfare

There are people out there who know how to “hack” the system and always score the cheapest flights. And then there are the rest of us booking flights when we finally get a moment to sit at the computer, usually after the kids are asleep in bed. Nearly 26 percent of people who took our survey hate spending money on flights.

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5. Hotels

Hotels can be super hit or miss. Plus, they usually eat up a huge chunk of your trip budget. Maybe that’s why 26 percent of respondents hate spending money on hotels?

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4. Forgotten Items

I think the main reason I get so stressed out before a trip is because packing is hard work AND I nearly always forget something. Nearly 34 percent of our survey respondents hate spending money on items they forget to pack, too.

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3. Road Tolls

Seriously, road tolls are the worst. More than 36 percent of respondents agreed.

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2. Transportation/Parking

Coming in at No. 2 was transportation/parking costs. Because let’s be honest, parking is not sexy and neither is getting a ticket for the bus—they’re just necessities. More than 47 percent of respondents hate paying for these things!

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1. Baggage Fees

Aaaaand the No. 1 thing people hate spending money on is: baggage fees. It’s no surprise that Southwest is a hugely popular airline. They let you take two whole bags on the plane for free! Nearly 55 percent of our survey respondents agreed that paying for bags is the worst.

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