11 Tips For Making Your Stuff Last Longer

It’s hard to watch your hard earned money get tossed in the trash, shoved in a Goodwill box or poured down the drain. We all want our stuff—food, clothing and housewares—to last much longer. Try these simple tips for extending the life of more than a dozen items around the home. 

1. No More Moldy And Slimy Lettuce

How many times have you had to throw away half your salad? Keep it fresh by covering lettuce with a dry paper towel, and then plastic.

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2. Keep Socks Out Of The Dryer

Instead, air dry them so they don’t lost their elasticity.

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3. This Hack Is Bananas…

Keep bananas fresher longer by wrapping the tops in plastic. But don’t separate them! Keep them bundled.

4. Cure For An Old And Sticky Curling Iron

Save your hair tools with either rubbing alcohol or a mixture of baking soda and water. Use either trick to wipe and clean a cool curling iron or straighter so it’s like new again!


5. Play Nice With Nonstick Pans

Follow three simple rules to make your pans last: don’t use metal on nonstick pans, never use aerosol cooking spray and avoid high heats with your frying pans.

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6. Be Gentle With Your Sweaters

Instead of the washer and dryer, wash your sweaters with baby shampoo. Let them air dry in an open space so they don’t get moldy.

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7. Go Nuts!

Instantly fix scratches in your wood furniture by rubbing the wood with walnuts (of all things). Apparently, the nut fills in the gaps!

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8. Properly Store Onions And Garlic

We love this! Keep onions, garlic and shallots around for months with no mold. All you have to do is punch holes into regular brown paper bags and close the bags up with paper clips.

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9. Do All Of Your Tights Have Rips?

Just stick your tights in the freezer. The freezer helps keep the fibers tight, so no more snags!


10. Protect Your Favorite (Cheap) Jewelry

Paint a layer of clear nail polish on your fashion jewelry to reduce the likelihood of tarnishing. It will also keep your skin from turning green!

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11. Fix A Broken Compact

There’s a DIY trick for making a compact last, even after you drop it! Follow these instructions—you only need some rubbing alcohol, a baggie, a spoon and a butter knife.

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