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BCBG Puffer Jacket, Lululemon Wunder Puff
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When it comes to active wear and athleisure, Lululemon is often a brand that comes to mind. From those famous Align leggings to their sleek jackets, the brand is iconic, but it’s also expensive. Thankfully, though, if you’ve been eyeing a puffer from the brand, there’s now a Sam’s Club Lululemon puffer alternative.

While not an identical Lululemon alternative, the BCBG Ladies’ Puffer Jacket is a whopping $258 less than the Lululemon Wunder Puff, and it does look pretty similar. So, while sure, not an exact match, at $39.98, that Sam’s Club puffer jacket is definitely a good find for Lulu lovers that want to save some cash.

Sam's Club

$39.98 at Sam’s Club

The Sam’s Club jacket comes in taupe, black and red and is available in XS-XXL, so you’ve got options. Plus, it’s extremely versatile. Wear it to run errands, don it for work or bundle up for a hike or outdoor activities (we know snow shoveling season is coming). The jacket is thick enough to keep you warm during all your outings, but it’s also machine washable so you don’t need to worry about getting it dirty.

The Sam’s Club puffer jacket is made of nylon and has a 100% polyester fill. That’s why you can pop it in the wash, and why it’s able to keep you so warm. Plus, it features side pockets where you can slip your keys or phone for easy access, and there’s an adjustable drawcord at the bottom which helps prevent wind from slipping through and giving you a chill.


NEW at Sam’s Club BCBG Ladies Puffer Jacket! Let me tell you the jacket with so cozy and I know it’s going to be a stable in my fall and winter wardrobe! Available in store and online for $36.98 and there is also a Taupe color that I saw online! @Sam’s Club For more Sam’s Club Finds follow us on Instagram! @samsclubsimplesavings #samsclub #samsclubfinds #samsclubmusthaves #samsclubhaul #samsclubdeals #samsclubclub #samsclubsamedaydelivery #samsclubfood #samsclubmirror #samsclubscan #samsclubfashion #samsclubreview #fashion #style #winterwardrobe #fallwardrobe #dupe #doop #addtocloset #addtocart #takemymoney #comeshopwithme #comeshoppingwithme #fyp #taylorswift

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The Lululemon Wonder Puff alternative has already hit the internet, too. While it hasn’t officially hit viral status yet, it could be well on its way. Content creator @samsclubsavings debuted the Sam’s Club jacket on her account, and it’s gotten a cool 8,000 views so far.

If you don’t have a Sam’s Club membership or simply prefer the real thing, you can order the Lululemon Wunder Puff jacket online showing its features, shades, and price.


$298 at Lululemon

While the Sam’s Club jacket is quite similar, one major difference is that while Sam’s Club’s jacket is filled with polyester, Lululemon’s is filled with goose feathers. That nearly $300 price tag does make sense given that it’s a more lux option.

Plus, the Lululemon puffer comes in seven colors and features water-repellent material that makes it ideal for rainy or snowy climates. It’s also a bit longer than the Sam’s option, and it has a cinchable waist if you’re looking for a piece that provides a bit more shape within the silhouette.

Ultimately, though, the Sam’s Club Lululemon alternative is a great option for those looking to drop far less money. But if you want a more lux option and are fine dropping $300, that’s up to you, Either way, you’re getting a great new winter coat!

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