This Beach Chair Doubles As A Wagon And Will Make Your Summer So Much Easier


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Getting to the beach can be easier said than done. Once the entire family’s loaded up with sunscreen, it’s time to lug all of your gear to the shore before finding the perfect place to plant yourself in the sand. But with a versatile product like this 2-in-1 beach chair and wagon combo — the summer struggle is about to get a whole lot easier!

Equipped with wheels, a handle and mesh paneling, the MacSports 2-in-1 Beach Cart and Folding Lounge Chair unfolds to reveal the perfect spot for placing beach balls, coolers, boogie boards and more. It will hold up to 100 pounds of your stuff, which can be easily pulled across pavement, boardwalks and sand until you finally reach your end destination: the shore.

Once you’re there, unpack the wagon and finish unfolding it to turn this into a comfy place to sit. It comes with a pillow for your head, four-position adjustable back and a place to prop up your feet — so the toughest part of your day might be struggling to stay awake.

A beach product like this will simplify your summer and, really, it’s great for taking to the beach. But it can also be taken camping, to the kids’ soccer game, to the park or anywhere else you go this season!

It’s currently available for $104.44 on Amazon, a discount off its original $139.99 price — and with this level of functionality, it’s worth every penny:


It serves as a wagon when you’re on the move:


But, acts a lounger when you’re sitting still:


And when it’s not in use, it folds up completely, making storage a breeze:


If you’re wondering if this product is too good to be true — people who have tried it out are here to assure you it’s not.

“I wish I had bought this sooner,” one Amazon review reads. “It fits sand toys, boogie board, beach bag ect. [sic]… Chair is very comfortable too. My wife loves it. Its [sic] worth the money.”

Another satisfied customer wrote, “LOVE LOVE LOVE this chair/cart. It is very easy to convert from chair to cart and rolls easily in the sand. It fits everything you need to take to the beach.”

The only knock against the chair the review could find was that it doesn’t recline completely flat, which is important to note if you were hoping to lay on your stomach to get that all-over tan.

One negative review of the product noted that it could be a bit cumbersome to use and that unless you have a large vehicle, you may need to wait to pack this up until you’re in the parking lot preparing to walk to the beach:

“This chair/cart is heavy and cumbersome,” the review read. “I found it to be difficult to manage. It does fold down which makes it easier to fit in your car but it is still cumbersome and not convenient to use or pack in the car. If you have a truck no problem.”

Overall, this product seems like it could make your summer trips way more manageable. What do you think? Will you be toting this with you on all of the beach days to come?

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