This Amazon storage container sale will get you ready for spring cleaning

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Have you found yourself running low on storage containers following your post-holiday clean up? Are you looking to make progress on your resolution to get your home organized this year?

Whether you’re looking for places to store the little things that collect around the house or larger items like seasonal clothes, you’ll want to take advantage of a major sale happening on Amazon right now on IRIS USA storage containers. With discounts ranging from 10% to almost 40%, there are plenty of affordable options to prepare you for spring cleaning season.

Adding just few storage containers in your home can make a difference in how your home feels and functions. You don’t have to spend a small fortune on fancy storage containers or even storage units with the right products.

This storage container sale on Amazon can end at any time. So, if you’re looking to save some money on these space-saving solutions, you should act quickly before the prices go up.

We took a look at Amazon’s limited-time IRIS USA Storage Sale and found five products that stood out for their price and their practicality.

1. IRIS USA 32 Quart Stackable Plastic Storage Bin with lockable lids, 6-pack


$50 at Amazon (was $75)

This six pack of 32-quart storage containers are marked down 33% off its original $74.99 price tag, saving you $30.

These storage containers will fit large items to help you take back large spaces in places like your basement, garage or even your bedroom closet. They are perfect for seasonal items, like clothes, because the lids fit tightly and lock to keep pests out and your items secure.

2. IRIS USA Small 3-Drawer Desktop Organizer, 2-pack


$24 at Amazon (was $30)

Why settle for only one desk organizer when you get two for a great price? Save 20% on this two-pack of desk organizers for a limited time.

These are perfect for the office where all those pens, sticky notes, cords and other loose items can clutter up your workspace. Or, maybe you have a craft room with lots of small buttons, needles, brushes that need to be stowed away, but easily seen on the shelf.

3. IRIS USA Rolling Storage Cart , 4-drawer


$40 at Amazon (was $50)

Need to keep your stuff organized but able to easily move form room to room? Put one of these 4-drawer rolling storage towers into your Amazon shopping cart. You’ll save 20% for a limited time, paying just $39.99.

Teachers would love this rolling cart to keep classroom supplies neat and tidy, but easily accessible to little hands. Again, crafters could find a cart like this handy because the varying drawer depths. You could store reams of papers, tape dispensers, yarn and other craft items in one compact storage unit.

4. IRIS USA Tall Shoe Storage Box, 4-pack


$40 at Amazon (was $60)

Shoes scattered all over your entryway or closets? Keep track of your beloved shoe wardrobe with is 4 pack of tall shoe boxes.  You’ll save $20 on this set for a limited time.

Each box can hold two pairs of regular shoes (flats) and or one pair of tall shoes (high heels, some boots). So, with one set, you can organize up to 8 pairs of shoes!

Or, you could use this to store games, books, toys, or anything else you need to keep off the floor and out of the way. It’s entirely up to you.

5. IRIS USA 40-Quart Under Bed Storage Container, 3-pack


$80 at Amazon (was $100)

Calling all parents of the class of 2024 or current college students! Storage space in dorm rooms is limited and your student needs to maximize every square foot of a dorm room or small apartment.

This 3 pack of stackable bins are designed to slide underneath a lofted bed. The lockable lids will keep their clothes and supplies dust-free and dust free.

Save 20% ($20) on these durable, streamlined storage containers.

Taking control over your clutter doesn’t have to be complicated or break the bank if you snag one or more of these storage container sale items.

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