Get ready for Target’s next-day delivery service for household items

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Those who love shopping at Target may soon have another convenient way to pick up those everyday household items.

The retail giant is now in the process of testing a new next-day delivery service called Target Restock.

This new program, which isn’t available to the public just yet, will let you purchase your favorite household items, from laundry detergent to coffee to toilet paper, and have those items delivered right to your door the next day.


Target hasn’t said when the program will go live across all stores, but we do know that Target is currently testing this service with employees in the Minneapolis area.

After employees test out the service, Target plans to launch a pilot program that is expected to go live this summer, also in the Minneapolis area, which is where the retail giant is headquartered.

Shoppers who have the Target credit card will be able to give the new service a try. If they place their order before 1:30 p.m., they can get the items delivered the next day.

Target also hasn’t said how much this delivery service will cost—the only hint the company gave was that it will be a “low, flat fee.”

Of course, Target is playing catch-up to other retailers such as Amazon and Walmart. Amazon has it Prime Pantry program, though that service does not include next-day delivery automatically. Walmart offers a grocery pick-up service and offers discounts for online items shipped to a brick-and-mortar store.


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