Slash Your Grocery Bill With These 5 Simple Ways To Save Money On Meat

4. Buy In Bulk

If you have a deep freezer, consider buying an entire cow, pig, chicken or turkey, says Kalyn Brooke of Living Well Spending Less.

“It might seem like a huge cost up front, but if you know your price per pound, then it could potentially be a cheaper option in the long run,” she writes.

Katie Kimball shares a price breakdown on her blog Kitchen Stewardship. She recently got 210 pounds of beef for an average price per pound of $5.64. That includes ground beef, as well as pricier cuts like top sirloin steaks, New York and rib eye.

5. Stash Holiday Meats

It just makes sense: The days after Thanksgiving mean big sales on turkey. The same goes for ham and roasts after Christmas and Easter, or corned beef after St. Patrick’s Day.

Here’s where your freezer comes in again. Buy extras and stash them away for later. You’ll save money and thank yourself when the holiday busy season sets in, thanks to your smart shopping, and you’ve already purchased your Christmas ham!

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