New Sam’s Club ready-to-drink margarita pack pours 25 margaritas for just $30

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If you’re beginning to plan summer parties, Sam’s Club’s latest ready-to-drink margarita pack deserves a spot at the top of your shopping list.

The Member’s Mark Ready-to-Drink Margarita 3 Pack is priced at $29.98 and can pour 25 margaritas in three flavors. That means you’ll be serving guests strawberry, lime and mango margaritas for only about $1.20 per serving.

The margaritas are ready to drink right from the box through three spouts, so guests (or yourself, over the course of a few Taco Tuesdays) can enjoy separate flavors or blend them. Simply chill the box or serve it with a bucket of ice.

The kit includes a handle, so you can even take it on the go. Or, it can be your contribution to a party someone else is hosting.

Sam's Club

The margarita pack is just one of a few options from Sam’s Club that are sure to liven up your summer. The warehouse club also has a new 18-pack of Member’s Mark Vodka Cocktail Pops, which contain 8% alcohol by volume.

The ready-to-freeze cocktail pops come in four different flavors, including pineapple coconut, cherry limeade, strawberry lemonade and tangerine punch. Priced at $14.98, each pop costs about 83 cents.

Sam's Club

You’ll need a Sam’s Club membership to buy the new boozy treats, but if you don’t have one, you can easily sign up online.

If you don’t have a Sam’s Club near you, Aldi has ready-to-drink lime and strawberry margarita wine cocktails in 1.5-liter bottles for just $13.99. The Zarita margaritas are made with 100% agave wine and are 13.9% alcohol by volume.

You can also buy individual cans of margarita mix if you want to stick to making one margarita at a time, like Q Mixers. Q Mixers’ canned margarita mix comes in a 4-pack that you can keep in your fridge. Simply add the desired amount of tequila to the mix whenever you’re craving an ice-cold margarita.

Q Mixers

Will you be adding some margaritas to your summer festivities?

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