Recycle your holiday cards at Staples to get 75% off your next custom card order

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If you love receiving holiday cards from friends and family but never know what to do with them once the festivities are over, Staples is offering a solution that will actually save you some cash now and next season.

Now through Feb. 3, 2024, if you bring your holiday cards to a Staples store to be recycled, you’ll receive a coupon for 75% off your next order of custom cards or invitations and a coupon good for $10 off a $30 purchase that you can use right away.

The custom cards or invitations coupon is valid through Dec. 31, 2024, and can be used on any type or card or invitation, including birthdays, graduations, weddings, or, of course, next year’s holiday greetings.

“We all love receiving holiday cards throughout the season, but realize that things can get messy when it comes time to clean up after the holidays and get organized for the new year,” Marshall Warkentin, chief marketing and merchandising officer, Staples Stores, said in a statement. “Staples is excited to offer a guilt-free, environmentally-friendly way to turn your something old into something new.”


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According to the Greeting Card Association, around 6.5 billion greeting cards are purchased every year in the U.S., with around 1.6 billion at Christmas time alone.

The most popular everyday card is a birthday card, with cards for Valentine’s Day coming in second for seasonal cards. Thanksgiving cards are also quite popular, with around 15 million sold every year and interestingly, there are even 7 million St. Patrick’s Day cards sold every March.

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If you’d rather not get rid of your holiday cards, but also don’t want to keep them stored away, take a look at some of these DIY projects for old Christmas cards so you can repurpose them. From cutting them up and decorating cookie tins to turning them into gift tags and even making a garland or ornaments for next year’s Christmas tree, there are plenty of ways to give the cards a new life.

What do you usually do with all of your holiday cards?

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