Yummy Kitchenware Stainless Steel Fine Mesh Cooking Sieve

Last updated date: September 28, 2022

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Yummy Kitchenware Stainless Steel Fine Mesh Cooking Sieve

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We looked at the top Cooking Sieves And Sieve Sets and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Cooking Sieve And Sieve Set you should buy.

Update as September 26, 2022:
Checkout The Best Cooking Sieve And Sieve Set for a detailed review of all the top cooking sieves and sieve sets.

Overall Take

This 9-inch mesh cooking sieve and sieve set is made for straining large servings of food. If you need a sieve for your quinoa, rice or pasta dishes, this is the tool for you. You'll get a strong, rounded handle with heavy-duty rivets to ensure it holds up even when the strainer is loaded down with heavier food items. The strainer itself has a rounded rim to reduce the risk of spilling.

In our analysis of 26 expert reviews, the Yummy Kitchenware Stainless Steel Fine Mesh Cooking Sieve placed 10th when we looked at the top 13 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

An excellent strainer is an essential in every good kitchen – home or professional. It’s much more versatile than a simple metal colander with large holes that lets everything from spaghetti to ground meats pass through and down the sink drain. The Yummy Fine Mesh Strainer is practically indispensable – you’ll find yourself reaching for it every time you want to rinse vegetables, strain spaghetti, drain ground beef… Go ahead and drain homemade yoghurts and cheeses – nothing passes through the double-mesh but liquids. We started with one simple idea: To create the last mesh strainer you’ll ever need. We believe we’ve succeeded. You won’t find this kind of quality anywhere else/ Extra thickness in the handle so the metal never bends no matter how high you fill the strainer. Premium quality rivets that will never loosen or rust the way cheaper brands will. A double layer of the finest mesh (the kind with the teeny tiniest holes) so none of your food escapes down the drain. The widest, thickest handle on the market so you can easily balance a heavy load on the side of the sink – also a great way to store the strainer by hanging so it’s always at your fingertips. Did we mention the wide, thick hook? It gives you amazing balance and control for heavy loads. Use it to hang the strainer up and out of the way between uses. The rounded rim is tight enough to prevent small bits of food from getting caught under the rim the way they do in most other strainers. You’ll pull this strainer out almost daily for everything from rinsing beans and berries to washing lettuce and greens and, of course, for straining all that delicious pasta.

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What experts liked

As it is made from stainless steel, you can rest assured that it will last for a very long amount of time. More than that, it has been equipped with a stable hook and solid handle that are meant to ensure you that the strainer will not break, bend or slip into your sink.
- Competition Dining
Functional, well made, and looks pretty Mesh is quality and, perhaps, the finest on the market The rim is well sealed Perfect for washing fruits and vegetables The size is perfect; big enough
- Ah Joo
Did we mention the wide, thick hook? It gives you amazing balance and control for heavy loads. Use it to hang the strainer up and out of the way between uses
- High Tech Kitchen
Its made from premium rust-resistant stainless steel and comes with a thick riveted handle and an extra-wide hook that can provide balance across a sink or over a bowl.
- Bustle

What experts didn't like

If you are planning to filter cold brewed coffee, then this strainer may not work, because for this to happen, you will need a model that is even finer than this one.
- Competition Dining
The handle digs into the skin a bit, thereby, causing discomfort. But this is minor.
- Ah Joo

An Overview On Cooking Sieves And Sieve Sets

The key to making delicious meals is having all the right tools on hand. One of those tools drains water off of food while also keeping the food intact. You can do this through the use of a bowl, also known as a colander, but a colander is best for letting water go down the drain. If you need to save the water, as in the case of draining off broth from meat, you’ll need something with a smaller surface area.

A sieve is smaller than a colander and has a handle to let you hold it over a measuring cup or bowl. You simply put the sieve in place and drop the food in. The liquid will drain into the receptacle beneath it, ready for use now or save for a later recipe. Sieves are equipped with a mesh strainer, complete with holes of varying sizes. If you choose a sieve with a fine mesh, you’ll be able to drain smaller food particles without worrying about them falling through.

In addition to size, colanders and sieves also differ dramatically in their build. While a colander typically has large holes evenly spaced throughout, a sieve uses mesh to strain items. In either case, you can drain liquid off, but the fineness of the mesh makes it easier for sorting smaller items.

There are many uses for a sieve. You can buy them in varying sizes, so in a pinch, you can use them for draining water off pasta and rice. Still, a colander is better for those purposes. You’ll often use a sieve for smaller items. They come in handy for sifting flour, for instance. The smallest types of sieves can even be used to infuse tea. If you want this type of versatility, look for a sieve that comes in a set with varying sizes to ensure you always have on hand what you need.

The Cooking Sieve And Sieve Set Buying Guide

  • Sieves come in multiple builds. You’ll find many that have round, bowl-type shapes, but there are also some that come in a cone-shaped design. A cone-shaped sieve is known as a chinois and is best for straining soups, sauces, puree and other foods that need extra straining.
  • Most handle-equipped strainers have a hook on the opposite side from the handle. That hook is designed to help you set the item down on a bowl or other receptacle, giving you hands-free operation.
  • The handle itself is a notable feature. While comfort is important because it makes it easier to hold the strainer without discomfort, a non-slip surface handle is even more valuable. It will help you avoid dropping your food while you’re straining it.
  • Some sieves have a rim that keeps the liquid from spilling over the top. This will come in handy while you’re moving your foods from the stove to the sink or counter to strain.
  • You’ll likely want a strainer you can easily clean. Stainless steel is the preferred material for sieves, providing not only durability but also allowing you to clean it in the dishwasher without having to worry about rust or warping.
  • If you plan to clean your sieve in the dishwasher, make sure the handle is heat resistant.
  • You may also want to invest in a pestle, which will let you mash ingredients while they’re draining. Some sieves come with a pestle.
  • If you buy a cone-shaped sieve, a stand can come in handy. Otherwise, you’ll have to hold it once it’s filled or set it atop a cup or bowl.
  • Sieves come in a wide variety of sizes. You can get them as large as 9 inches in diameter, making them perfect for draining entire bowls full of foods like quinoa and rice. If you don’t have a colander, a sieve can also serve as a handy backup for rinsing fruits and vegetables.