YardStash Bike Weatherproof Reflective Bike Cover

Last updated date: December 2, 2022

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YardStash Bike Weatherproof Reflective Bike Cover

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We looked at the top Bike Covers and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Bike Cover you should buy.

Update as December 2, 2022:
Checkout The Best Bike Cover for a detailed review of all the top bike covers.

Overall Take

The Best Overall bike cover is the this model for 2-3 bikes. This huge cover will last years with an exceptional denier and outstanding UV protection. With enough coverage for both large and small bikes, you won’t have to play a guessing game with this cover.

In our analysis of 136 expert reviews, the YardStash Bike Weatherproof Reflective Bike Cover placed 8th when we looked at the top 13 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Another High Quality Product from YardStash! Bigger is Better: Complete coverage and weatherproof protection for two bikes and large sized bikes like beach cruisers. Extra large (82″ long x 30″ wide x 44″ tall), heavy duty bicycle cover for complete, ground up pedal and wheel coverage and protection from rain, snow, dirt and dust. Easy On and Easy Off: Wide tapered design for an easy fit over 29er mountain bikes, beach cruisers, multiple bikes, electric bikes and adult bikes with baskets, baby seats or racks. Better Materials than Comparable Covers: Beware of Cheap Imitations: Built from high quality, UV protected 210D and 600D Heat Shield polyester that is stronger and more durable than other covers’ Oxford cloth and 210T polyester. Reinforced Heat Shield top material with thick polyester for increased durability. Taped seams for complete protection from Mother Nature and reflective strips for added security. Stays On During High Winds: Elasticized front and back hems and a middle clasp buckle so the cover stays on during high winds. Front air vents to eliminate condensation and corrosion and large front eyelets for locking your bike. Customer Satisfaction: We stand by and believe in our products 100%! If you have any problems with our Bicycle Cover, contact us and we will find a solution together!

Expert Reviews

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What experts liked

It uses a high-quality UV protected 210D polyester. This material is much stronger and more durable than comparable 210T polyester that other competitors use.
- The Top Pro
It can defend small and large bikes conveniently thanks to its heavy duty construction. Offering complete coverage from the wheels all the way to the pedals and seat, it protects your bike from snow, dirt and dust ensuring that it stays in a perfect condition for seasons.
- The Z9
YardStash 3-bike cover boasts a pretty ergonomic design, it is easy to adjust and fix with a middle buckle and comfortable drawstrings. These drawstrings are located both at the top and at the bottom of the cover, providing unmatched wind protection.
- Best Advisor
It has elasticized hems on the front and back and also a middle clasp buckle to keep it secure in high winds. The front section air vents eliminate corrosion and condensation.
- Top 10 Focus
It's big enough to accommodate awkwardly-shaped attachments, like racks, baskets, and children's seating.
- Wiki EZ Vid
I loved how versatile this bike cover was. Its design is flexible enough to allow it to accommodate a variety of bikes. These include; electric bikes, adult bikes with baskets, 29er mountain bikes, beach cruisers, multiple bikes and even baby seats and racks. You don’t need to get a different cover for each of them if your household has different types of bikes.
- 5 Product Reviews
The 210D and 600D polyester material made with Heat Shield technology gives this cover immense durability.
- All Listings
It is been made from 210D and 600D polyester. It is then re-enforced with heat shield material and thick polyester. Such combinations are what make it of great quality.
- The Z8
The elastic ends help adhere the cover to your bikes. Plus, the lock holes and drawstrings keep the cover on your bikes securely. It has ventilation holes to fight corrosion and other harmful moisture conditions.
- Theme Country
The bike cover that is durable and can it is able to prevent your bike against dust, rain, dirt, and snow. It has an extensive design that can be able to cover multiple bikes. It is created of high-quality and UV protected polyester that is long-lasting and strong.
- Top Best Product Review
Designed from a reliable material, this cover is weatherproof. This means you can leave your bike outdoors without sacrificing it to dust, sunlight, dust and other external factors.
- AmaPerfect
It has wide tapered design for an easy fit over 29er mountain bikes, beach cruisers, multiple bikes, electric bikes and adult bikes with baskets, baby seats or racks.
- Blitorn.com
It has elastic hems and a middle buckle to stop it from being blown away by the wing.
- Biking Expert
This bike cover is best for traveling. It comes with a free carrying bag, and with instructions to easily make the cover compact and folded. Traveling with this bicycle cover won’t ruin the integrity of the fabric!
- Hybrid Bikers
It has an elastic bottom, and also includes a middle buckle making it a good choice if it will be exposed to a lot of wind. There are two vents in the front of the cover that aim to eliminate condensation and corrosion if you live in a humid environment.
- I Love Bicycling
This cover has a wide tapered design for a casual, easy fit, making it easy to put on and take off. This design also means that it can fit over bikes which feature baskets, baby seats or racks.
- Mountain Bikes Lab
People who purchased this cover absolutely loved it. Many bikers found that it lives up to its promise to keep a bike protected and dry in inclement weather. It withstands high temperatures well, and the elastic edges and center buckle keep it securely in place on a windy day.
- Cyclist Blog
Easy to set up and take down.
- Nature Immerse
This bike cover is elasticised to ensure wind-tightness. The clasp buckle ensures you can keep the covers as tight as you need, and air vents stop condensation so you can rest easy leaving your bike covered all week if you only bike on weekends.
- Little House Lovely Home
The cover has two eyelets so that you can still secure your bike, even while it’s in the cover. It can fit two adult-sized bikes comfortably.
- Plasticine House
The material of this cover is top notch. This is what I love the most about this cover. It has an elastic design to ensure even when you park your bike at a windy environment; the cover will remain in place. The elasticity of the material also ensures that putting it on and off is easy and faster.
- Furious Bikes
Easy on-off compatibility with tapered design ensures the secure fitting and comfort. With a superior anti UV and waterproof coating enhance the charm and durability. Premium quality Oxford fabric and 210T thick polyester protect the bike from the natural disorder.
- Bike's Terra
It has two special designed lock holes in front them to permit cable and chain lock.
- Best Bike

What experts didn't like

This cover is more expensive than the others on this list.
- The Top Pro
The plastic reinforced hole isn’t so nice.
- The Z9
The item is a bit heavy because of it's large size.
- Best Advisor
Harsh weather problem.
- Top Best Product Review
It is made from cheap and flimsy materials.
- Blitorn.com
A few people found that this cover was too small for their bikes, so please keep this in mind if you have a very large bike or many additional features, such as baskets or a baby seat. Some buyers felt like the center strap was not large enough to hold the cover on well in high winds.
- Cyclist Blog
Can be too large, even for two bikes.
- Nature Immerse
Some reviews have noted that extra large bikes don’t fit the XL correctly, so if you have a large bike to cover go for the XXL.
- Little House Lovely Home
The only real issue with this cover is that it breaks down within a year if used outside on a constant basis. The material breaks down in the sun and rain and you’ll find rips and holes in it as early as seven months after use.
- Plasticine House
The elasticity design makes it a little unstable especially in windy conditions.
- Furious Bikes

An Overview On Bike Covers

Bicycles are an excellent way to get exercise, get around town or even commute to work. You can bike for miles in much less time than it takes to walk, and it is much more affordable than driving. However, bikes can be quite an expensive investment depending on how you want to use them. As with any investment, you’ll want it to be protected from whatever elements it is exposed to. This will require a good bike cover. When you think of buying a bike cover, it seems like a pretty straightforward endeavor. However, there are countless things to consider when finding the right bike cover for your situation.

To find the right product for you, consider the location of your bike storage. There are several places to store your bike: inside the house, on the back of a car while traveling, long-term outside, short-term outside or in the garage. The location of your bike storage will greatly impact the type of bike cover you get. Outside storage will require a thicker, heavier material to protect from the elements whereas indoor storage can use just a lightweight cover that is easy to take on and off. A few things to look for in an appropriate bike cover for your situation are the material, size and details or accessories.

The material used to make bike covers is usually polyester. It is waterproof, affordable and durable when made well. The more important thing is to look at the denier number of the material. Denier is the strength of the material. When shopping for a bike cover, you will notice a number with the letter ‘D’ after it to denote the denier of the material. The higher the number the greater the denier. Another way to look at it is the higher the number, the heavier the materials or thicker the thread. If storing outside, you’ll want the highest denier you can find to protect your bike from the elements.

The next thing is to note the size of the bike cover. Many times, bike covers do not even reach the ground when placed over the bike. It is really important to measure the height and width of your bike before shopping, so you don’t run into this problem. There is no standard bike size, so it is always better to go up a size to ensure full coverage. And if it is super large, you might even be able to fit two bikes under the same cover.

As for accessories or added features, you can decide how fancy you want to get with your bike cover. For example, reflective material on the bike cover would be a good idea for traveling with the bikes on the back of your car. For easy lifting, you may want some heavy-duty handles on the cover, as you’ll get from the Pro Bike Tool cover. Handles also help to keep the bike cover’s shape while placing it over the bikes.

You might also consider finding a bike cover with lock holes. If you commute and need to lock your bike up during the day, it is nice to have the cover and bike protected with a lock on the tire. Some models have two grommet holes to slide the lock through both the front wheel and the cover, securing them both. One last accessory to think about is a buckle to secure the cover underneath the bike and protect it from blowing off the bike in high winds. You decide which features will work best for your bike and bike cover.

The Bike Cover Buying Guide

  • Always look for a warranty on your bike cover.
  • Be sure that if you are using a bike cover on the rear of your car, it does not cover your car’s brake lights.
  • Be sure to purchase a cover with some sort of ventilation system, especially if storing for an extended time period.
  • If storing in a public place, try to keep it discreet so as not to attract any unwanted attention.
  • Choose a bike cover with stitched lock holes rather than grommet lock holes that tend to rust over time.