Woombie Original Nursery Swaddling Blanket

Last updated: June 24, 2019

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Product Details

In our analysis of 34 expert reviews, the Woombie Original Nursery Swaddling Blanket placed 0th when we looked at the top 10 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

95 Cotton/5 Spandex Imported Ergonomically shaped design allows a more natural approach to swaddling. Eases transition from Womb to World. Easy to use- 1 step swaddle, no origami required. Will not unravel as a blanket can. Encourages back sleeping (babies are more likely to maintain on their backs in swaddles). Gently cocoons baby’s arms & keeps hands away from face. Promotes self soothing by allowing baby to hold/touch his hands inside the swaddle. Hip & shoulder friendly design. Stretchy but snug swaddling fabric simulates the feeling of being held, touched & cuddled. Narrowed waistline gently compresses the tummy, providing tummy comfort. Fabric snuggles & moves “with” baby, mimicking the womb-like environment. Allows natural arm & leg movement during swaddling while asleep/less restriction. Lightweight & breathable swaddling fabric helps to promote airflow. Two-way zipper allows for easy diaper changes at night. Seamless interior provides more safety & comfort. Can be used in strollers / swings in arms out position.

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

The Woombie Original Nursery swaddling blanket is easy to dress thus perfect for restless babies. It keeps your little one’s arms from their face to ensure a good night sleep. The stretchy fabric moves with the baby giving them the womb-like feeling for their comfort.
There is a reverse zipper so that you can easily change diapers in the middle of the night. It's also a one step design, making it easy to use.
The Woombie has a 2-way zipper that lets you unzip from both sides. You can unzip from the top when you’re ready to put your baby into the stretchy, swaddle pod.
Seamless interior for maximum comfort
The number one best thing about the Woombie is that its form-fitting design is built to hold your baby in place without any additional straps, wings, clips, or other hoopla. Note while this is great for getting kids in quickly, with Calvin it resulted in him wriggling the Woombie’s material up around his face.
This swaddle leaves a baby free to move their limbs and keep their hands closer to their face than with other swaddles.

What reviewers didn't like

The stretchy fabric makes it less suitable for some babies
Swaddle-resistant babies may force hands through neckline and escape
The biggest problems we had with the Woombie Air was one that I’ve worried about a lot with both traditional swaddling and sleep sacks. It seems like a lot of fabric rides up around Calvin’s neck and shoulders, increasing the risk that cloth might cover his mouth while he sleeps. This is pretty serious SIDS concern.
It doesn’t have armholes.
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