Westmore Beauty Coverage Perfector Buildable Leg & Body Makeup

Last updated: July 25, 2022

Westmore Beauty Coverage Perfector Buildable Leg & Body Makeup

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We looked at the top Body Makeups and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Body Makeup you should buy.

Overall Take

This buildable body makeup formula leaves a natural glow while covering any skin marks completely. It is lightweight and doesn’t feel cake-y. The makeup is transfer resistant and sweat-proof and will last more than a day. It comes in seven shades.

In our analysis, the Westmore Beauty Westmore Beauty Coverage Perfector Buildable Leg & Body Makeup placed 4th when we looked at the top 6 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

EXCEPTIONAL COVERAGE: Want flawless-looking skin from head to toe? Body Coverage Perfector’s lightweight, natural-looking formula instantly evens your skin tone and conceals everything from stretch marks, spots and scars to veins and tattoos! NATURAL-LOOKING RADIANT FINISH: A combination of treated pigments and light-reflecting minerals suspended in a flexible matrix provide natural-looking coverage that moves with your skin, never feeling heavy or cakey. BUDGE-PROOF WEAR: Unlike traditional leg and body makeup, Body Coverage Perfector is Waterproof, Sweatproof, Transfer-Resistant and lasts for over 24 hours. EXCLUSIVE Tri-Effects Technology that delivers long lasting coverage that looks and feels like skin. Follow the usage instructions below for best results.


You’ve got lots of products for your face, but what about the rest of your body? Body makeup is a next-level beauty product for those who want to conceal any imperfections on areas other than the face, such as legs, arms and collarbone. Whether you want to cover up an old tattoo or mask a scar, body makeup can help you do it.

You’re probably wondering if you can just use the makeup products for your face on the rest of your body. Yes, you can — but they won’t be as effective. The skin on your face is highly delicate compared to the skin on your body, so the makeup for your face is formulated with less pigment. Body makeup, on the other hand, is made with a higher pigment concentration so it will be more effective in concealing marks, scars and tattoos on your body.

Additionally, face makeup has a higher price point than body makeup, so you’ll be using up your valuable face products much faster if you apply them elsewhere. Plus, products designed for the face may be too dry for other areas of your body.

The most important criteria to look for when you’re buying body makeup is the shade. It should match your skin tone as closely as possible so that it will look natural and blend in well. If you find that the product you’ve chosen is too dark, you can try to lighten it up a bit by combining it with body moisturizer. If the product is too light, it will stand out too much. You’ll probably have to build layers for complete coverage, so keep that in mind.

Another aspect to consider is whether the product is waterproof and sweat-resistant. After all, you don’t want it to rub off if you’re caught in the rain, for example, or if it’s a hot day and you’re perspiring. The makeup should last all day without drying up and flaking off or transferring to clothing.

Buying Advice

  • When it comes to sheen and shimmer, you have few options in terms of body makeup.  Consider what kind of look you want to achieve, where on your body you’re wearing the makeup, and the time of day to determine whether you should stick with a matte product or if you can add a bit of shine.
  • Have you ever noticed you sometimes end up with face makeup smears on your shirt neckline? This type of product transfer can happen with body makeup as well. Opt for products that say they are transfer-resistant. You can also use a setting powder over body makeup to keep it in place.
  • Should your body makeup shade be the same as your face makeup shade? It may not be. If you protect your face from the sun with hats and sunglasses, that area may be less tanned than the upper arms or the tops of the feet. Or, if your face is more often exposed to UV rays than other parts of your body, like your legs, you may actually require lighter makeup there. Consider how tanned your skin is in the area you want to match before you buy.
  • In order to apply body makeup, using your hands may be best. The warmth from your skin can help loosen the formula and make it even more spreadable. Using a makeup brush after can also really blend the product in to your skin so it looks flawless.
  • Can you contour with body makeup? Absolutely. Just grab a product that is one or two shades darker than your skin color and apply it in certain areas to provide more definition and depth.
  • It’s important to wash the makeup off before you go to sleep. Otherwise, you risk clogging your pores and damaging your skin. Remove body makeup with makeup remover and then jump in the shower to exfoliate your skin. Be sure to moisturize thoroughly when you’re done.