Waterdrop Long-Lasting Water Filter Pitcher

Last updated: September 23, 2019

Waterdrop Long-Lasting Water Filter Pitcher

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Product Details

In our analysis of 267 expert reviews, the Waterdrop Long-Lasting Water Filter Pitcher placed 9th when we looked at the top 11 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Waterdrop Extream Pitcher Filtration System 3-pack replacement filters are available for purchase! (Search “WD-PF-01A-3”) Notes: 1. Beneficial minerals like calcium, magnesium, of which the content is also indicated by TDS value, are kept in water after the filtration, so it’s not obvious to lower TDS value by using this filter. 2. Before the first use, soak the filter in cold water for 20 minutes. Please do not use the dishwasher to clean the product. It is normal if there is carbon dust in the water while rinsing or soaking the filter, so feel safe to use it! 3. Put the filter into the original bucket and press until it’s firmly seated to ensure its normal performance. If the filter isn’t installed firmly, the water will be stored and the growth of bacteria will be encouraged. 4. Activate indicator by pressing the start button for 6-seconds when first use and reset the filter indicator life after the replacement. The time is very important, so remember to wait for 6s or longer! 5. Life expectancy shows from 90. “90” means 90 days. This function is designed to remind you to replace the filter every 90 days or after filtering 200 gallons of water. The Advantages of Extream Pitcher -Ultimate adsorption capacity -200 gallons’ super long life -0.5 gpm high flow rate -10 cups’ high capacity -Comfortable wooden handle Every pitcher comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee. We value your feedback, so if you have any issue, please feel free to let us know. We will take care of you right now!

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

Sporting an ergonomic and contemporary design well suited to modern kitchens, the Waterdrop has a slim, shatterproof plastic body measuring 11.2 x 5 x 11.2 inches, which should fit snugly into the fridge.
Waterdrop claims that it can filter as fast as 0.5 GPM which is better than Nakii.
The wooden handle is perhaps the most eye-grabbing feature of this model, but it’s in the mundane conveniences that it truly shines.
This pitcher can provide up to 200 gallons of drinking water per filter helping reduce waste and saving money in the process. It also has a unique ergonomic design with a comfortable wooden handle for easy handling.
With durable and perfectly build body and a reliable filter that lowers the hardness of water, this is a great pitcher for the travelers and those whoa re planning a trip to a remote location.
The filter on this Waterdrop pitcher lasts for an impressive 200 gallons.
Waterdrop Extream Long-Lasting 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher is made of BPA free and shatter-proof Tritan material which is specially designed for infant supplies.
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For those demanding consistent supply of fresh water, this 10-cup filter with a capacity of 200 gallons is the one to choose. Whereas it’s ergonomic design with a wooden handle as well as a bottom silicon covering is worth the buy.
You will instantly access 10 cups of clean water in 1 minute without the wait.
The Waterdrop Extream is made from BPA-free shatter-proof Tritan. It has a fast 0.5 GPM flow rate which means you get 10 cups of clean water in just one minute. It also has an electronic filter reminder when the filter needs replaced.
This pitcher looks beautiful, having an elegant wooden handle with a clear plastic jug. The pitcher has a silicone base which prevents slipping and noise. I find this to be a helpful feature that I didn’t even know I needed.This is a useful feature for the clumsy ones out there. The pitcher also feels solid, like it could take a few drops without cracking.
It is made with BPA-free shatter-proof plastic that is durable and ensures a clean container for the water you are about to drink. To ensure it won’t slip, it features a silicon bottom, while the wooden handle adds to its aesthetic appeal and ensures a comfortable manner to maneuver it.
This water purifier pitcher provides a fast flow rate through a multi-layer system, and this clever design prolongs the life of the filters. They can last for 90 days without changing, which is a lot more than regular pitchers.
The pitcher boasts an ergonomic design with its wooden handle ensuring comfort and grip, and bottom silicon keeping noise and sliding away.
It works really fast as you can fill the pitcher up in about 1 minute, thanks to its fast flow rate of 0.5 gpm. It is also easy to use as all you need to do is stream in the desired quantity of tap water after assembling the product as direct by the maker.
The pitcher comes with a 90-day countdown timer so that you will never forget to replace the filter. On top of that, it features a 10-cup high capacity and an ability to let you access up to 10 cups of water in a minute so that you can get it when you are in need of an alkaline water pitcher that is suitable for use in settings that require a lot of water.

What reviewers didn't like

The bottom features silicon to prevent slipping and noise, but this makes it rather heavy and wobbles whenever it is placed.
Not suitable for highly contaminated water.
Unfortunately, this comes at the cost of filtration quality. While it’s NSF certified for reducing water hardness, especially in terms of removing lime, it doesn’t do a great job at filtering other dissolved solids. The taste suffers as a result, too.
Unfortunately, this monitor does not work well and can give inaccurate readings.
Some customers found the water had the same taste after filtering.
Small bottom.
However, a few users complained that the water filter pitcher does not last as long as claimed by the manufacturer. Other stated that it does not work to get rid of contaminants and heavy metals.
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