Tress Wellness 70-Bottle Zippered Essential Oil Storage Case

Last updated date: August 7, 2020

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Tress Wellness 70-Bottle Zippered Essential Oil Storage Case

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This zippered essential oil storage is great for keeping all oils together in one safe space. In our analysis of 14 expert reviews, the Tress Wellness Tress Wellness 70-Bottle Zippered Essential Oil Storage placed 1st when we looked at the top 5 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

Editor's Note August 6, 2020:
Checkout The Best Essential Oil Storage for a detailed review of all the top essential oil storage.

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What experts liked
If you’re an aromatherapist needing many oil varieties for your clients, this will be perfect for you. It’s also ideal for you essential oil distributors too. Being lightweight and compact, the case is made with a hard shell, is water resistant and shockproof to keep your bottles safe while traveling or keeping at home out of the sunlight and heat. It protects those precious essential oils very well.
- Air Life Better
A sturdy, padded case with zipper closure is suitable for storing up to 70 10-milliliter or 15-milliliter bottles. A comfortable strap handle makes it easy to grab your oils and go.
- Best Choice Reviews
This company makes sure that their carrying cases fit a variety of bottles so that is really nice. The 70 Slot Oil Case fits bottle sizes 5 ml, 10 ml, 15 ml, and 20 ml. The outer case is strong and durable, it is water-resistant with a shockproof hard shell that makes the bag very sturdy and able to keep its shape, unlike soft cases.
- Loving Essential Oils
The case is water resistant, shockproof, and lightweight with a double zipper and top handle for easy transportation.
- Call Me Oil
What experts didn't like
tried a 10 ml roller bottle but it doesn't fit good because it is too tall.
- Loving Essential Oils

From The Manufacturer

Effortlessly organize your essential oil collection, while preventing the vials from clinking together and protecting them from sunlight. This organizer holds up to 70 5 ml, 10 ml or 15 ml bottles plus EO accessories.

Overall Product Rankings

An Overview On Essential Oil Storage

When you have something fragile, you want to protect it. That is why if you have a lot of essential oils, you should look into some storage to keep it safe. The last thing you want is for a bottle to break and liquid spill all over.

With essential oil storage, you are not only protecting your investment but you are staying organized. There is something called “organization motivation“. Organization motivation helps you efficiently use your oils. When you organize your oils, you are more likely to use them.

When properly stored, essential oils have a longer life span. If left unattended, oils begin to degrade and oxidation takes place a lot faster than if they are properly stored. Some oils are more prone to degradation like those that contain citrus, however, these will last up to two years if stored correctly. Some oils like Sandalwood and Patchouli can last up to eight years.

When oils are not stored correctly, they fall to three evils, air, light and heat. Because air causes oxidation, you will want to keep your bottles sealed up tight. Light causes degradation from harmful UV rays, so look for bottles that are darker in color to help combat this. You should also store your bottles in a darker place, like a storage container.

High temperatures can affect the consistency and chemical composition of oils, so try not to store your oils where the sun hits, or where it naturally gets hotter during the day. Think of places that are cooler in nature like your bathroom.

All these reasons above and more are reasons why it is important to look into essential oil storage. We suggest looking into the Tress Wellness essential oil storage. This storage unit helps save space, prevents bottles from clanking against each other and protects against light. It holds 70 bottles, so if you are looking for a case that does it all, this is one to look into.

Another storage container we recommend is the Aroma Designs wooden box, organizer. It is custom made, holds 25 bottles and comes with essential oil labels.


DWYM Fun Fact

Did you know that citrus scents like lemon, orange and grapefruit have been found to help boost your mood and positive thoughts? Sweet orange especially helps with anxiety. It has been found to slow down breathing and your pulse, as well as reported cheerfulness.

Tea Tree oil is more than just an essential oil for your space. It has incredible antibacterial properties. If you have acne, try putting some tea tree oil on some spots. It may take a bit longer to work, but it will not dry out skin like benzoyl peroxide wood.



The Essential Oil Storage Buying Guide

  • Look for a storage container that works best for you. There are many different styles. Some are best for traveling, some are best for leaving at home.
  • Think about how many bottles of essential oils you have, or how many you think you might have in the future. Getting a large enough storage container helps you stay organized.
  • Look for good quality storage containers that have good reviews. You want something that will really take care of your oils.
  • Some storage containers are shockproof and will help keep your bottles extra safe.