Tough Outdoors Thermal Insulation Waterproof & Windproof Nylon Shell Ski Gloves

Last updated date: November 10, 2021

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Tough Outdoors Thermal Insulation Waterproof & Windproof Nylon Shell Ski Gloves

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We looked at the top Ski Gloves and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Ski Glove you should buy.

Update as November 10, 2021:
Checkout The Best Ski Gloves for a detailed review of all the top ski gloves.

Overall Take

The synthetic leather palm on this set of ski gloves protects your hands from cuts, while also providing you with a solid grip. There's also an adjustable wrist buckle and a wrist closure cinch to keep out wind, rain and snow. Thanks to the TPU breathable membrane, sweat is able to escape to keep your hands nice and dry.

In our analysis of 73 expert reviews, the Tough Outdoors Thermal Insulation Ski Gloves placed 4th when we looked at the top 18 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Don’t let snow, sleet or cold ruin your day. These weatherproof ski gloves protect you from the elements. The all-nylon outer shell and reinforced synthetic leather palm keep rain and snow out, while the TPU breathable membrane allows sweat and moisture to escape. Nylon outer shell and reinforced synthetic leather palm keep water, snow and wind out. Thermal Insulation designed to provide warmth all winter, perfect for your winter activities. Adjustable wrist buckles and elastic one pull closures ensures a snug fit. Reinforced synthetic leather palm protects your hands against abrasions and increases your grip on your ski poles, shovel or your snowmobile. Wrist straps that keep your mittens securely attached to your wrists at all times. Thumb nose wipe for your snotty days. Easy-connect anti-loss buckle. Waterproof and Weatherproof 3-layer shell, waterproof TPU membrane and Tough-Tech insulation. Breathable TPU membrane that wicks out moisture rapidly, ensuring your hands stay dry. Improved thermal insulation.

Expert Reviews

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9 expert reviews

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785 user reviews

What experts liked

The gloves are soft inside
- Product Reviews
They have adjustable wrist straps and drawstrings to customize the fit.
- Outside Buzz
The elastic wrist straps help prevent losing gloves
- Heavy
Thanks to the leather palm reinforcement, you get plenty of grip and durability with these gloves.
- Best Outdoor Items
Highly affordable, warm gloves with details like soft synthetic-leather palms and wrist straps for tightening and loosening.
- Spy
These gloves are long and wide enough to go over your jacket sleeves.
- The Snow Guide
Functional design allows an individual to wear them all day long
- The Gear Hunt
The all-nylon outer shell and reinforced synthetic leather palm will keep rain and snow out and the TPU breathable membrane insulation keeps warmth in—while still allowing sweat and moisture to escape.
- faveable
Keep your hands warm without unnecessary moisture with this cost-effective, waterproof, breathable pair of gloves from Tough Outdoors.
- PProReviews

What experts didn't like

They are too bulky to fit your hands in the pockets
- Product Reviews
Not ideal for extremely cold temperatures.
- Outside Buzz
They aren't touchscreen compatible
- Heavy
Durability is not ideal
- Best Outdoor Items
Sizing runs small.
- Spy
These are not as breathable
- The Gear Hunt
Not the highest quality pair of gloves on our list.
- faveable

Overall Product Rankings

An Overview On Ski Gloves

When you’re out in the crisp, cold winter air, strapping on your skis for a day on the slopes, you have a few pieces of critical gear that you rely on to help you enjoy this wintry experience to its max. Ski gloves are one of these essential items that you simply have to have if you want to enjoy your skiing experience.

Ski gloves primarily keep your hands warm while you are skiing. The simple truth is that you’ll be moving quite fast on a pair of skis and the temperature of the air will rather cold! A pair of ski gloves will keep your fingers warm so you can use them to grip your ski poles and also for your general comfort. Your fingers are not well-insulated and if they start getting too cold, you’ll be the first person in your group to duck out and hit the lodge for hot cocoa.

Snow is made from water and there is a good chance that your ski gloves will be interacting with the snow during your ski session. Waterproof gloves are great at rejecting the water that wants to soak into the insulating layers inside the gloves, so keep an eye out for waterproof materials on the outer shell of your ski gloves.

Now that your fingers are dry and toasty, look a little further down to where your coat sleeve meets your gloves. This is where snow will try to get in and make your wrists and hands cold while you’re out in the powder. Gloves are designed to fight this in one of two ways. The first design is that the glove fits over your coat’s sleeve so your bare skin is covered and the snow has a much harder time getting all the way in where your wrist is. The second design is a glove that fits under your coat’s sleeve and the result is similar, the snow now has to work its way around two barriers and it’s not likely to do so. Either style of glove is good as long as it meshes well with your coat but you need to ensure that the glove is long enough to account for wrist protection in some way. A short glove that you might use for driving your car in the winter will likely be too short to protect your wrist when you’re skiing.

Cinch straps are awesome additions to ski gloves. You can cinch the wrist opening down to create a tight seal around your wrist and help keep snow out. The straps on a glove can also attach to many coat sleeves or even directly loop around your wrist. This gives you the benefit of being able to take your ski gloves off while you’re riding the lifts, which you might want to do if you’re getting a little too hot and want to cool off, or maybe you just really want to get that perfect lift selfie to share with your social media followers.

Speaking of using your touch-screen phones, there are many companies that account for this by creating the fingertips of their ski gloves out of a material that allows you to use your phone while still wearing the glove.

The Ski Glove Buying Guide

  • Find the right size for your hands. Some companies have limited size offerings while others might have bigger and smaller sizes that you can opt for if your hands call for it.
  • Waterproofing spray is an easy way to make sure your gloves will be waterproof.
  • Thicker gloves limit your dexterity and what you can do with your fingers while wearing them, but they are generally cheaper due to the type of insulation they have inside.
  • Thinner gloves with nicer technology inside can cost more money while still keeping your hands warm, but you’ll be able to use your hands more easily due to the smaller size.