Tiny Love Meadow Days Super Play Mat

Last updated date: August 11, 2021

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Tiny Love Meadow Days Super Play Mat

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We looked at the top Baby Play Mats and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Baby Play Mat you should buy.

Update as August 4, 2022:
Checkout The Best Baby Play Mat for a detailed review of all the top baby play mats.

Overall Take

In our analysis of 145 expert reviews, the Tiny Love Meadow Days Super Play Mat placed 14th when we looked at the top 14 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Entertain and stimulate your child’s senses with the Tiny Love Meadow Days Super Play Mat. Providing a developmental playground of fun activities and discovery indoors or out, this extra-large play mat is built on plush padding to provide comfort for baby and parent alike. The play mat features fun and engaging textures for tactile and motor development, plus a padded mirror to promote facial recognition and continuous engagement. A cute carrot teether provides healthy, natural development and soothing for baby. Fold the play mat up quickly and easily for compact storage or travel. This JPMA-certified play mat meets ASTM and federal safety standards. Tiny Love strives to identify the latest discoveries in child development and translate them into engaging, interactive baby toys that nurture skills and delight the senses.

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What experts liked

This is an extra-large baby play mats that comes with a featured playground for fun activities. The entire mat is constructed of plush padding that will keep the baby comfortable at all times. It is a fun mat to use at home or on the go. It folds up quickly to store or carry. You can easily take it with you anywhere you go whether on the beach or park. The fun features on this mat can help in the motor development and facial recognition.
- Paramatan
October 14, 2019 | Full review
Provide plenty of space on baby’s play mat for early play dates, or simply get a mat that’s big enough to keep both your babies on it at the same time! The Tiny Love Meadow Days Super Mat is an Amazon’s Choice product that parents love for its extra-large functionality, as well as the features including tons of fun activities and discovery for baby, all built onto comfy plus padding that folds easily into a compact size for travel. This mat is extra plush making it a nice spot for mom and dad to lie with baby. It comes with a mirror which might help distract baby when it is tummy time and an adorable carrot teether that will help soothe achy gums.
- Verywell Family
October 18, 2019 | Full review
Big enough for twins or more than one baby to play together at the same time. Brightly colored animal-themed print. Soft padding to protect your baby.
- Mom Loves Best
August 3, 2019 | Full review
If you don’t want dangling toys and simply want a fun play mat for your child, then the Tiny Love Super Mat should do it. This large quilted mat is very colorful and comes with carrying handles and a detachable mirror. The mat itself is full of surprises including a ring to attach an extra toy, different textures on the quilt, a crinkly fox tail, a peek-a-boo tree, a horn, and a carrot teether. The mat is large enough to fit two babies or just one baby that likes to roll around a lot. It is machine-washable and quickly air dries. You can store it easily or carry it with you from room to room, house to park, etc.
- A Web To Know
January 26, 2019 | Full review
This colorful, meadow themed play mat provides a developmental playground for fun activities indoors or out. This extra-large play mat is built on plush padding which offers excellent comfort for your baby. This play mat features fun and amusingly engaging textures to help the baby with tactile and motor development, and a padded mirror to help with facial recognition. An adorable carrot teether comes with this play mat to provide baby a soothingly natural and healthy growth. You can fold the mat for easy storage or travel purposes. Our best play mat baby is JPMA certified and meets all ASTM and federal safety standards.
- Temper and Tantrum
April 30, 2019 | Full review
The main focus here is not hanging toys but tummy time, with numerous items built into the quilted surface underneath them. Those include different textures to grasp — including a mesmerizing, crinkly foxtail —a built in-ring on which you can attach toys, and a hook-on mirror. Maybe one of the best things it offers is simplicity: If you’re traveling with it, you just fold and go.
- Fatherly
September 8, 2019 | Full review
This is a type of play mat that you purchase bug enough to keep your babies on it for a long period as it contains plenty of space on the baby play mat for early play dates.
- The Tiny Mom
August 21, 2019 | Full review
Material: 100% polyester, with so many babies mats made of toxic PVC or foam, this mat will keep your baby breathing safely even for tummy time. Price: This is one of the lowest prices on the list. A fantastic value! Appearance: With mostly blues and whites, the Tiny Love mat will capture babies attention without ruining mamas decor! The bright colorful pictures are whimsical and perfect for babies. Washable: Pop this mat in the wash, a rare treat for baby mats, but do not put in the dryer. Function: The mat comes with a squeaky toy, mirror, a peek-a-boo tree, and folds up for travel and storage! Even better, the tummy time mat is large enough for two babies for tummy time.
- Experienced Mommy
September 12, 2019 | Full review
For all the fun activities and helping in the self-discovery of the baby, the extra-large mat made for kids plays time is a perfect match for your kid. Besides having comfortable padding that will allow the baby and parents to stay in comfort, it comes with attractive textures that facilitate in both tactile as well as motor skill development. Further, the padded mirror is installed for facial recognition.
- All Listings
This is a perfect play area which ensures better comfort and safety to your kid. It acts as a soft comfy bed over which your kid can perform multiple activities like stretching, rolling, etc. It is a baby play mat which is very light in weight and can be taken as the best baby care product in terms of storage or for travel purposes. It comes up with a number of interactive toys which will make your kids get engaged for a long period of time. With this mat, your kid may have fun and can have perfect tummy times in order to boost up their motor skills. For recognition purpose, the safe mirror is associated with this product. Thus, your kids can see their image in the mirror and can build their identifying power.
- Parent Prime
Provide your baby with an extra room to play and discover new thing with this tiny love meadow mat. This model comes with supersized features that encourage your baby development. With each feature designed to stimulate motor skills your baby will not only get ample playtime but also get to develop his/her brain. Additionally, your kid will get to enjoy exciting features such as crinkly foxtail as well as an engaging peek a boo tree.
- Z7 Premium
April 14, 2019 | Full review
“I wanted a soft, padded play mat (something thicker than just a blanket) so my newly-crawling baby could practice his skills without bonking his head on the floor. This is perfect,” wrote one reviewer. “It has nice soft padding, and is large enough to give him a lot of room to crawl and roll around…The mirror & crinkle toys were a big hit with my son. I would recommend this to anyone with a crawling baby.”
- Yahoo Lifestyle
July 11, 2019 | Full review
“It’s a large, quilted mat that works as a portable play space for kids,” he says. “It’s made to help kids move around and interact, and it folds up really small so it’s easy for parents to pack in a bag whenever they go somewhere. It’s also machine washable.”
- New York Mag
January 10, 2019 | Full review
Two color schemes are available for parents to choose. Included different textures for baby to feel.
- Born Cute
August 2, 2019 | Full review
This playmat is cushioned and your baby will not feel hurt when placed on the mat plus, your little one will enjoy the different textures, toys and colors that will stimulate their sensory and motor abilities. These toys will also entertain your baby and stimulate their different types of stimuli.
- Mom Baby Best
For those who would not want dangling toys and would want a large play mat, then the Tiny love Meadow Days mat should do it. This is an oversized quilted mat that comes in vibrant colors. Unlike other models, this mat comes with lots of surprises including a ring that you can attach extra toys. For enhanced safety, the mat comes with a rough texture that supports a baby who is learning to crawl or walk. Additionally, this mat provides developmental fun activities as well as discoveries. Plus, the mat is built on plush padding that offers superior comfort. Some of the other incredible features that come with this may include a padded mirror that encourages facial recognition as well as encouraging texture that encourages motor and tactile development. Besides, the mat comes with comes with interactive toys that nurture your baby’s skills and delight the senses.
- Trustorereview
This baby jungle gym is available in variants of colors. It is one of those products which would facilitate extra room for fun. This baby jungle gym has an extra-large play mat that comes with a developmental playground for fun activities of your toddlers. It sports playful textures which are added bonus to keep your baby busy. It is one of those products that would also promote facial recognition. It is also one of those products which are fun at home and you can take it out when you are traveling.
- Fashionplaytes
The height of simplicity, this extra large play mat is colorful and visually stimulating, and while it does not offer many features, it’s perfect to bring baby’s favorite toys along to play in any room or even outdoors. The mat is soft and easy to fold and store, and is textured for tactile and motor skill development. The mat includes a mirror to encourage facial recognition skills, a peek-a-boo tree, carrot teether, and crinkly fox tail. It also has a felt ring to attatch baby’s favorite toy to. The large size of the mat makes it perfect for playdates!
- My Mommy Needs That
The soft, padded mat measures a little less than 5x5 feet. It features sweet graphics of animals including a fox, bunny, deer, porcupine, and raccoon, along with butterflies, and bugs. Activities include a removable peek-a-boo tree mirror, a crinkly fox tail, a carrot shaped teether, a pocket, ribbons to grasp, and more. Recommended for newborns and up, this mat grows with a child, and can be used during the newborn stage as well as once baby is sitting up or crawling. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, it folds up easily for storage and travel. IT is 100% polyester, and is machine washable.
This play mat is made with plush and polyester material, making it soft to the touch for your baby, while it also has textures and activities to promote sensory and motor skill opportunities for your little one’s development. The Tiny Love Meadow Days play mat also comes with a detachable mirror for self-recognition and practicing facial expressions.
- Mom Crib
September 13, 2019 | Full review
The Tiny Love Meadow Days Super Mat is made of soft cloth material with plush padding hence it is not stiff or scratchy, thus explaining its easy-to-fold ability. Do note that while it cushions tumbles from crawling or sitting up, it is not for any fall that results from standing up or say, from a chair (for a large play mat that is able to provide better cushioning effect, these ones mentioned here are better alternatives) which is why we say it is perfect for crawling learning and tummy time, apart from its size. Nonetheless, it is one value-for-money infant play gym with features like a soft padded mirror that promotes facial recognition and cute carrot teether to soothe those teething time during playtime.
- Mommy Tea Room
October 19, 2019 | Full review
If you don’t want dangling toys and prefer something with a more subdued design, the Tiny Love Super Mat should fit your qualifications. It is a large, quilted mat that is colorful but not obnoxiously colored. It has carrying handles and a detachable mirror. For being just a mat, you’ll be surprised at how many things Tiny Love included. It has a ring to attach an extra toy, a crinkly foxtail, a peek-a-boo tree, a horn, and a carrot teether. It is a large mat, perfect for your rolling child or two immobile infants! If your child has a diaper blow out, you can put the mat in the washing machine. This mat is incredibly easy to store and carry from room to room or on vacation.
- Raising Them
September 10, 2018 | Full review
Whenever you get a play mat for an infant, you need to make sure to get a product that provides a great tactile feel. Thankfully, the quilted nature of the Tiny Love play mat provides just that while also providing plenty of soft cushion for when your child begins to crawl just make sure not to use this for a toddler learning to walk and the thick folds of fabric are liable to trip them up. Still, this baby play mat actually comes with a number of different accessories to help keep your child entertained. In this way, the Tiny Love is technically both a quilt play mat as well as an activity play mat.
- Smart Toys Kids
June 30, 2019 | Full review
The next floor mat on our list provides you with excellent value for money. Moreover, the eye-catching design can enchant your toddler right away. With the help of bright colors and landscape design, it will keep your toddler occupied for a long time.
- Outside Doormats

What experts didn't like

Made from polyester which might be slippery for crawling babies. No lights, sounds, or arches to hang toys from.
- Mom Loves Best
August 3, 2019 | Full review
No locking mechanism to keep the quilt folded. A bit slippery for babies learning how to crawl. Cannot be put in the dryer.
- A Web To Know
January 26, 2019 | Full review
Not waterproof.
- Temper and Tantrum
April 30, 2019 | Full review
Quality: The fabric can come apart after use and wash. Not a problem for crafty mom’s with a needle, just do not fix with a baby on the mat. Washable: The mat is washable but must be on gentle cycle preferably without a spin cycle and do not put in the dryer. Slippery: The mat is made of polyester with no traction so be careful on smooth floors.
- Experienced Mommy
September 12, 2019 | Full review
A few parents say that it is not made of cotton as the description says - more of a nylon material. Some reviewers claim that it is thin and could be bigger.
- Born Cute
August 2, 2019 | Full review
The texture may be slippery to infants
- Mom Baby Best
Cannot be put in the dryer.
- Trustorereview
Minimal features. No musical elements.
- My Mommy Needs That
Some of the few complaints about this best baby play mat are that it doesn’t come with many toys so their child loses interest quickly, and others complained that it could use a little more padding.
- Mom Crib
September 13, 2019 | Full review
Can’t use in the dryer. No way to keep quilt folded. Might be too slippery for crawling babies.
- Raising Them
September 10, 2018 | Full review
Not that large. Is not waterproof.
- Smart Toys Kids
June 30, 2019 | Full review
The padding could have been thicker.
- Outside Doormats

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Parenting Pro and Safe-Sleep Expert

Kate Desmond is a writer and infant safe-sleep expert. She has spent the last eight years working as the marketing director for Charlie’s Kids Foundation, a nonprofit that aims to educate families about SIDS and safe sleep. In that role, she travels around the country learning and educating caregivers and providers on the latest and greatest safe-sleep information to prevent infant death.

As mom to two elementary-aged daughters, she spends hours researching the best and safest products for her own kids. She is quick to get in the weeds with other mamas, and uses humor to cope with parenting woes from potty-training to teaching kids to read. She writes about the ups and downs of parenting on her blog.

An Overview On Baby Play Mats

In addition to being designed to keep your baby entertained, playmats are also created to assist with an infant’s development. There are a host of different types of play mats on the market, which may leave you feeling a little overwhelmed when you start your search. Use this guide to help narrow down the options, so you end up with the best baby play mat for your infant.

Start off examining the material the play mat is made out of. It is important to select one that has a non-toxic and phthalate-free surface. If your baby is sensitive, you’ll also need the mat to be hypoallergenic.

Determine how portable you need the baby play mat to be. This isn’t important for babies who spend the majority of their time at home, but infants that spend the day with grandma while mom works may benefit from having a playmat that easily rolls up so that it can be transported between houses. Some models even come with their own travel bag.

“Consider whether this will be a permanent fixture in your home or if you’d rather be able to store it or travel with it,” says mother and infant sleep-safe expert Kate Desmond. Desmond serves as marketing director for Charlie’s Kids Foundation, an organization that provides education about SIDS and safe sleep. “If the latter is more your style, consider one that easily folds or rolls up.”

Check the size of the play mat. Some models are as is as big as a queen-size blanket. That means your baby will have plenty of space when he or she is ready to start rolling over. The mat is also reversible. One side is decorative and ideal for infant tummy time, while the other has animals, letters and numbers for toddlers to practice on.

Look for any activities and attachments that may be included with the play mat. For example, some deluxe play mats have 18 developmental activities that help a baby with everything from cognition to fine and gross motor skills. There’s also the Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick ‘n Play Piano Gym, which has a tiny piano with five keys that an infant can kick with their feet. Toddlers can transition to using their hands to make music with the keyboard. Musical attachments are always a great choice because they help a baby learn about cause and effect.

Examine the play mat attachments to see what benefits they offer your child. For example, a mirror helps with self-discovery, while crinkle toys provide important sensory input.

Consider a play mat that grows with your baby. There are foam puzzle mats that are made using a high-density EVA foam that is comfortable for infants to lay on when they need to have a little tummy time. They are also constructed of squares that have letters and numbers on them for toddlers to practice with. Older children can even take the squares and use them like a puzzle by turning them into cubes.

The Baby Play Mat Buying Guide

  • Beware of baby play mats that are flame retardant, as they contain harmful chemicals that can enter through the child’s skin when he or she lays on the mat. If the chemicals enter the air, the little one can also breathe the chemicals in, so always opt for a non-toxic play mat. Just make sure you keep the playmat away from any heat sources or candles and that you supervise the baby while the playmat is in use.
  • Make sure batteries are included along with the playmat if it is a model that utilizes sound and light. If not, you’ll want to check and see what type of batteries the mat needs and pick up a set before you put the mat together for your precious little one.
  • Always check the product label before attempting to clean the play mat. Some mats are machine washable, while others, like those made of foam or those with a waterproof surface, should simply be wiped down with a little dish soap and water.
  • Homes with hardwood floors would do well with a baby play mat that has both a non-slip grip underneath and extra padding on top.
  • Simple baby play mats that are waterproof can double as changing pads when you’re away from home and out in the public. Just roll the play mat up and pack it in your diaper bag.

Waterproof mats provide another important benefit. “Babies are messy, so make sure the playmat you choose is either waterproof and wipeable, or machine washable,” Desmond adds.

  • The price for baby play mats varies greatly depending on the material used to make the mat, how many features it has and how long the baby can use it. The Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick ‘n Play Piano Gym is made out of foam and is one of the lower-priced mats on the market. At the top of the price range are play mats which can be used from infancy all the way through Kindergarten.