T3-R Pest Repeller Triple High Impact Outdoor Pest Deterrent

Last updated date: May 21, 2020

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In our analysis of 13 expert reviews, the T3-R Pest Repeller T3-R Pest Repeller Triple High Impact Outdoor Pest Deterrent placed 4th when we looked at the top 5 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

Editor's Note May 21, 2020:
Checkout The Best Outdoor Pest Deterrent for a detailed review of all the top outdoor pest deterrents.

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3 expert reviews
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What experts liked
TMC Pest Repeller boasts over 14 years of providing quality customer service when it comes to pest control and their array of products. This gives them the experience and expertise, along with track record, to introduce and support high quality pest repelling products. If rodents are taking up residence in your home, the T3-R Triple High Impact Rodent Repeller should top your list of products for consideration.
- Pest Repeller Center
6 ft power cord, Automatically varies the ultrasounic waves, Trusted brand.
- Heavy
The main thing I like about this product is the fact that the squirrels are not harmed in any way. They may have to suffer some discomfort with the noise, which I understand sound to them like a jackhammer blasting away net to their ears, but they know to quickly move away to somewhere quieter. Hopefully, that will be somewhere that is not in my house.
- Pest Control Products
What experts didn't like
Large size, Non decorative, May not be as effective outdoors.
- Heavy

From The Manufacturer

The T3-R Triple High Impact Mice, Rat, Rodent Repeller comes to do its job. It utilizing 3 speakers that maximizes rodent repelling results, such as Mice, Rats, Squirrels, etc. Our specially designed speakers transmit ultrasonic sounds at three different locations on the device. All of these speakers do a specific job and transmit / repel in different ways causing what we like to call the Triple Attack Design. Single to Multiple T3-R units, Time Repelling, Triple Attack Power Design, Location, and Ultrasonic Change is the key when repelling rodents away from unwanted areas. In most cases rodents leave with-in a 12 - 16 day period. But sometimes when a stubborn rodent problem comes along and your having troubles that is when we take pride on being very helpful so repelling results get met. We like to treat you the customer as if it was ourselves and with that said we expect premium rodent repelling results with the T3-R and no less. (With SQUIRREL REPELLING we have been getting about a 73% success Rate) Regarding the repelling of squirrels with the T3R? We do not understand why most of our customers dominate there squirrel problem, while others have no success. So with that said its really all about success and happy customers am I right. We are not in this business to sell something that did not work for you. If for any reason your not succeeding with your T3-R, contact us through Amazon and let us Help. Most Rodent problems have been within there own area for years so if your not succeeding with-in a 2 week span don't give up and let us help. We really do care and have the knowledge to help.

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