Speakman Self-Cleaning Adjustable Shower Head

Last updated: February 17, 2023

This showerhead is a classy addition to any bathroom. The modern faucet design complements almost any style of decor. The Intense, Rain and Full Flood settings have something for everyone.

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Product Details

Key Takeaway: This showerhead is a powerful shower accessory with a classic style.

In our analysis of 129 expert reviews, the Speakman Self-Cleaning Adjustable Shower Head placed 5th when we looked at the top 20 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Our signature silhouette, designed and engineered to deliver the greatest experience imaginable. The Speakman Icon S-2252 Shower Head features 48 individual sprays that can be infinitely customized by simply rotating the lever handle in either direction. The Icon’s sleek, compact frame was designed to optimized water pressure, resulting in a remarkably powerful performance. Its solid brass construction and corrosion-resistant finish ensure the Icon will look and age beautifully over time. The Icon Shower Head features a 2.5 GPM flow rate.

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

The Any stream is made from solid brass to make sure longevity and durability and has now six adjustable jets that combine to generate 48 individual sprays. This shower head gives an excellent ruthless shower regardless of what your local conditions are like. You will feel completely massaged and cleansed with that product and the ease of adjustment is much like no other shower head we’ve seen.
The Speakman S-2252 has 6 fully adjustable jets and 64 powerful water sprays, compared to the S-2005-HB’s 5 jets and 50 sprays. It also has 6 patented plungers and 48 sprays. The patented Anystream® 360 degree technology lets you infinitely turn the shower head handle to choose a spray pattern that suits you, from powerful full-body coverage to a gentle drizzle.
High-pressure jet spray even in low water pressure households, adjustable jet sprays, self-cleaning nozzles, six finishes available, both 2.5 and 2 gallons per minute water flow shower heads available.
With 48 powerful sprays, you can customize it to your liking. By simply rotating the handle, you can transition between the diverse spray patterns – from the full-coverage sprays to the heavy, intense and soaking spray settings until you find the best for you. It also has a rainshower setting. This shower head is made entirely of brass which makes it extremely durable.
Installation takes a couple of minutes and only requires the included plumbers tape. Great quality, great price and an even better shower head makes this a prime choice on the list for buyers.
Overall, this showerhead is made to last years and years to come. And because of all the variation and colors the company offers, it definitely will please you every day. The brand Speakman aims to provide you a luxury hotel like feeling. It is the best high pressure shower head to consider.
Infinitely adjustable water streams, built to last, and the price is reasonable.
The primary feature of this showerhead is the Anystream technology that is associated with it. It is a patented technology that lets you fully customize your shower experience every day. Simply turn the lever on the showerhead in either direction, up to 360 degrees, and you get an infinitely diverse set of showering options!
Easy installation is possible with the Speakman S 2252 shower head. So, you no need to worry to fit the shower head in your home.
Speakman S-2252 can beat the other model in the price range. Many consumers claim the durability of the shower head is one of the best quality that makes it worthy to take without any condition.
The S-2252 is designed to be mounted on the wall and is easy to install. It fits standard US plumbing connection and comes with a roll of plumber’s tape. All you have to do is unscrew your old shower head and mount the S-2252 on the connection.
Equipped with Speakman patented plunger system and self-cleaning nozzles. So you just don’t need to spare that time from your precious day schedule. Each plunger is specifically positioned to provide you with full coverage spray performance delivered by combining individual streams.
The ShowerHead has 48 individual sprays that can be customized infinitely by rolling the liver handle in just the direction. Icon’s smooth, compact frame is designed for optimized water pressure, which has a tremendous strong performance. Its solid brass foundation and digestion-resistant finish will be the appearance of icons and during the beautiful age. Icon Shower Head features a 2.5 gm flow rate.
The Speakman is a very powerful shower head with a luxurious finish. Speaking of the chrome, there is absolutely no other finish like the chrome because it is both classy and compatible with almost every bathroom design out there. Note that this shower head has made friends with major hotel lines because it is both effective and stylish and that is about everything you need in a high pressure shower head.
Speakman did a great job in developing an appealing and modern design which enhances the showering experience. The first feature that supports this statement is a 6 jets spray, that can give 48 different patterns. For those of you who are looking for a really fun under the shower, you will be amazed at its performance. The jets are big enough, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning them. You can easily approach to them and wipe them after every shower.
It is beautifully engineered, which gives it a professional look. It’s design is compact with several built-in streams and pressure is fantastic.
This shower head has a removable water restrictor.

What reviewers didn't like

This is expensive.
It’s pretty heavy.
Higher than average price, no jets in center of shower head
Possibility of water splashing out due to extremely high pressure.
Using the simple lever on the side of the shower head lets you change the settings, but the required click through to each one can be a bit annoying at times.
It is a low-flow shower head, but the company includes instructions on how to remove the flow regulator.
The primary complaint and issues surrounding this showerhead result from the outward jets themselves being plastic instead of metal.
This is a bit weighty and self-cleaning feature cant able to clean heavy mineral.
This has small diameter.
The adjustments don’t work well.
It uses a lot of water. Don’t be surprised by abnormally high water bills and a bit expensive.
It is too heavy and expensive installation is required.
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