Spacesaver Original Airtight Vacuum Sealer Bags, 6-Pack

Last updated: July 20, 2023

The Spacesaver Medium Vacuum Storage Bags, 5 Pack utilizes a double-zip seal with a triple-seal turbo valve to successfully remove the air from the bag and keep it out. Each bag is capable of holding as many as 12 sweaters and since you get five bags in each set, you'll be able to store up to 60 tops! The company also completely backs its products by offering a lifetime replacement guarantee.

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Product Details

Key Takeaway: Thanks to the handy travel pump, the Spacesaver Medium Vacuum Storage Bags, 5 Pack is perfect for maximizing suitcase space for trips.

In our analysis of 33 expert reviews, the Spacesaver Original Airtight Vacuum Sealer Bags, 6-Pack placed 1st when we looked at the top 9 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

The Original Space Saving Solution Store your bulky or out of season items and maximize space in your home with the original air-tight Space Saver Bags. Each vacuum storage bag is designed with a unique double-zip seal, and a triple-seal turbo valve to ensure no air gets in or out after the bag is sealed. Keep your clothes and bedding in pristine condition by storing your items in our waterproof storage bags. Perfect for use at home, the cottage, or on the go – our vacuum bags are great for maximizing luggage space for when you want to travel lighter and more efficiently. Maximize your living space and clothing with the original space saving solution. Spacesaver Sizing Chart Small (24 x 16 Inches) Fits 6-8 Sweaters Medium (28 x 20 Inches) Fits 8-10 Sweaters Large (32 x 24 Inches) Fits 10-12 Sweaters OR 1 Pillow Jumbo (40 x 30 Inches) Fits 4 Pillows OR 1 Queen Size Bedding Set Spacesaver’s airtight vacuum seal bags will keep your clothes protected from water and odors. No air will get in or out with the double zip seal. Easy to close, the zipper seal will ensure your clothing stays air-tight and compact. Ensure no air gets back into the storage bags with the ultra-secure triple seal turbo valve, designed to provide you with the best air-tight suction.

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

Although these are quite big, you can get some excellent use out of them in a suitcase for traveling. You can pack a number of outfits, compress the air out and you've got bags that can fit more clothes than you ever expected into a suitcase or carryall. The set also comes with a hand pump, which you can use at any time, but it is especially helpful if you've traveled to someplace where you cannot get a vacuum cleaner with a hose.
They are affordable and do get the work done. From the design to the materials used, this is a very solid product.
It has a double-zip seal, as well as a triple-seal turbo valve that’s designed to get every tiny bit of air out of these bags.
Full safety in opposition to mildew, bugs, and water.
Their bags are sturdy, large, and have been known to retain their seal for a very, very long time.
The triple valve design and double zipper system of the pouches prevent them from getting reinflation. All of these bags are antimicrobial and protect your belongings from germs, dust, mildew, and moisture.
The unique triple-seal turbo and double-zip seal ensure that the bags provide great sealing power and air-tight suction. To make everything easier for you, the manufacturer also includes a free pump so that you can repack all items after finishing the holiday.
- Ah Joo
The bags are also manufactured with antimicrobial materials. This ensures that your textiles stay free from odors, mildew and bacteria. Also, you can be sure that all the air sucked out of the bags will stay out thanks to the Double-Zip seal and Triple-Seal Turbo valve.
The product can hold even your extra-large items that you need to bring when traveling or would like to store.
Each pack comes with six bags total, so it’s safe to say just as a single pack of of these can take care of your entire inventory of bedding stuff. Lots of space is always a plus, there’s no doubt about it.
The vacuum sealing valves on these Jumbo’s are the best among any of the bags we have seen, they are designed to let every ounce of air outside and once you lock the seal nothing goes back in.
The unique double-zip seal and the triple-seal turbo valve are designed to get every ounce of air out of the bag in the suction process and nothing gets back in.
Each one boasts impressive compression -- enough to pack down a fluffy sleeping bag or down comforter into a fraction of its former size.
Bag construction includes a double zip seal to keep the vacuum seal tighter than other options. No mold, mildew, or bacteria can enter the bags.
These bags are very dependable on home storage and fits well in suitcases. In instances where you find yourself with no vacuum cleaner for air suction, it comes with a hand pump so that should not be a problem.
Spacesaver is made out of anti-microbial materials, which keeps your items safe from mold, mildew, or bacteria.

What reviewers didn't like

It is a little more costly than different merchandise
Coming in at a cost that is comparable to the other brands, there’s little to complain about aside from the limited variety of bag sizes.
It is a bit more expensive than other products
- Ah Joo
The plastic exterior of the bag can rip open if the bag is not handled with care.
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