Snazaroo Face Paint Kit Ultimate Party Pack

Last updated: October 25, 2019

Snazaroo Face Paint Kit Ultimate Party Pack

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We looked at the top Halloween Makeup Kits and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Halloween Makeup Kit you should buy.

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This kit's bright colors and glittery gels make it a top choice for family fun. The skin-friendly ingredients create gorgeous hues for unforgettable costumes. They also wash off easily after a night of face-paint fun.

In our analysis of 56 expert reviews, the Snazaroo Face Paint Kit Ultimate Party Pack placed 4th when we looked at the top 10 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Suitable For Sensitive Skin – Snazaroo face paints are specially formulated to be friendly to the most delicate skin and are fragrance free. All Snazaroo face paints have been reviewed by an independent professor of dermatology and professional toxicologists. Washable – Snazaroo face paints are all water based! This makes them as easy to get off as they are to put on. Simply remove with soap and warm water; there is no need for scrubbing or harsh removers. Easy to Use – A face painting guide that includes designs that can be achieved in 3 easy steps is included. Made in the UK – All Snazaroo face paint is manufactured in the UK using only approved ingredients fully compliant with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and toy and cosmetic regulations, and are non-toxic!

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The Snazaroo Ultimate Party Pack contains a dozen vibrant colors and two glitter gels for a sparkling finish. It includes a step-by-step guide that makes it easy for anyone to create a variety of designs, from animals to superheroes.
- Wiki EZ Vid
June 15, 2018 | Full review
Snazaroo is one of the best-sellers and widely-used face painting brand on the market. They have sworn to have used only quality ingredients that approved by the FDA to make their face paints completely safe; it is skin-friendly, paraben-free, fragrance-free and independently approved by professional dermatologists and toxicologists. This kit includes 12 vibrant colors, 2 glitter gels, and 4 sponges. All the colors are water-based so they are easy to put on and off. You can complete your design in just 5 minutes or less as it is easy to apply and quick-drying!
- Top Ten Review Pro
April 13, 2019 | Full review
Overall, Snazaroo paints are perfect for face painting at all ages. Its incredibly gentle formulation will ensure no rashes occur. Secondly, the party pack has everything you need to get started with face painting – no extra purchases necessary.
- Createlet
January 10, 2019 | Full review
Snazaroo is the best-selling face painting kit on Amazon. It shouldn’t be much of a surprise that it surpasses the other kits in this review, to take the number one position. The face paints are friendly to all skin types and do not contain any fragrance at all. The company ensured that the paints were reviewed by professional toxicologists. Additionally, they were also reviewed by an independent professor of dermatology. They are safe as any face paint could ever be designed to be.
- Top Ten Product Review
August 23, 2019 | Full review
It’s skin friendly, easy to put on, and dries quickly. It’s cool for impatient kids who want to get their faces done in a jiffy. Cleaning up is a breeze — use soap and warm water and your little munchkin will be looking like themselves in no time. The kit contains 12 vibrant colors, two brushes, four sponges, and two glitter gels. Need help to put on the paints? Not to worry, you also get a step-by-step guide to help you transform your little ones into whomever they want to be. If you find cake paints messy and hard to work with, you can go with their face paint brush pens. They are simple to use and feature different themes, including fantasy, adventure, and jungle.
- Mom Loves Best
May 27, 2019 | Full review
First and foremost, Snazaroo face paint is easy to clean. This is because the paints are all water-based, which makes them easy to remove. You only need soap and warm water to have the face paint removed. The face paints are also skin-friendly. They have approval from renowned dermatologists and toxicologist, which assures you of using a safe product. The paint is made of safe ingredients that are safe on the skin, and it poses no bodily harm to the user. Another perk is that the paints are easy to use. They even come with a guide that illustrates how to use the paint and achieve the most from it.
- Polaroid Foto Bar
The face paint ultimate party pack by Snazaroo will have your child's face looking snazzy. With 2 brushes, four sponges, 12 face colors and 2 glitter gels this kit has everything you need to start painting your child's face. All of the face paints included in the set are fragrance-free and created to be safe for sensitive skin.
- Born Cute
June 6, 2019 | Full review
Snazaroo’s face paints have been reviewed by an independent professor of dermatology and professional toxicologists. They’re fragrance-free and are suitable for the most delicate skins. The colors in the pack are vibrant and dry quickly, which means many happy (and scary) faces. Being water-based, the paint washes off easily too.
- Fractus Learning
The face paint is skin friendly which is suitable for sensitive skin and any type of skin. It is also fragrance free which is easy to use and does not harm to the skin. The makeup is washable which will come off by just washing the face with soap and warm water. There is also painting guide that includes design ideas for you to follow. These paints are safe to use and easy to put on, the best choice ever.
- Best Products
Suitable For Sensitive Skin - Snazaroo face paints are specially formulated to be friendly to the most delicate skin and... Washable - Snazaroo face paints are all water based! This makes them as easy to get off as they are to put on. Simply... Easy to Use - A face painting guide that includes designs that can be achieved in 3 easy steps is included.
- Best Seekers
Consisting of 12 colors, two bottles of glitter gel, two brushes, and four sponges, the Snazaroo ultimate part face paint pack are a water-based face paint that is easy to apply and wash off. They have a great formula and have a consistency that is ideal for face painting as it glides onto the face smoothly. The paint is said to be nontoxic and can be used on even the most sensitive skin. Reviewed by dermatologists and toxicologist, these paints hold up to FDA standards of approval.
- Secret Asian Man
April 30, 2019 | Full review
When you’re going to be painting a lot of faces, this ultimate party pack from Snazaroo is ready for the job. It comes with everything you need to transform faces into animals, characters, princesses, and more. It comes with 12 paints in vibrant colors, two glitter gels for a bit of sparkle and two brushes and four sponges for application. The water-based paints are fragrance-free, FDA-compliant and can be removed with soap and water.
- The Spruce Crafts
October 14, 2019 | Full review
We should start off by saying that this face paint, and in fact all paint manufactured by Snazaroo is designed to be as gentle as possible. Therefore, it is fragrance free and suitable for even the most sensitive skin. In fact, all of the company’s paints have been reviewed by independent professional toxicologists and professors of dermatology to ensure this is the case. The paint is water based which is ideal if you need face paint that is easy to apply, that dries quickly, and to remove with just soap and water. It also goes on smoothly with no cracking and has excellent coverage.
- The Six List
It’s worth noting that all painting kits of this manufacture are specially formulated to be friendly to the most delicate skin and are fragrance-free. And what is more important they have been reviewed by an independent professor of dermatology and professional toxicologists. In addition, it is better to check the boxes with face paint when it comes as all Snazaroo products are made in the U.K. where they have much more strict production oversight than if the same product was made in China.
- Best Baby Kit

What experts didn't like

The liquid glitter may cause your paint to bleed or smear.
- Mom Loves Best
May 27, 2019 | Full review
Colors are close together on palette. Doesn't include a mirror.
- Born Cute
June 6, 2019 | Full review
It transfers easily to other surfaces.
- Secret Asian Man
April 30, 2019 | Full review
People who have purchased these paints say they go on easily and stay on for a long time without smudging or rubbing off. While the sponges and brushes that come with the kit aren’t the highest quality, most say they’re good enough to get the job done. Some, however, prefer to use their own brushes for more professional-looking results.
- The Spruce Crafts
October 14, 2019 | Full review
Glitter is liquid (harder to apply than the dry one). A lot of fake face paint kits of this manufacture on the market.
- Best Baby Kit


The most important part of dressing may be your costume. Anyone can buy a witch’s hat or a store-bought mask and call it a day, but diving into some face paint will really set your look apart. Don’t be intimidated if you’ve never stretched your creative wings with makeup before. Even a few small details or a dusting of glitter will elevate your costume.

There are several types of makeup kits, but the most popular makeup kits are either colorful palettes of face paint or upgraded kits with latex and fake blood for special effects. The face paint kits come with a rainbow of colors, a few brushes or sponges and usually a container or two of glitter.

The paint itself will be water-based, oil-based or alcohol-based. Water-based paints are easy to apply and remove, but may run if you get sweaty while trick-or-treating. Oil or grease-based paint is tougher to work with and tougher to remove, but it has better staying power. Alcohol-based (or alcohol-activated) paints will last through almost anything, but they’re expensive and very difficult to apply.

Special effects makeup kits also come with paint palettes, but the colors are closer to skin-tone shades for realistic burns, scratches and wounds. They also come with fake blood, modeling putty, fixatives and prosthetics.

Face paint makeup kits are fun for all ages. Take a look at our Tips & Advice for the nuts and bolts of buying these fun accessories.

Buying Advice

  • Only use paint that is designated for use on your skin when creating your look. Using crafting paint, markers or decorative glitter can cause unpleasant skin reactions.
  • Be mindful of any skin sensitivities you may have before you break out your brushes and sponges. Non-toxic paints can still cause a skin reaction if they contain ingredients that you’re sensitive to. Test out your paints on a small patch of skin before you paint your entire face.
  • Brush quality matters, but the brushes that came with your set should be fine for small or simple jobs. If you want to go for something more complex, look for a set of mixed flat and round artist’s brushes.
  • You can use sponges to cover larger areas, but standard makeup sponges might absorb too much paint. Cut a car sponge into small pieces for an inexpensive option.
  • How you remove your face paint is just as important as how you apply it. You can use plain soap and water, or baby shampoo, for water-based paints with no sealant. If you used oil-based makeup or sprayed a sealant on top of your makeup to help it last, you’ll need to use a combination of baby shampoo, cold cream and makeup remover. Don’t use baby wipes or rub too hard — this can cause skin irritation.
  • Most special effects kits come with spirit gum remover, which takes off prosthetics. Make sure your kit has some before you add your fake wounds!