SHINEFUTURE Facial Cupping Therapy Set

Last updated date: August 2, 2020

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SHINEFUTURE Facial Cupping Therapy Set

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Overall Take

These medical-grade silicone cups are nontoxic and odorless. You'll get six cups: 2 are 1.73", 2 are 1.22" and 2 are 0.79". You'll get a small pink bag to store them in when you're finished cupping, and instructions for use are printed on the box. In our analysis of 5 expert reviews, the SHINEFUTURE SHINEFUTURE Facial Cupping Therapy Set placed 3rd when we looked at the top 5 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

Editor's Note August 2, 2020:
Checkout The Best Facial Cupping Set for a detailed review of all the top facial cupping sets.

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What experts liked
They suck easily and will not fall while they are in use.
- Primates2016
What experts didn't like
It takes some practice to use the cups to get a good suction that lasts.
- Primates2016

From The Manufacturer

FDA Certification.Made of medical grade silicone material, safe,non-toxic and odorless.Easy to suck without falling.

Overall Product Rankings

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SHINEFUTURE Facial Cupping Therapy Set
3. SHINEFUTURE Facial Cupping Therapy Set
Overall Score: 9.3
Expert Reviews: 1
beautySSentials Angel Face Facial Cupping Set
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An Overview On Facial Cupping Sets

Blood circulation is good for your organs, so it stands to reason that it would also be good for your skin, the largest organ in your body. You can spend countless dollars on cleansers and moisturizers, but often the science goes a little deeper. In some cases, what you need to do is stimulate blood flow.

In recent years, one popular way of doing that is through a procedure called cupping. Used by estheticians and other experts, cupping involves using suction cups to create the pressure necessary to get your blood moving. Similar to body cupping, facial cupping is specifically geared toward improving the appearance and health of your face.

Here’s how it works. Using a small cup, you press the cup to your skin and lift outward. This lifts the skin away from the deeper layers of fascia, boosting blood flow in that part of your face. You can also use these cups on your neck. Some believe that with regular use, cupping can reduce fine lines and give your skin a more youthful appearance.

There are various types of cups, each with its own benefits. Silicone cups are the ones you’ll see most often. They’re versatile and easy to use, especially if you want to be able to maneuver the cup to massage an area. The pliability makes it easier to move them around. But glass cups can be more powerful. You’ll use an attached suction tube to create friction through the glass cup, so you may prefer that method. Plastic cups are popular for their inexpensive, simple design.

Lubricating the skin can make it easier to get the suction you need. Use a lightweight product like coconut oil to both moisturize and provide the ideal surface to work with. Some cupping sets come with a pad that makes it easy to spread the oil over your skin.

It takes some practice to use the cups to get a good suction that lasts. It might help to try cupping out on one area of your face and get comfortable with it before doing your entire face and neck.

DWYM Fun Fact

Cupping has its roots in Chinese medicine, having begun in China thousands of years ago. Initially, the practice was used to draw pus and blood out when treating boils. Over the years, the use of cupping has evolved in China, being used to treat everything from arthritis to asthma to the common cold. Today’s cupping procedures aren’t all that different from those practiced in Chinese medicine, using bamboo or glass cups. However, in recent years, more advanced equipment has been invented to make things easier, including electric pumps. Home kits make it easy for consumers to regularly treat their own skin, rather than relying on an esthetician to do it.

The Facial Cupping Set Buying Guide

  • It’s important to know in advance that cupping tends to leave cup marks behind. You may have bruising in the shape of the cup for several days afterward. This is believed to be an indicator of where there is cellular waste buildup beneath the skin. As the marks disappear, your body is said to be processing that waste buildup. Whatever the reason, you may want to plan your first cupping session when you don’t have an important event coming up. This will give you time to determine whether the process will leave marks that can’t be covered with makeup.
  • Cupping isn’t something you’ll do on a daily basis. You need to give your skin time to recover between sessions.
  • Before cupping, first clean and exfoliate your skin. Some cupping sets come with an exfoliating brush to help with this.
  • Your cupping set will gather dirt and dead skin while you use it. Make sure you clean them thoroughly between uses to get the best results.
  • Some cupping sets have more suction than others. You’ll want to go for the one that has more intense suction to avoid having to work extra hard to get results.
  • It’s important to keep the cup moving during your cupping session. Staying in one place too long can cause excessive bruising.
  • For your first session or two, use light suction until you see what the results are.
  • If you have vein, capillary, or blood clotting issues, you’ll want to check with your medical professional before getting started with cupping.
  • Those who are new to cupping may prefer a set of cups that has instructions included. You can find directions, including instructional videos, online if yours doesn’t come with it.