ScarAway Kelo-cote Advanced Formula Sensitive Skin Scar Care Gel

Last updated: March 2, 2023

ScarAway Kelo-cote Advanced Formula Sensitive Skin Scar Care Gel

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In our analysis of 32 expert reviews, the ScarAway Kelo-cote Advanced Formula Sensitive Skin Scar Care Gel placed 6th when we looked at the top 12 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

WORKS ON OLD and NEW SCARS: Kelo-cote is a clinically-tested silicone scar gel that reduces the appearance of scars resulting from surgery, injury, burns, acne, insect bites, cuts and scrapes. Reduces redness, softens and flattens raised scars.

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

This rub-on gel is "remarkably effective when worn daily for about two to three months.
- Allure
100% silicone scar gel, that will improve the visibility of your scars. It is a physician recommended gel, and has undergone thorough testing which has confirmed that it is effective for flattening, softening and minimizing the redness of skin scars. It is also effective at relieving scar-related itch, pain and discomfort.
Stimulates the normal collagen synthesis, while it creates a protective barrier, which is flexible, odorless, waterproof, and breathable. It dries rapidly, and reduces discomfort, pain, and itching associated with scarring. The patented technology is proven to improve the appearance of scars from trauma, surgeries, burns or other. Maintains the moisture balance and elasticity of the scar tissue.
"Kelo-Cote works to reduce the look of hypertrophic and keloid scars which appear raised and/or discolored. These types of scars are commonly the result of past surgery, injury, burns, acne, cuts, and insect bites. When you apply Kelo-Cote as directed, it has been shown to effectively soften and flatten raised scars, and reduce the redness associated with the scars. A point worth noting is that it is not possible for the gel to make your scar outright “invisible” to the eyes. Kelo-Cote is also recommended by most surgeons who are specializing in surgery involving skin grafts."
So if your scar makes you cry, you can give Kelo-cote a try. It acts like the top layer of normal, healthy skin (called the stratum corneum), by keeping the skin hydrated, locking in water (and keeping the skin moisturized) helps the skin’s healing process and reduces the production of excess collagen in the scar tissue.
My son has extremely sensitive skin. In fact, he can experience skin pigmentation loss if he has traumas to the skin- this is beyond normal scarring. It is a dermatological condition called Vitiligo. I am so pleased to report that he didn’t experience pigmentation loss and his scars are completely gone. It worked well on his sensitive skin. When the scabs fell off, he had red streaks but the Kelo-cote scar gel seemed to remove the redness from his scar very quickly. For my Kelo Cote scar gel review, I am pleased with the results and I am glad to have this on hand to be ready for the next cut or scape.

What reviewers didn't like

Does not work on stretch marks.
Possible side effects of burning sensations, itch and skin rash.
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