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Last updated: June 21, 2019

"Love You Forever" by Robert Munsch is a heart-melting story that will make any parent or caregiver cry. About a mother’s undying love for her son, this book is filled with vivid imagery and a lovely rhythmic sound. The book is a fixture in many parents’ reading lists for their young children.

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An extraordinarily different story by Robert Munsch is a gentle affirmation of the love a parent feels for their child — forever. Sheila McGraw’s soft and colorful pastels perfectly complement the sentiment of the book — one that will be read repeatedly for years. (NutSpace 2019-03-28) There are certain books about a parent’s unconditional love for a child that are timeless–and this is one of them. (Baltimore’s Child 2010-01-20) One of my all-time favorites. I cry every time I read it…. [The book] is a beautiful script about parenthood, a poignant parable about life and death, a testimony to when the roles of child and parent become blurry. The story reminds you that no matter how grown up you are, you’re always someone’s child; that no matter how “adult” you are, you’re never too old to be loved by your parents. It makes me appreciate even more how my mother still calls me and my brother (despite us being 32- and 22-years-old, respectively) by our childhood nicknames, Pussycat and Tchotchke (Yiddish for “knickknack”). Pigeonholing this as a children’s book is like saying “Romeo & Juliet” is merely a cautionary tale about drug abuse. I dare anyone to read this story and not shed at least one tear by the end. It’s even more poignant when you learn that Munsch wrote the book as a memorial to two still-born children he and his wife had in 1979 and 1980. (Dana Lenetz Forbes 2010-04-20) Our No. 1 Favorite, 50 Great Children’s Books (Susan Belkapp, Maggie Beidelman and Craig Reem OC Family) The one book that has the most meaning to me. (David Maloof Boston Globe 2002-09-15) There is a powerful, age-old resonance to the story, centered on that intangible, steadfast bond between mother and child.

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Perhaps the reason why the book has become such a touchstone for so many people is not just because of Munsch’s talent, but because the lines came from such an honest place — a place of beauty, pain and deep, enduring love. No wonder it has become a fixture in so many people’s nurseries.
Love You Forever by Robert Munsch is perhaps the classic tear jerking picture book. I read this for years and years to children and had no problem getting choked up, it never bothered me, then I gave birth and I can’t read it without sobbing. The premise is simple, a mom sings this simple song to her son as he grows ” I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as you’re living , my baby you’ll be.” until she can’t sing it anymore and it’s his turn. For days after I read this I tear up as I lay my son in his crib.
The book includes vivid images and very heartfelt words. ‘Love You Forever’ is a very deep and meaningful story. We love it with passion!
When the say the words, "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always as long as I'm living my baby you'll be" was my favorite part. My favorite character is the mom because she loved her baby so much. The story relates to my life because my mom always says that to me and to stop growing. The pictures help to tell the story.
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