Riptide Water-Sports Waterproof Fanny Pack, 2-Pack

Last updated date: August 2, 2022

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Riptide Water-Sports Waterproof Fanny Pack, 2-Pack

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Update as August 2, 2022:
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Overall Take

Useful for exercise, these waterproof pouches float and have three seals. Although they're compact, you still get enough space for a typical phone. You can either get two clear pouches or choose between sets with one transparent and one opaque.

In our analysis of 20 expert reviews, the Riptide Water-Sports Waterproof Fanny Pack, 2-Pack placed 5th when we looked at the top 10 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Waterproof Pouches are constructed from a durable polymer fabric that is 100% waterproof and will last many uses. Our triple seal protection secures & protects your valuables from water damage, theft, and loss. This 2 pack conveniently features two pouches with unique functions. The opaque pouch protects the privacy of valuable belongings like passports, ID cards, credit cards, cash, and more. The transparent pouch allows you to easily locate items that you frequently use and is touchscreen compatible – text, make phone calls and use your tablet or phone through the waterproof pouch material without damaging your device. Whether facing severe weather like rain or snow, vacationing overseas, or traveling solo and don’t have anyone to watch your belongings while you go for a swim, has you covered. The adjustable strap fits waist sizes from 32” -44” and can extend and double as a shoulder strap. The uses for this dry bag are endless. Don’t be without Waterproof Pouch the next time you decide to make a splash!

Expert Reviews

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What experts liked

The pack includes two lightweight pouches – one opaque and one transparent – featuring triple seal protection that assures the safety of your belongings, while the polymer material ensures durability.
- Style Craze
For maximum protection, the triple seal design prevents water from entering into the bag, thereby, providing 100% waterproof effect.
- Waterproof Idea
Riptide is made to be functional and doesn’t have a huge storage area, nor is it bulky.
- Beach Life Expert

What experts didn't like

Some customers consider the zipper numbers to be too much
- Waterproof Idea

An Overview On

Whether you’re exercising, visiting the beach, traveling or attending a fun event, a fanny pack lets you conveniently carry the essentials. Usually worn around your waist, this accessory became popular in the 1980s and has made a comeback. While traditional fanny packs aren’t made to get wet, waterproof ones feature a special material and design to keep the water out and protect your items. That makes them a great choice for water-related activities as well as for rainy or snowy days in general.

When shopping for fanny packs marketed as waterproof, you’ll find that some options are more protective than others. Specifically, some can handle submersion while others can just handle splashes. This makes it important to consider the activities where you’ll use the fanny pack so you get one that offers the right protection.

Truly waterproof fanny packs typically consist of a plastic material and feature multiple seals to prevent water penetration even during submersion. Therefore, they’re a great option for the beach, pool or water park. Many feature a colored or clear transparent material so you can see what’s inside. Completely clear waterproof fanny packs may also offer the convenience of being able to use your phone’s touchscreen without removing the device. Other waterproof fanny packs are made of opaque plastic and provide the benefit of privacy instead.

You’ll also come across water-resistant fanny packs that can repel some water but don’t offer security if the bag gets submerged in a pool or other body of water. Therefore, these suit situations where you only might get the bag briefly splashed by water. You’ll find these fanny packs usually consist of a nylon fabric material similar to traditional ones, but you can also find them made of faux leather and other materials.

Once you know the type you need, consider the size and organization features you desire. Some waterproof fanny packs look like a small pouch while others are large with many compartments. More compact fanny packs can serve you well during exercise, while you might opt for a larger one when you’ll be out for a long time and need to bring many items. It’s common for plastic waterproof fanny packs to have just one compartment inside and no external pockets. However, larger ones usually have a front outer pocket where you can put small items, but some even have a hidden ID pocket inside.

The Buying Guide

  • Check the waterproof fanny pack’s closures to see how much security and water protection you get. The most protective ones feature both zippers inside and an outside closure such as a velcro strip. Water-resistant ones might just have zippers. In any case, make sure you secure all closures to keep your items from falling out and keep water out.
  • If you’re unsure how big of a waterproof fanny pack you need, consider the largest item you typically carry, such as your phone. Once you have the phone’s measurements, you can compare them to the fanny pack’s dimensions and allow a bit of extra room.
  • Pay attention to the water rating you see on these fanny packs. This will usually state how long the bag can remain underwater and how deep it can be submerged. Also, make note if the fanny pack warns against submersion since you risk damaging your items if you use it in a pool.
  • You’ll want to get a fanny pack that fits you appropriately. Luckily, this usually is easy since the waistband will adjust to fit several sizes, but you’ll want to look at the waist strap length just to be sure it’s long enough.
  • You don’t have to just wear your waterproof fanny pack around your waist. The long strap makes it easy to carry the accessory as a bag on your shoulder, in your hand or even across your body.
  • To reduce the risk of someone getting into your fanny pack and stealing your items, always wear it to your front and not behind you.
  • Be warned that failures can still happen even if you have a waterproof fanny pack. Before you use it to carry important items like a phone or documents, test it out in a bowl of water or sink at home. The manufacturer might list directions such as putting tissues inside before you test submerge the fanny pack and seeing if they get wet after a certain time.
  • If you plan to carry your phone, you might look for extra features such as padding to reduce shock if the fanny pack gets bumped. You might also consider backup protection like a waterproof phone pouch or phone case.