Rally and Roar Battery Operated Automatic 6 Deck Casino Card Shuffler

Last updated date: March 20, 2023

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Rally and Roar Battery Operated Automatic 6 Deck Casino Card Shuffler

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We looked at the top Card Shufflers and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Card Shuffler you should buy.

Update as March 20, 2023:
Checkout The Best Card Shuffler for a detailed review of all the top card shufflers.

Overall Take

Powered by C batteries, this electronic shuffler has a mechanism that helps resist jams. While it has a larger profile than manual options, it's still portable enough to take outside the home. You can use it to shuffle as many as six card decks.

In our analysis, the Rally and Roar Rally and Roar Battery Operated Automatic 6 Deck Casino Card Shuffler placed 4th when we looked at the top 10 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

SHUFFLES QUICKLY: If you are a card player and love to entertain, this 6 deck card shuffler is great for casino themed parties with friends and family. This electric card shuffler maximizes the ability for quick shuffling. LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: The six deck card shuffler is lightweight and portable for ease of use. Whoever you want to entertain, you can grab your premium card shuffling machine and head out! PROFESSIONAL GRADE: The automatic playing card shuffler is made to be professional grade and is sure to impress your colleagues. Equipped with standard gears which distribute the playing cards effortlessly. HOLDS UP TO 6 DECKS: Fits standard size cards, up to 6 decks at a time. It will store, shuffle and distribute premium playing cards such as Bee Premium and Bicycle brands, which eliminates shuffling so often. BATTERY OPERATED: The electric card shuffler is battery operated which makes it easy to maneuver because it’s portable! It requires 4 C Batteries which are not included. Just pop in the batteries and you are all set.

An Overview On Card Shufflers

Whether you’re playing Go Fish, poker or blackjack, shuffling the cards is essential to putting them in a random order that enhances gameplay. While you can always shuffle them by hand, this skill takes time and practice and can use up valuable playtime. That’s when using a card shuffler can help. No shuffling skills are required: The device simply and quickly shuffle cards as often as needed for you throughout the game.

The simplest option is a manual card shuffler, which doesn’t require any batteries or power source. It is often equipped with some type of handle that you turn to feed cards through and shuffle them. While manual card shufflers take some physical work to operate, they tend to be compact, lightweight and budget friendly. They also give you more control over the shuffling process. Since you can feed cards through at the speed you want,  jamming is less of a concern.

Electronic card shufflers are a very popular alternative since they shuffle cards quickly with the press of a button. You can find versions that are powered by disposable batteries or allow you to plug in a USB cable. While very convenient, these models are heavier, noisier and usually larger than manual shufflers. They also come with a higher risk of your cards getting jammed since you lose control over the shuffling speed.

Card shufflers come in versions that support different numbers of decks. So, you’ll want to think about the types of card games you play when choosing one. A manual card shuffler usually supports two decks, while an electronic one can sometimes handle up to six. While a manual shuffler can suit most types of card games, you’ll likely find the electronic type a better option if you play blackjack since it can shuffle several decks at once.

The Card Shuffler Buying Guide

  • If you’re stuck between deciding on a manual or electronic card shuffler, you can weigh factors such as the convenience of needing no power source with a manual shuffler versus the less labor-intensive and faster shuffling you get with an electronic one. The type of card games also matters since you may prefer an electronic shuffler if you plan to shuffle cards after each round versus just at the start of the game.
  • Compared to shuffling cards by hand, there is a risk of damaging cards during the process when using a shuffler. This is a bigger issue with electric ones since you can’t just quickly pull your card out and save it like with a manual shuffler.
  • To have the most random deck possible, consider shuffling it a few times. While it will take extra time, shuffling the cards seven times is a common recommendation.
  • To prevent dust from getting in your card shuffler, consider keeping it in its original box. If you need to clean the shuffler, don’t get water inside an electronic unit or use a harsh cleanser on any unit. 
  • Always make sure that the cards you’re using are sized appropriately for the shuffler. In addition, place the cards in neat stacks in the feeder trays.
  • When using a battery-powered card shuffler, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the types of batteries that are suitable. Often you’ll see recommendations to use alkaline batteries that aren’t rechargeable and to avoid mixing different types. To keep the batteries lasting longer, it’s also recommended to remove them from the machine if you won’t shuffle cards for an extended time.
  • A USB battery pack can add some convenience and minimize what you spend on replacement batteries for an electronic shuffler. 
  • Card shufflers have moving parts that can pinch fingers, so be careful when using them. Particularly be cautious with letting children around electronic card shufflers.