Presto Stick-Free Automatic Electric Skillet, 11-Inch

Last updated: October 21, 2022

Presto Stick-Free Automatic Electric Skillet, 11-Inch

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We looked at the top Electric Skillets and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Electric Skillet you should buy.

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In our analysis of 119 expert reviews, the Presto Stick-Free Automatic Electric Skillet, 11-Inch placed 6th when we looked at the top 11 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Fries, grills, stews and more! Accommodates large roasts, hams and poultry. Innovative EverNu cover won’t dent, warp, bend or peel. DiamondCoat deluxe nonstick finish inside and out. Dishwasher safe with heat control removed. 120 volts, 60 Hz only

Expert Reviews

What experts liked

Very affordable. Dependable non-stick coating. Cooks evenly. Accomodates large amounts of food.
Most people love Presto brands and we’ll be lying if we say we don’t. That’s why we could not help it but review this 11-inch electric skillet. Affordable yet versatile, this electric skillet will be the real deal in your kitchen. It is made to last with the innovative plastic EverNu cover that will not dent, bend, peel or warp. It is also equipped with Control Master heat control to enable it to automatically maintain proper cooking temperature. We really love this electric skillet, and we urge you to have the same feeling.
With Presto 06620 11-Inch Electric Skillet roasts, fries, grills, stews, bakes and makes casseroles for four people at a time. This machines control Master heat control automatically maintains proper cooking temperature while cooking. Innovative plastic EverNu cover of this skillet won’t dent, warp, peel, or bend. This Presto 06620 11-Inch Electric Skillet’s deluxe nonstick surface is for stick-free cooking, easy cleaning. Presto 06620 11-Inch Electric Skillet is Built to North American Electrical Standards.
Even though this electric skillet is smaller than others, it can still cook more than enough food for two people. Due to its comfortably small size, it can easily find a place in any kitchen, especially for those with limited space. Priced for limited budgets.
Small and compact skillet for up to four people. Comes with Presto's standard heat control. It's offered at a low and attractive price. It comes backed by a 1-year warranty.
The Presto 06620 electric skillet is good for smaller households or if a large skillet is not needed. The skillet has a domed lid, a removable thermostat probe that maked it dishwasher safe. The skillet has a non-stick coating and is deep enough for stews.
Rivalling the Proctor skillet, this 11-inch skillet conquers cooking outdoors and is extremely portable. What comes with portability usually follows with a lack of durability, but not with this little skillet. Using EverNu plastic, you won’t be damaging this skillet easily.
The Presto 11-inch Electric Skillet features a nonstick cooking surface that is easy to clean and requires little to no oil or butter. The "Control Master" heat control knob maintains temperatures between "warm" (about 175 degrees) and 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
The Presto 06620 11-Inch Skillet is designed with a removable electric plug. It, therefore, fits perfectly into the dishwasher and does not consume a lot of storage space. Perfect for any kitchen size.
Our most affordable pick, the Presto 06620 Electric Skillet is the biggest little skillet on this list, capable of accommodating almost anything you could ever want to cook, roast, grill or fry. It’s ideal for smaller families, couples, or college students living in a dorm environment. While this 11 inch square skillet doesn't take up much space, the three inch deep sides make it as versatile as any other option in terms of cooking versatility. Even better, the plasticized cover is seven inches in height so you can roast a chicken or small turkey inside without touching the cover. This unit has a coated non-stick surface with a weight saving cast aluminum base which makes it extremely light weight for ease of handling.
Despite its peerless performance, the Presto 11-Inch Electric Skillet (06620) is decently priced to make sure you are fully satisfied. Best of all, it is built to North American Electrical standards.

What experts didn't like

Smaller than its 16-inch counterparts. Short cord.
The lid is not transparent; hence, you have to remove it to monitor whatever you are cooking.
Metal lid you can’t see through. The low lid may make roasting chickens, etc. difficult. 1 year limited warranty.
The lid is opaque. It's a rather small skillet.
The cord is not very long, and some users report the paint peels off the outside of the lid with light use. Other users have reported the non-stick finish may peel.
Plastic cord. Light Use Only.
There were complaints about users having trouble with baking cakes in the skillet and the nonstick surface flaking off after prolonged use.
Starts to bubble when soaked in water.


Electric skillets have long been associated with activities like frying chicken and making pancakes. However, some of today’s electric skillets pack in much more versatility. With the right electric skillet, you can avoid firing up the oven or stove, potentially saving money on your utility bill. This is especially true if you buy a skillet designed for energy efficiency.

In addition to saving energy, electric skillets can be very convenient. Some skillets allow you to use them as buffet servers, which means when you’re cooking for a large group, you can merely put it on “warm” and set it on the counter to allow your guests to serve themselves. Best of all, when you’re finished using it, you can simply slip it into a kitchen cabinet or closet.

Cleaning your skillet can be a bit more complicated than typical pots and pans. There are heat controls on skillets that shouldn’t be submerged in water. It’s important to consult the user manual that comes with your skillet for cleaning instructions. With many skillets, you can detach the part that comes into contact with food and put it in the dishwasher.

Most of today’s skillets have nonstick surfaces that make cleanup a breeze. However, there are specific instructions with nonstick coatings. The most well-known nonstick brand, Teflon, is especially prone to flaking off with heavy use. To extend the life of the coating, you should avoid using metal cooking utensils or cooking spray. However, you may find that a little butter or cooking oil can enhance your pan’s nonstick features.

Newer types of ceramic nonstick coating boost durability and give you a little more protection if you use metal spatulas and spoons. Many safety-conscious consumers also like that ceramic nonstick technology doesn’t leach chemicals into the food. However, experts say the concerns about chemicals in Teflon mostly referred to those manufactured before 2013. Today’s coatings have been proven safe for use in cooking.

One feature that doesn’t get as much attention during griddle shopping is the lid. If you plan to use your griddle as a buffet server, a glass lid can make it easy to see what’s inside without lifting the lid. Some lids are also vented, which lets steam escape. Without that feature, you’ll have to occasionally lift it to let steam out to ensure the food inside cooks properly. Some griddles even have adjustable vents on the lid, which can come in handy for controlling the level of steam escaping.

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