PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells

Last updated: June 15, 2021

Thanks to its square shape and sturdy design, the PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells also allow fitness buffs to do push-ups. The 2.5 increment weight adjustments make it a cinch to slowly work your muscles up to handling 50 pounds. In the event that 50 pounds isn't enough, there's the option to purchase a 70 to 90-pound extension kit. Even though the adjustable dumbbells are durable, the 10-year warranty ensures you won't have to worry about spending money on replacement parts any time soon. We liked how compact this set was.

PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells

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Product Details

Key Takeaway: Great for tight spaces, since this set doesn't take up a lot of room.

In our analysis of 193 expert reviews, the PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells placed 7th when we looked at the top 14 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

PowerBlock was an innovator in this category and has been making adjustable dumbbells since 1991. This means they have had over 25 years of production and refinement to create the ultimately adjustable dumbbells set, and they truly have. The PowerBlock Elite dumbbells are one of the highest-rated and best-selling sets of all time. This is one of the last adjustable dumbbells sets to still be made in the USA, and PowerBlock uses only premium-quality materials. Thanks to their smart and economical design, the PowerBlocks are extremely tough and can withstand all sorts of regular gym abuse.

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

You will certainly love the deliverables of the dumbbells. They are easy to use and are durable.
The Powerblock Elite dumbbells double as push up bars, so you can use them for push-up and pull-up exercises as well as for weightlifting.
PowerBlock dumbbells are adjustable and come in a customizable block, so they can replace a range of classical fixed dumbbells.
Easy-to-install weight expansion kits for higher weight ranges.
The vast plethora of weights to choose from makes the dumbbells very diverse and accessible for literally anyone of all body types.
This set is very sturdy. Of the adjustable sets on the market, this one is one of the top rated when it comes to durability. The mechanism used to change the weight settings is well constructed and stands up to regular use in the home gym.
Highly versatile free weights, offering the possibility to quickly adjust weight in order to alternate exercises with different weights
Their handle is well-padded, making them comfortable to use even if you prefer to work out without gloves.
It is quick and easy to adjust weight.
Space Saving – This is really the selling point of the PowerBlock Elite Series. These dumbbells can go all the way from 2.5 pounds up to a whopping 90 pounds per dumbbell in the same space as a single pair of dumbbells. With traditional dumbbells, this would be an entire wall.
The maximum weight expandable to 70 and 90 pounds.
It has variety of weight option packs,with expansion packs available.
We can easily change the weights by moving the selector pin lock and the storage is also simple. It is a really versatile piece of equipment for strength training.
Thanks to their stylish and economical design, the Elite model is easy to hold and can withstand a lot of daily gym action.
Weights are easy to change.
The PowerBlocks utilize a self-containing storage mechanism, where the dumbbell handle and weights conveniently and compactly "nest" within each other. This reduces the space required to store the dumbbells to that of their own small footprint.
It is very stable and flat ends make it easy to rest on your thighs before lifting.
They can be very heavy with a single PowerBlock Elite dumbbell weighing a staggering 130 pounds.
Unlike other adjustable dumbbells, the lower the weight is the smaller the size of the dumbbell thanks to the clever design.
It's possible to adjust with small increments of 2.5 lbs.

What reviewers didn't like

Adjusting 2.5Ib or 5Ib increments is not as fast as 10Ib increments.
The pins used for adjusting the weight on these dumbbells are plastic, and many users will feel the pins themselves are flimsy. They do not have a history of breaking easily, so this is more of an aesthetic complaint than anything else.
At first PowerBlock dumbbells might feel unusual while training,with hands inside the dumbbells base.
Adjusting the weight in 10 lb increments is fastest, but 2.5 lb or 5 lb increments takes a few extra seconds.
At full weight, the dumbbell may feel a little large and difficult to hold for new users.
It will take a few extra steps to swap out the 2.5 pounds internal weights for an option of fine adjusting. Adding or subtracting ten pounds at a time is easily done within seconds.
Even though the interior of the dumbbells is pretty spacious, users with extremely large hands and really thick wrists may find them too small for maximum comfort.
Some find the shape awkward.
Adjusting the weight in 10 lb increments is fastest, but 2.5 lb or 5 lb increments takes a few extra seconds.
Sticking – The only real negative we found about the PowerBlock Elite is the fact that the weights can sometimes stick. This is especially true of new sets. Most times, the sticking stops after a bit.
The weight plates may sometimes stick together.
High price.
It is a bit pricey.
The product may be shipped in more than one box and may arrive separately.
Some persons are put off by the closed cage design.
Relatively expensive. It cost several hundred dollars.
Plates tend to stick together when changing weight amount.
They may be too expensive for your wallet.
There are two 2.5 lb weights in the handle which you may have to remove depending on what weight you want. Although changing the weight is still easy but may be seen as a inconvenience in comparison to the Bowflex SelectTech 552 where you just simply turn a dial.
Some people may not feel comfortable with 4 bar design grip.
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