Pet Craft Supply Soho Round Dog Bed

Last updated date: April 30, 2020

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Pet Craft Supply Soho Round Dog Bed

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In our analysis of 50 expert reviews, the Pet Craft Supply Pet Craft Supply Soho Round Dog Bed placed 9th when we looked at the top 11 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

Editor's Note May 18, 2020:
Checkout The Best Pet Bed For Office for a detailed review of all the top pet beds for office.

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5 expert reviews
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871 user reviews
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What experts liked
The ultra-soft memory foam padding of this dog bed offers optimal coziness and warmth to your pets.
- Best Selected Products
It is made from high-quality, pet-safe materials and is machine-washable for easy cleaning.
- Rover
Featuring an orthopedic cushion with memory foam chip filling, it alleviates pressure points to keep your cat cozy at all times.
- Industry Ears
Super budget-friendly at under $20. High-quality fabrics are safe and non-toxic.
- CatVills
Memory foam keeps its shape and won't flatten.
- Pet Supplies Journal
What experts didn't like

From The Manufacturer

Perfect for cats or tiny dogs, this round orthopedic bed is fully padded and features an ultra-plush surface and memory foam to help support their neck and head. Set it on the floor, the couch, or your bed and your curious pet will be sure to hop in to explore.

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Pet Craft Supply Soho Round Dog Bed
9. Pet Craft Supply Soho Round Dog Bed
Overall Score: 8.4
Expert Reviews: 5
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An Overview On Pet Beds For Office

Taking your pets to work is awesome and you should consider doing it if your working arrangement allows. If you work from home, even better because you get to spend tons of time with your pets every day. Either way, your dogs and cats are likely spending most weekdays laying around waiting for you to give them attention or feed them.

Offering them a comfortable place to rest can help them feel safe and relaxed while you work. If you are able to have a crate dedicated to your office, whether at home or an offsite location, that can be a great place for them to hang out since it’s safe and familiar to them. While they are smelling and hearing lots of stimulating things during the workday, this safe place will really help them stay calm and enjoy their time.

Pet beds for an office setting are the perfect way to address having a place that is all theirs when you’re working. A dedicated bed will serve this purpose well, as the alternative is to lug the bed with you back and forth every time you take your pet to work.

If you have a crate in your office where your pet likes to sleep, look at bed designs that will fit inside the crate. The cushioned support will be welcomed warmly by your dog or cat, especially as they grow older and have more aches and pains in their joints. If you get a bed that is too big to fit in the crate, you are likely going to have to set it on the floor outside of the crate, essentially taking up more than twice the necessary space.

For pets who get to free-range in your office, the size of the bed you get them will be entirely dependent on the size of your pet. Obviously a really big dog like a Great Dane will need a suitably large bed for them to have enough room to comfortably relax on it. A small dog or a cat will require a much smaller bed.

The size of the top is only one factor though, as the thickness of the bed you get is equally, if not more important. Imagine you were trying to get comfortable for a nap on a one-inch thick mattress, you would feel your hips digging into the ground or maybe your tailbone would grind in a way that could cause discomfort. Large pets can weigh a lot, sometimes well over a hundred pounds, so giving them a properly thick bed to lay on is crucial if you want them to be free from discomfort while they laze around.

The material makeup of your pet’s bed should be something comfortable for them to cuddle up in, but still easily removed for the sake of putting them through the laundry. If a bed you like doesn’t have a removable cover, you will find that it begins smelling after a while and you’ll end up spending more money buying a replacement.

Many pet beds have thick yet soft foams in the middle, similar to memory foam in our own mattresses. This firm foam is exactly what your aging dog or cat needs while they rest. If you think your arthritic pet could benefit from a really ergonomically-sound bed design, keep those keywords in mind as you search all the possibilities.

If you have two pets that like hanging out and napping together, maybe it’s a good idea to buy a bed big enough for them to share. This can simplify things when you’re making your purchase and it can also offer endless moments of adorable cuddling that can be photographed ceaselessly.

For those younger dogs and cats who really don’t mind sleeping on the ground, perhaps a thinner mat can do. If they aren’t ready to dig into the deep, comfortable beds for older dogs, they might still really appreciate a thinner pad. Some dog beds are very thin and sometimes referred to as mats or pads and they are just enough to give the animals an option of where they want to lay down.

DWYM Fun Fact

Pet beds are one thing, but some statistics show that over 60% of pet dogs sleep in the same bed as their owners. This works out well for your dogs as your bed is probably the most comfortable in the house, plus they are pack animals and you’re their pack, so they feel like it’s most natural to sleep with you.

The Pet Bed For Office Buying Guide

  • For cats and certain dogs with thin coats, sunshine is amazing to them and they love napping directly in it. Place your pet’s bed somewhere where they can catch a strong beam of sunlight and they will love it.
  • If you can find a small table that is the size of your pet bed, you might be able to still use the vertical space above that area, which can be handy in a lot of smaller offices.
  • Wash your pet’s bedding with a mild detergent. You want to get the dingy smells out, but they don’t really appreciate your fragrant chemical laundry soap as much as you do.
  • When teaching your pets to relax while you work, put an old t-shirt that you’ve worn a few times in their new bed, they can curl up to your smell and they’ll start learning that their bed is a good place to be.