Paramed Battery Powered Wrist Sphygmomanometer

Last updated: April 17, 2023

Equipped with a large LCD screen, this sphygmomanometer makes it easy to read results. The device is designed to be worn on the wrist, and it can be operated with just the touch of one button. In just 30 seconds, you'll have your blood pressure results, as well as your current heart rate.

We looked at the top sphygmomanometers and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best sphygmomanometer you should buy.

Product Details

Key Takeaway: Not only does this sphygmomanometer provide accurate blood pressure readings, but it also alerts users to any irregular heartbeats.

In our analysis of 30 expert reviews, the Paramed Battery Powered Wrist Sphygmomanometer placed 4th when we looked at the top 8 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Paramed blood pressure cuff features a LARGE LCD DISPLAY to allow for most accurate readings in less than 30 seconds

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

Fast and simple to use. Screen is easy to read, making it great for users with less than perfect vision. Long lasting, even with travel and repeated use.
Comes with a large LCD screen that allows for accurate readings in about half a minute. It also comes with a large storage capacity that stores ninety measurements at any given time. That enables you to compare the readings of the past few days with ease and keep track of anomalous BP readings.
Basically with just one touch or press on the button, you can check your blood pressure and get the result within 30 seconds only. Moreover, it comes with an LCD screen which is wide and clear for the users to see the data accurately.
Features a compact design that fits on your wrist comfortably while doing physical exercise. If you suspect your blood pressure is not stable, this device will help you monitor your health and take immediate action. The base has a smooth curve to align with the contour of your wrist to rests firmly for accurate measurements.
Features an excellent memory recording where it keeps over 90 past readings for efficient blood pressure tracking. This allows for efficient tracking to prevent surprises. Overall, this is a user-friendly monitor with a simple on/off button and menu button. It is easy to use and a great fit for all persons.
A favorite benefit of any wrist blood pressure monitor is that it is very compact and makes for easy use on-the-go or during travel. Paramed has taken this a step further with a compact and durable carrying case. This allows you to keep your blood pressure monitor tucked safely in a bag, luggage or anywhere else you may need to put it for transport.
It is very easy to use and takes only 30 seconds to measure your blood pressure levels without the discomfort of using a tight cuff on your upper arm and having to take your clothes off or roll up your sleeve.
Can provide you with accurate readings in less than 30 seconds. Also, it allows you to store 90 measurements, which means that you can keep the record as well.
Has the capacity to store your historical data from previous days up to 90 measurements. So now, you can track your blood pressure change easily. Featured with irregular heartbeat indicator, you can also monitor the rhythm of your heart.
Large display, backlit buttons, and easy-to-navigate menu makes this monitor a favorite among those with visual impairment. Straightforward use and soft cuff. Comes with two AA batteries, so you can take a reading fresh out of the box.

What reviewers didn't like

Some users report that readings are higher with this device than at the doctor's office.
Potential for slightly higher values than other devices read.
A bit bulkier than the Care Touch monitor that we previously mentioned. It also is not backlit like the Care Touch and many other blood pressure monitor options. So, you will not be able to read results in a dark room.
Bulky design. Occasional reports that readings are higher when compared to those done in a doctor's office.
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