Panasonic Flash Xpress Instant Heat Toaster Oven

Last updated: May 17, 2023

An ideal option for small counter spaces, the Panasonic Flash Xpress specializes in warming up light bites and pizza. It does so with quartz and ceramic "infrared heating," and their dual placement makes for even toasting. As a major fringe benefit, there's scarcely any preheating time. That, coupled with a handy internal light,  makes this the best option for quick midnight snacks.

Panasonic Flash Xpress Instant Heat Toaster Oven

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Product Details

Key Takeaway: Great at warming up small bites and snacks using quartz and ceramic infrared heating. Very little preheating required.

In our analysis of 85 expert reviews, the Panasonic Flash Xpress Instant Heat Toaster Oven placed 17th when we looked at the top 21 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Panasonic flash press technology toaster oven featuring double -inch infrared light-inch for cooking up to 40% faster than conventional toaster ovens, instant heat eliminates preheating, 6 cooking menus with illustrated preset buttons, automatically calculates the cooking time for a variety of foods: bread(toast, waffles, bagels), frozen food(pizza, hash browns) and reheat(rolls, breads, leftovers), digital timer (up to 25 minutes and temperature settings (250 Degree F to 500 Degree F), square shaped inner tray which is perfect for pizza up to 9-Inch in diameter of 4 slices of bread, removable crumb tray for easy cleaning, reminder beep lets you know when food is done, interior light allows you to view your food while cooking, measures 10-1/8-inch (H) by 13-inch (W) by 12-Inch (D), 7. 5-Pound, white fire hazard safety warnings do not place any of these materials or foods in this toaster oven, as they can ignite and cause a fire: paper, plastic, cardboard, taco shells, tostada shells, tortilla chips, buttered bread or bread with jam. Raw fish or meat should always be wrapped in foil. Do not put oil in the crumb tray, cook with a dirty crumb tray or cook without the crumb tray in place. Never leave the toaster oven unattended when in use. If food begins to smoke or catch fire, first turn off the oven’s power button then disconnect the power plug. Do not open the oven door until the flame recedes. Always read and follow cooking instructions on all food packaging. KEYWORDS: FlashXpress; flash press; toaster oven; toaster; toaster oven; Panasonic toaster oven; g110p;

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

Compact item. Uses infrared heat for faster cooking and reheating.
It heats up ultra-fast thanks to its double infrared heating elements, made of ceramic and quartz.
Impressively, it made toast faster than most of the other models we tried. At around 1 cubic foot in volume, it takes up very little space on a counter, but it’s still large enough to fit four pieces of bread or two slices of leftover pizza.
Not only is it worth the price, but it's a great space-saver if you have limited real estate on your counter.
With the double infrared power, there’s no need for preheating – just turn the unit on, and the superbly efficient quartz and ceramic elements heat instantly.
- Foodal
It made the best toast in our test, toasting the top facing sides of slices quite evenly and leaving minimal striations on the bottom facing sides. Its toasting sweet spot can accommodate four slices of bread.
It has a digital display screen and an internal light.
IR makes cooking and baking super fast and and is great for reheating food without drying it out.

What reviewers didn't like

Small internal dimensions limit food capacity. Not a viable roasting or broiling option.
If you can’t tell from the images, the FlashXpress is small, all things considered for a toaster oven. Less so in the height department, and more in terms of width. It measures a scant 12 x 13 x 10.25 in.
The timer isn't great, either. It only goes up to 25 minutes. Panasonic argues that most consumers won't make things in here that take longer than that.
The next most common complaint regards the infrared elements, or “bulbs,” burning out and/or breaking – sometimes after only a few months of use, and often just as the warranty expires.
- Foodal
If you want a toaster oven for baking, then you probably don't want the FlashXpress. Baking is not its forte, nor was it designed with baking in mind.
The timer is very wonky in that it can only be set up to 25.5 minutes, making it the shortest timer in our comparison.
It cannot handle chicken or steaks but it does make wonderful cookies, biscuits and pizza.
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