OXO Good Grips StrongHold Suction Bathroom Grip Bar

Last updated date: August 4, 2020

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OXO Good Grips StrongHold Suction Bathroom Grip Bar

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This stainless steel grip bar uses suction cups to attach to the wall, making it easy to install. The handle has a nonslip coating to keep you safe while you're using it. It works best on glazed surfaces like tile and glass. If your wall is stone, acrylic or metal, you may have difficulty getting the seal you need. In our analysis of 18 expert reviews, the OXO OXO Good Grips StrongHold Suction Grip Bar placed 3rd when we looked at the top 5 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

Editor's Note August 4, 2020:
Checkout The Best Grip Bar For Bathroom for a detailed review of all the top grip bars for bathroom.

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3 expert reviews
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1,403 user reviews
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What experts liked
This is a beautiful brushed nickel shower grab bar with a powerful suction and comfortable grip.
- Pool Done
Size and distance between suction cups designed to accommodate a variety of tile patterns
- Alternative Me
Non-slip coating on handle. Stylish design. This safety bar is more aesthetically pleasing than most of the option out there, and it does benefit of the classic OXO design.
- The Toilet Zone
What experts didn't like
Suction grip needs to be reattached before each use.
- Pool Done
May need to reapply before each use. Difficult to install on 4-inch tiles.
- The Toilet Zone

From The Manufacturer

The OXO good grips suction grip bar is perfect for balance without the bulk. Installation is simple - just push the levers down to activate the suction cups on any smooth, non-porous surface for a secure hold without the need for tools. The levers feature finger holes for easy use. Suction cup size and placement accommodates a wide variety of grout lines and tile patterns. The shape and length of the bar provide a comfortable hold and the non-slip underside ensures a secure grip, even when wet. To remove, just pull up the release tabs to deactivate the suction cups. The sleek design and brushed nickel finish complements any bathroom decor. This product is to be used as balance assist only. Do not use as a handrail to support your full body weight. Do not lift yourself up with this product. Do not hang from this product. This product is intended for temporary attachment and should be periodically reapplied as instructed. This product is not a toy. It is not for use by children.

Overall Product Rankings

AmeriLuck Stainless Steel Bathroom Grab Bar, 2-Pack
1. AmeriLuck Stainless Steel Bathroom Grab Bar, 2-Pack
Overall Score: 9.3
Expert Reviews: 2
OXO Good Grips StrongHold Suction Bathroom Grip Bar
3. OXO Good Grips StrongHold Suction Bathroom Grip Bar
Overall Score: 8.8
Expert Reviews: 3
Moen 8912 Bathroom Grip Bar
4. Moen 8912 Bathroom Grip Bar
Overall Score: 8.6
Expert Reviews: 4
ZUEXT Chrome Bathroom Grip Bar
5. ZUEXT Chrome Bathroom Grip Bar
Overall Score: 8.5
Expert Reviews: 3

An Overview On Grip Bars For Bathroom

If your household includes a senior citizen, you probably already know the dangers of slips and falls. According to the National Institute on Aging, 80 percent of household falls happen in the bathroom, which is probably no surprise. With so many slippery surfaces, it can be tough to fall-proof this all-too-important area of your home.

But you don’t have to be over a certain age to slip on a wet surface. Even children can slip in a tub or shower, which is why products like adhesive stickers and mats are popular for showers and bathtubs. While mats and stickers can help you keep your footing while you’re showering, though, stepping in and out can be risky.

Grip bars have become a popular way to give bathers the support they need to safely climb in and out of a shower or tub. You may think that these bars require professional installation, but they’re actually very easy to set up. You can even buy those that hang using suction cups, but for a more reliable mount, you may want to purchase one that attaches to the wall using screws. This merely requires drilling a hole and screwing it in. If you’re handy with a set of tools, you’ll likely find you can do this fairly easily.

DWYM Fun Fact

Of all the dangers in your household, falls top the list. While you may be likely to injure yourself in a variety of ways, falls are the leading cause of deaths that happen inside the home. Falls can cause serious injury to someone of any age, but they’re especially dangerous for the elderly. Those over the age of 75 are at higher risk for hip fractures due to a fall, and a hip fracture can seriously impact mobility permanently.

Staircases and bathrooms are top danger zones. Handrails and good lighting can help reduce the risk of injury on steps. For older residents, a stairlift can be a great safety measure if moving to a one-story home isn’t possible.

The Grip Bar For Bathroom Buying Guide

  • Not all grip bars are built to support your entire body weight. Some are designed to merely help you stay balanced as you step over the lip of your shower or bathtub. Check your bar’s capacity before you put your entire body weight on it.
  • Length is an important factor when choosing a grip bar. If you want a bar that runs the full length of your tub, you’ll need one that’s at least 32 inches in length. If you’re installing it vertically for stepping into a shower or tub, you have more leeway. Consider the variety of heights of the people who will be using it. If your household includes children and a tall adult, you’ll want a bar that’s long enough to be at a comfortable height to all household members.
  • If you’re purchasing a grip bar that has to be mounted, you’ll need wall studs to give the screws something to attach to. Use a stud finder to make sure you have studs at the points you’ll need them before buying.
  • Grip bars that install using suction cups can be convenient, but they can also be less reliable. You’ll need to wet the suction cup to get it to stick, then press firmly, making sure there are no air bubbles. Test the suction thoroughly before you rely on it to hold up under pressure.