MudGear Men & Women Hiking Compression Socks

Last updated: February 24, 2023

These socks set themselves apart with an extra-padded calf for additional support. The fabric also works to wick away any moisture from sweat to prevent bad odors and blisters. They are durable and can withstand tough workouts like Spartan training and Crossfit. They also work just as well for everyday fitness or long periods of sitting or standing.

MudGear Men & Women Hiking Compression Socks

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Product Details

Key Takeaway: Extra-padded calves provide additional support.

In our analysis of 96 expert reviews, the MudGear Men & Women Hiking Compression Socks placed 11th when we looked at the top 21 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

MudGear Pro-Grade Compression Socks – Men’s and Women’s athletic knee high socks for running sports, performance, recovery, hiking outdoor trails, or rucking in military boots with strong construction and a padded calf. Made in the USA. Tested by top elite OCR athletes, the full length MudGear Compression Obstacle Race sock is a tribute to the nasty gashes suffered by OCR racers at the hands of long rope traverses and painful slides across rusty metal poles. This is the only compression sock we know about that is built with a layer of padding on the lower leg and calf that protects from rope burn and other injuries. The difference comes from 168 needlepoint compression construction with a tougher yarn that provides good compression with superior abrasion resistance compared to gym quality compression socks and sleeves. The back of the calf features an extra layer of protection that still drains well and remains light for long distance courses. The high-quality constructions makes thes socks perfect for nurses, maternity wear, relief of shin splints, calf pain. Often prescribed for medical conditions like varicose veins. Used frequently in other sports like soccer, field hockey, ice hockey, motorcross, and rucking in military boots.

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Stephanie Mansour   
Certified Personal Trainer, Health and Wellness Expert

Stephanie Mansour, host of “Step It Up with Steph” on public broadcasting, has been coaching women for over a decade on how to lose weight and make it last. She has a Bachelor of Arts in communications with an emphasis on women’s studies and psychology from the University of Michigan. She holds certifications in life coaching, personal training, yoga and Pilates.

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

Consistent applied pressure throughout reduces muscle fatigue and lessens recovery time.
The protective backing provides maximum durability. The consistently applied pressure provides a constant level of relief to our calves, ankles and shins.
The consistent pressure throughout provides increased circulation.
Guaranteed fit, attractive style, and graduated compression. Comfortable for most, and they tend not to fall down. Good customer support.
The MudGear Socks are crafted to wick away any moisture from sweat that might accumulate, helping to prevent bad odors from forming. This can also help stop any blisters from popping up and causing more pain. The socks are made for hardwearing environments such as Spartan training and CrossFit, but they can also be used for gentler workouts, running, jogging, playing sports and more. Environments where you will be sitting or standing for long periods of time also can benefit from wearing these socks as they can keep your blood moving and keep your legs healthier. They can help speed up muscle recovery from sports injuries or minor injuries from over exerting yourself during exercise.
- Improb
They offer added protection with the padded calf during performance athletics such as: The Spartan Race and Tough Mudder, but also work great and provide comfort for hikers, bikers, firefighters, nurses and anyone the needing comfort and support MudGear compression socks offer.

What reviewers didn't like

This socks are slightly thicker that other normal compression socks.
Slightly thicker than other socks.
This is breathable, but much thicker than the most others.
A few reports of holes and tears with normal use. The material can be warm in hot weather.
- Improb
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