Mesqool 7 Color Alarm Clock & Night Light

Last updated date: September 9, 2021

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Mesqool 7 Color Alarm Clock & Night Light

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We looked at the top Kid Alarm Clocks and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Kid Alarm Clock you should buy.

Update as September 9, 2021:
Checkout The Best Kid Alarm Clock for a detailed review of all the top kid alarm clocks.

Overall Take

Although this kid alarm clock is one of the more affordable alarm clocks for kids on the market, it's designed to last and grow with the child. It has seven different colors and a night light to attract elementary students and a snooze button for teenagers who need a few extra minutes to wake up. This alarm clock is also made to slowly wake children by starting off with a low pitch noise that gradually increases to a louder buzz.

In our analysis of 53 expert reviews, the Mesqool 7 Color Alarm Clock & Night Light placed 8th when we looked at the top 15 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Mesqool alarm clock Simple, Easy, and Accurate.Look No Further The super large numbers of 7 inch digital LED display,make the time easy to read without glasses on,especially for elders,also for kids to learn how to read time. Mesqool introduces a easy-to-program alarm clock with intuitive control buttons, accurate time frequency, fit your needs if you are looking for a extremely simple clock without a lot of bells and whistles. night light 0-100% Variable Dimming Capability Adjust from from exceedingly bright to exceedingly dim The brightness layout is is actually a toggle, that is not on/off, but a sliding dimmer. It gives you a very smooth control with a turning knob and allow to set the brightness to your comfort level (0-100%)- all the way from exceedingly bright to exceedingly dim. More Details: Display Dimensions: Large 7 ” LED Display Time Format: 12 Hours and 24 Hours Power Source:100-240V 2 * AAA Battery is required to backup Time and Alarm Setting USB Charging Output :5V , 1A Snooze: 9 minutes Night Light: 7 Colors 7 color BIG SNOOZE Simply Tap Snooze Button The snooze button on the top is very large so if you really need the extra sleep you can pause the alarm very quickly. 7 Colors Changing LED Night Light & Great Décor Piece Attractive Nightstand Alarm Clock Soothing color-changing night lights add an element of charm to your bedroom at night.7 color options are available for you to set by simply press big top Night Light button,including cobalt blue,Oyster White,Beige,Shocking Pink,Khaki,Emerald Green,Sky blue. Especially for people who are afraid of the dark,the soft night light illuminates your entire room along with you fall into sweet asleep,you wont be scared when you wake up from the terrible dream at midnight . Hold press LIGHT button to turn off NIGHT LIGHT Repeatedly press LIGHT button to change color Manually Dimmer Slider only adjust brightness of Time Display not include Night Light Simple Operation ,Grandma Can Set It night light Sticked up ALARM PAUSE button the red “ALARM PAUSE” button on the back is raised up,so that when you reach over the top to turn off the alarm by feel , the one button was raised and was the correct one. how to turn off alarm: press SNOOZE button to get extra 9 minutes sleep time. Press ALARM PAUSE to turn off alarm today Slide ALARM ON OFF to activate or Cancel alarm Intuitive Buttons for Time and Alarm Setting Simply Turn off Alarm Set time and alarm is no longer a nightmare,this one is built with intuitive big buttons,simply set time,alarm,alarm volume,brightness and night light without user manual,even for little kids or grandparents. Adjustable Ringer without Jarring You have options to change alarm volume level (HIGH-MEDIUM-LOW)with a switch on the back. the loudest volume level especially for heavy sleepers is effective but not jarring. Easy to Program Clock for Kids & Elderly time usb battery 12Hour and 24 Hour Time Format To Meet all customers’ needs,we designed time mode switch allowing you to choose either a 12-hour or 24-hour format as you usually prefer. Dual USB Chargers Not Enough socket for cellphone charging? this clock enable your cellphone and your partner’s to be charged at same time,Connect them with usb cord before you go to bed,wake up with fully charged. Outlet Powered & Battery Backup Setting All Functions is operated by AC power,2 pcs AAA batteries are required to memorize your time and alarm setting in case of power failure. Import:batteries can not support time display when power failed but it can trigger an alarm.wont wake up late and miss any important meeting.

Expert Reviews

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What experts liked

This clock comes with a bigger than average night light which has 7 different colors to choose, useful when you are afraid of darkness or want to read at night. Big snooze button on the top makes it easier to get the snooze function which gives you extra 9 minutes of sleep.
- Infestis
May 3, 2019 | Full review
This alarm clock comes exclusively with a vibrant and attractive 7 colored night lights and a big snooze button that makes it easy to operate even for children serving as an all-night companion without having to switch on the lamp and you can pause alarm very quickly by pressing SNOOZE button without opening your eyes in the morning.
- HuntForBest
April 13, 2019 | Full review
The beep alarm function starts slower and softer and then increases gradually until it reaches its maximum so you can wake up more gently.
- Good Product Review
January 31, 2019 | Full review

What experts didn't like

Maybe too loud for some people
- HuntForBest
April 13, 2019 | Full review

Our Expert Consultant

Kate Desmond 
Parenting Pro and Safe-Sleep Expert

Kate Desmond is a writer and infant safe-sleep expert. She has spent the last eight years working as the marketing director for Charlie’s Kids Foundation, a nonprofit that aims to educate families about SIDS and safe sleep. In that role, she travels around the country learning and educating caregivers and providers on the latest and greatest safe-sleep information to prevent infant death.

As mom to two elementary-aged daughters, she spends hours researching the best and safest products for her own kids. She is quick to get in the weeds with other mamas, and uses humor to cope with parenting woes from potty-training to teaching kids to read. She writes about the ups and downs of parenting on her blog.

An Overview On Kid Alarm Clocks

Sleep is so important for a child’s growth and development, but curious little ones don’t always want to go to sleep for fear of missing out on something older siblings or adults are doing. Alarm clocks are an excellent tool for teaching kids when they need to go to bed and when they need to wake up.

Alarm clocks are just one part of the often-humorous sleep timeline when it comes to kids, says our parenting and safe-sleep expert Kate Desmond.

“You spend the first several years of your child’s life trying to get them to go to sleep,” she says. “You then spend the next several years trying to get them to stay in their bed until it is an appropriate time (read: actual daytime) to get up. Finally, you graduate to the other side of the sleep rainbow in which you are begging them to get up with threats of ‘you’re going to be late’ and bribes of ‘Captain Crunch is downstairs.'”

When shopping for a child’s alarm clock, you’ll want to keep your child’s habits and age in mind.

Look for an alarm clock design that appeals to your child. There are models that remain simple and have a traditional look, units that are created in the shape of a friendly creature and clocks that come in the shape of a highly recognizable children’s toy, such as a Lego brick.

Select an alarm clock that has a built-in night light if your child is still a little afraid of the dark. This will give the child a sense of security so that they are able to stay in bed until it’s time to start a new day. Some clocks even come with a choice of night light colors, which is nice if your child has developed a favorite color.

“The best alarm clocks for toddlers have features like a built-in sound machine and nightlight,” Desmond says. “Bonus points if that light has multiple color options and a color indicator that tells them when it is time to sleep and when it is time to get up.”

Some kid alarm clocks turn green just like a traffic light to let kids know it’s okay to get up and start the day. This helps deter children from waking mom and dad up in the middle of the night.

Use an alarm clock that provides a little noise for children who can’t fall asleep in total quiet. The LittleHippo Mella Ready to Rise Children’s Alarm Clock has a built-in sound machine with three different settings to choose from. Little ones can pick from the rain, white noise or ocean settings, which will run softly in the background.

Keep your eye out for an alarm clock model that has a snooze button for older children and teens. Some models have a nine-minute snooze that gives kids a little more time to wipe the sleep out of their eyes and mentally prepare to start a new day.

Look for any extras that one model may have over another. Some kid alarm clocks have a countdown timer for naps and time-outs, while others have animated faces that open their eyes when it’s time to rise and shine and shut their eyes when it’s time to sleep.

Older children may also appreciate a multi-functional alarm clock, says Desmond.

“For older kids, look for features like Bluetooth to stream their devices so they can wake up to their favorite tunes. Some even have USB ports to charge other electronics,” she says.

The Kid Alarm Clock Buying Guide

  • If you live in an area where the power goes out often, you may want to opt for a kid alarm clock that has a battery backup. This backup saves your settings so that once power is restored, you don’t need to reset the clock.
  • Older children may have phones or tablets that need charging at the end of the day. You may be surprised to discover that several alarm clocks designed for children actually come with USB charging ports. That means the devices can be conveniently plugged in before bed as part of the evening bedtime routine.
  • Check the alarm clock’s format to make sure it matches your preference. Some models come in a 12-hour format, while others use a 24-hour format. There are even alarm clocks that offer both, and you can choose your desired format simply by sliding a button.
  • Kids with sensory processing disorders may not do well with alarm clocks that beep loudly. Other children may not wish to be completely startled awake by a loud noise either. If that sounds like your child, consider an alarm clock model that starts off with a soft and slow buzz. This noise gradually increases until your child is fully awake and able to turn the alarm off. This is a much gentler way to wake up a child.
  • As you browse kid alarm clock prices, you’ll need to account for the design and the number of features the clock offers. The TooTa Temperature Detect 7-Color Kid Alarm Clock is affordably priced, however, the LittleHippo Mella Ready to Rise Children’s Alarm Clock commands a higher price due to its added sound machine, multiple light and alarm settings and cute digital face that changes expressions.