Magnasonic Projection AM/FM Alarm Clock

Last updated date: June 2, 2020

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Magnasonic Projection AM/FM Alarm Clock

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Overall Take

The Magnasonic Projection AM/FM Alarm Clock is our pick for both best overall and best value. This clock radio has endless features from adjustable brightness, USB ports to charge your technology, and even a projected time feature. You will want one in every room. In our analysis of 69 expert reviews, the Magnasonic Magnasonic Projection AM/FM Alarm Clock placed 9th when we looked at the top 12 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

Editor's Note June 2, 2020:
Checkout The Best Clock Radio for a detailed review of all the top clock radios.

Expert Summarized Score
4 expert reviews
User Summarized Score
11,047 user reviews
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What experts liked
The buttons have a nice reach and are also very responsive. The different brightness levels suit various needs while the USB port charges phones, tablets, headphones, speakers and more.
- iPerfect List
May 7, 2019 | Full review
Perhaps the most important part of an alarm clock is the alarm. You don't need a dozen alarm options, just one or two that work for you. This clock radio has two alarm types: the AM/FM radio and a standard buzzer. You can adjust the volume for the alarms up to a range that's loud enough to hear in the next room. Neither alarm has a gradual wake-up option.
- Top Ten Reviews
February 25, 2014 | Full review
It is a charming item. Its performance is also admirable, judging by the positive reviews it has attracted all over the world.
- Ama Top 10
The device manages to project time on ceiling or wall, providing the right way to see the time, even if you are drowsy. It offers AM/FM radio programs, displaying digital stations with ease.
- Top 5 Reviews
June 26, 2019 | Full review
What experts didn't like
It’s not ultra bright
- iPerfect List
May 7, 2019 | Full review
The alarm off button is close to the snooze button, making it easy to turn off the alarm accidentally.
- Top Ten Reviews
February 25, 2014 | Full review
Strange-looking digital numbers
- Ama Top 10

From The Manufacturer

Convenience, reliability, & modern design come in the form of the EAAC601 Projection Alarm clock. This advances clock radio automatically sets the time and date and saves all your alarm settings when the power goes out. Plus so many more features, this is the only alarm clock you will ever need. Large 3.6" Blue Display View the time/date & temperature clearly on the large 3.6” blue display. The dimmer options (high, low, off) let you reduce the screen’s brightness for those sensitive to light and the auto dimmer feature will disable the screen completely for night time use. This alarm clock also displays the indoor temperature (C/F) and the current day/month/year. Dual Alarms For You and Your Partner Set two separate wake times with the dual alarm feature for you and your partner.You can also choose to automatically disable the alarms on weekends, allowing both of you to set your alarm schedule once! and forget it! Project The Time On Your Ceiling or Wall It will always be in full view from anywhere in the room even when you are lying in bed. This feature also allows you to tilt a full 180 degrees, so you can project the time or even the temperature. The adjustable focus allows the projected time to always remain crystal clear. Listen To Your Favorite Music Listen to your favorite music using your iPhone, iPad, or Android device through the 3.5mm AUX audio input or using the built-in digital AM/FM radio with 20 station memory.

Overall Product Rankings

DreamSky Alarm Clock Radio
1. DreamSky Alarm Clock Radio
Overall Score: 9.4
Expert Reviews: 8
LBell Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock
2. LBell Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock
Overall Score: 9.3
Expert Reviews: 2
REACHER Adjustable Dual USB Charging Alarm Clock Radio
5. REACHER Adjustable Dual USB Charging Alarm Clock Radio
Overall Score: 8.4
Expert Reviews: 5
Sony ICFC-1 Alarm Clock Radio
6. Sony ICFC-1 Alarm Clock Radio
Overall Score: 8.3
Expert Reviews: 3
Mpow Projection Alarm Clock
7. Mpow Projection Alarm Clock
Overall Score: 8.3
Expert Reviews: 8
Sangean RCR-5 Digital AM/FM Clock Radio
8. Sangean RCR-5 Digital AM/FM Clock Radio
Overall Score: 8.3
Expert Reviews: 1
Magnasonic Projection AM/FM Alarm Clock
9. Magnasonic Projection AM/FM Alarm Clock
Overall Score: 8.3
Expert Reviews: 4
Amazon Echo Spot Smart Alarm Clock
10. Amazon Echo Spot Smart Alarm Clock
Overall Score: 8.3
Expert Reviews: 15
Magnasonic Digital AM/FM Clock Radio
11. Magnasonic Digital AM/FM Clock Radio
Overall Score: 7.7
Expert Reviews: 1
RCA Digital Alarm Clock
12. RCA Digital Alarm Clock
Overall Score: 6.0
Expert Reviews: 7

An Overview On Clock Radios

Waking up isn’t always the easiest, so facilitate that transition with a peaceful clock radio by your bed. You will find a wide range of options, including sunrise simulators for those winter blues. But don’t think the highest cost clock is going to be the best for you. Discover what you need and want in a clock radio and research the products available. Consumer reviews can be helpful as you make your decision.

When you start to think about the clock radio that will work best for you, think about style. For style, you can have fun picking out the color, shape and size that suits your décor. There is no end to the possible fun you can have picking out a stylish clock radio for your space.

The features are perhaps the most important aspect to consider when choosing a clock radio. For most people, waking up for work or school can be a tough task. Make it a bit less dreadful by finding an alarm clock radio that has settings for the radio or a variety of alarm sound choices.

Most clock radios feature USB ports, so you can connect your technology to it and get your day moving with your favorite playlist. The DreamSky Alarm Clock Radio is the perfect example of this. With USB port, digital display and even a temperature gauge, you get all the features with this clock radio.

You’ll find modern clock radios on the market built with an Alexa feature. They often have a screen to watch the news, an excellent speaker and a far-reaching voice technology. You can even have this type of clock radio do almost anything for you, even read a book to you.

Perhaps you’re looking for an alarm clock packed with extra features. There are clocks with large LCD screens that show the time, temperature and day. Some have a 180-degree projection light at the top of the unit displays the time on your wall or ceiling in big bold numbers so you will always have the time handy. Others allow you to control the brightness and volume with the easy touch of a button.

DWYM Fun Fact

  • Way back in 1787, Levi Hutchins created the first alarm clock in New Hampshire. This alarm clock was designed exclusively for farmers with only one setting and that was an alarm that went off at 4 a.m.
  • Others believe the first alarm clock was invented in the 1400s in Germany and consisted of a bronze bell. Still others say Taqi Al-Din, a Turkish scientist invented the alarm clock in 1559. But the familiar alarm clocks of today were definitely created in 1876.
  • The clock radios that mimic the sunrise are highly recommended by psychologists for a more natural rising than other alarm clock radios. They will help your mind and body ease into waking up as if you had the sun coming in your bedroom windows.
  • At one point, there was an alarm clock that had wheels and would hide itself so that you’d have to get out of bed and find it to turn it off.
  • Cloche, meaning bell, is the French root word of clock.

The Clock Radio Buying Guide

  • Buying the most expensive clock radio is not going to get you what you want. You really want to try and find something that suits your needs, whether that is the extra features of the projector light, USB ports for your phone or MP3 player or even just the temperature displayed in addition to the time.
  • Think about where you want to place your clock radio before buying since that will determine the features you want in the product.
  • Consumer reviews are always a great place to start your search for a clock radio.