Luna Sidana Astrology: The 12 Zodiac Signs

Last updated: September 22, 2022

This zodiac book is full to the brim with startling revelations. It contains the basics of astrology and dives deep into the 12 zodiac signs and what they mean.

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Key Takeaway: This zodiac book helps you understand the nature of your soul.

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For some people, it is a forbidden art associated with sin and sorcery, banned by various organized religions. For others, it may be nothing more than wishful thinking, or an age old hoax that just won’t go away. To the intuitive seeker, however, it is a valuable system filled with startling revelations about the self and others. It can explain people’s many different personalities, be a great guide to healthy relationships and even aid us in finding success and meaning in our earthly lives. I am of course talking about the great language of the stars: Astrology. This ancient, cosmic science views mankind as not only being affected by genes and environment, but also by the condition of our solar system at the time of our birth. During the course of this book, we will go through the basics of astrology, before taking a close look at each of the 12 Zodiac signs, their unique traits and meanings, their ideal partners, and how this information can help you better understand the true spiritual essence of yourself and others.

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